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Found 17 results

  1. Format your title as follows: [Type of Magic] [TA] MC or RP name MC Name: Furbola Character's Name: Stephen Mal Character's Age: 480 years old. Character's Race: Wood Elf Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Electrical Evocation. Summarize the Lore of this magic(s): Electrical Evocation is one of the 5(?) evocations. You summon electrical energy from to void using mana. You could summon sparks, to bolts, to lightning bolts. However, it is one of the hardest evocations to learn. Like, if there is any conductors, like metal, nearby, the bolt would be attracted to it. If you do not RP the bolt going to that metal, that would be powergaming, or a RED LINE! Back to it being a hard Evocation, it takes up quite a bit of mana for novice users. In order to cast, the caster should understand this element. Some examples would be to view Thunderstorms or Lightning strikes. Casting is very dangerous. If there is any metal on you then the bolt could be attracted to it and damage you, or even kill you. If you're enemy has metal on them like iron armor, summoning a bolt should damage them enough to most likely winning the battle. Before you cast, obviously you should be in tune with the void. After that, they would most likely be able to summon sparks. That's pretty much Electrical Evocation summed up. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: We would meet in a quiet place, no conductors in sight so that the bolts wont zap over there. Before they entered my student would be stripped of all conductors (Ex: Metals). I will tell them to sit down, in a comfortable position, then, I tell them to close their eyes and eradicate all thoughts, just focus on the void. I would tell them to put their arms and hands out, letting their palms face up. (OOC I would guide them on how to rp what's happening, maybe do a roll to see if they successfully summoned anything.) Afterthey have either prevailed or not, I would advise them to not do much except rest. End Lesson. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this! ~ Furbola
  2. Guest

    [Complete]Voidal Feeling

    Seeking a Voidal Feeling teacher, send a letter by bird or courier to the Library of Dragur addressed to Tej'i.
  3. Player

    Callax's Teaching Application

    MC name: VitaminC Character's name and age: Callax - 164 Character’s Race: Human Link to your accepted magic application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/125719-callaxs-magic-applications-old-apps/ What magics do you desire to teach?: All components of Druidism Summarize the Lore of this Magic: When an individual has achieved full enlightenment on his path to Druidism, he is attuned to Nature and becomes a Druid. Attunement allows the Druid a direct connection to the Aspects of Nature (also known as Cernunnos, Cerridwen and Nemiisae), and he may communicate and react with the world on a whole new level. This new relationship grants the Druid empathy with Nature and the potential to gain influence over it. In order to enhance his influence over Nature, a Druid must further close his relationship with it and the Aspects; this is done through years of extensive meditation, prayer, and devout service. For a more detailed summary of the magic and all the components of it, read these two short books my character wrote some time ago: Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): * Callax calls into the grove, his words brash and expectant, "Dalari, my dear, 'tis time for your first lesson in communicating with Nature!" * The lone Druid resting within the grove's college hurriedly springs forward, "I'm ready, sir!" * Callax paces from the grove and into the woods until happening upon a rose bush, "Over here, we are." * The Druid follows suit, approaching the bush by Callax's side. She speaks up, "Hello... rose... How's it... erm... What's..." * Callax shakes his head, tutting under his breath, "Communicating with Nature requires you to become more involved with your attunement to than merely using words. You must be empathetic." * Callax looms forward, caressing a flower in his hand, "Please, sit." * The Druid bobs her head forward as she does as she is told. * Callax looks to the Druid now and speaks, "I want you to concentrate on nothing but your connection to Nature right now. Close your eyes and drift off into meditation; your sole thoughts are projected at this rose. Do not let your mind wander whatsoever. Simply focus." * The Druid takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. She begins to drift off into meditation, focusing her mind solely on the flower's presence. * Callax speaks again, but softly as to not disturb her concentration, "Allow the Aspects' presence to completely and utterly engulf your very being. Open yourself to the rose, and the rose shall be open to you. You /are/ one with Nature now and forever." * In the meantime, while the Druid progresses in her state of meditation, Callax leaves the scene to tend to a few chores, allowing the Druid some time to progress on her own. * . . . Some time passes and Callax finally makes his return, observing carefully. He notices the Druid grinning up at the rose. * The Druid tilts her head to the side, looking to Callax, "I think I did it! My mind didn't stray and I maintained focus, and I was sure to relate my mind to the rose alone. There was a new presence, and it made me feel sort of... sad. But then, I felt joy and the scent of the rose filled my nose and mind with vivid and unique detail." * Callax brushes his nimble fingers over his beard, "It seems that you have made your first connection! Now, things shall move along with much more haste. I am proud." * The Druid grins, and gives her thanks. * Callax taps his staff against the ground and gives a curt nod of his head, "Now, I shall be off. Get a sip of water, and return to the rose bush. Now that you understand empathy, you will be able to progress through your communication with great strides. Tots for now, dear."
  4. FalconByte

    [OLD] Arhadir's Ta (Air Evo)

    MC name: FalconByte Character's name and age: Arhadir Roke, 66 Character’s Race: Adunian Link to your accepted magic application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/125776-old-apps-arhadirs-magic-application/?hl=falconbyte [Old App] https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/99208-falconbytes-teaching-app/?hl=falconbyte What magics do you desire to teach?: Elemental Evocation - Air Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Elemental Evocation is based around the void and its infinite nothingness (along with a bit of mana), just like all other Arcane arts. Learning an Elemental magic requires the user to study a particular element (E.g Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Electricity) and gain a deep understanding of how that element works in the natural world. The whole point of gaining this deeper understand is for the mage to be able to summon and utilize the element in the real world. The element that is brought into the natural world from the void will only remain in the natural world for a short period of time, because it is an unnatural part of the world and because its and unnatural part of the world the continues use of it weakens the user, making them less fit for physical activities such as combat. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): Roke stands with his hands behind his back, facing his apprentice “You must use your knowledge of wind and its movements to be able to properly bring it from the void to the natural world.” he pauses and lets that statement sink in. “Now take a few deep breaths and think only about the movement of the wind, Imagine you're on top of a snowy mountain and you can feel the wind passing by” Roke would once again pause and letting the thought sink into the students mind “Now imagine you standing in a forest, listen to the wind move through the trees, feel the movements as it passes between the trees, Image you are that wind.” once more would he pause to let this sink in. “Have you done this?” The apprentice stand in front of roke with his eyes closed “Yes I have master” Roke would smile before saying “Now open your eyes and face the target to your right. Now Imagine air you felt on the mountain top and that you felt flowing through the forest tree’s, Now aim your hands towards the target and take a few deep breaths.” The apprentice would do as Roke instructed as he takes aim at the target which is now in front of him. Roke watches his apprentice get into position and take a few deep breaths “Focus on the target in front of you, image the winds from the forest and the mountaintop firing out of you and hitting that target.” The apprentice would take a few extra breaths as he focuses on the target in front of him. He would think about hitting the target with what he felt from the forests. [!]A small disturbance in the air in front of the apprentice would appear as it shot out towards the target, upon hitting the target which stood only a few meters away from the apprentice a small puff of dust would be disturbed but would show a successful hit. The apprentice would smile before having a feeling of tiredness overcome before he suddenly faints from exhaustion of connecting to the void. Roke would stand over his apprentice with a smile on his face before saying “Well done, lad but we still have a lot of work to do”
  5. Topic of Issue:Magic Learning Process Brief Overview:A more efficient way needs to be found to allow players an easier access to Teachers Which team can handle this issue best?:MAT In depth explanation: As someone searching for a magic Teacher, I noticed that there are many things wrong with the current methods to learn magic (Either by a teacher or Self Teach), which I will address in this post: First off, Let me start with an example: Player Bob, who has been on the server for 2 weeks and has below average rp skills, wants to learn magic, so he is looking for a teacher. He starts by asking IC, but all the Teachers he finds either don't have the time,already have 5 students or find his lack of rp skills off-putting... Now here begins the real problem: Tired of looking for a teacher, Bob posts a self teach application with some screenshots he took and resigns himself to the long wait of 8 months. After he gets his application accepted,he becomes capable of rping magic... Now, I need you to tell me: Do you see something wrong with what I said? I do,here's why: Bob was never taught how to rp magic by anyone. So now one of these three things will happen to Bob: 1) He will be banned or blacklisted for powergaming since he wasn't taught the DOs and DON'Ts of magic rping. 2)He Is part of the minority of self teachers who actually research how to rp their magic properly and already had decent rp skills to begin with. 3) He is now one of the players that give self teachers a bad rep What can the MAT do to prevent this? 1.Increase the Student Limit since the normal users to teachers ratio is exceeding the 5 to 1 ratio (See the Magic User List) 2.Decrease time needed to reach t5, so more TAs will be able to be made.I mean, five to 6 months?? And double the time If we study two at the same time?? Is that Realistic? Yes. Is it incredibly tedious? Also Yes. I'd suggest decreasing the time to reach t5 to 3 or 4 months. 3.Encourage Teachers to take on Students. I honestly don't know how you would do that though. This was my feedback In regards to the Magic Learning Process, I hope you take the time to consider it! :) Edit: Due to quite a few good counter arguments made by some of the users who commented, I am now in agreement with them that the best way to solve self teaching is to add stricter requirements for the apps. (I apologize for any grammar mistakes I may have made. While in short texts i usually don't make any, I tend to get distracted with longer texts.)
  6. MC name: Hedgehug Character's name and age: Shagarath'Yar , 327 Character’s Race: Old Orc Link to your accepted magic application: What magic(s) do you desire to teach?:Shamanism, Lutaumancy Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): Do you have a Teacher App you are dropping, due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  7. HurferDurfer1

    [Arcane][TA] HurferDurfer1

    MC name: HurferDurfer1 Character's name and age: Coltaine Wick, 103 Character’s Race: Human, for now. Link to your accepted magic application: What magics do you desire to teach?: Earth Evocation Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Earth Evocation, like all evocations, is the drawing of that element from the void in its various states and or forms, which ever the wielder desires. Like the others, you cant evoke any refined forms, that means no marble statues of Michelangelo's David, no animals of stone, especially none that move like flapping wings or other such nonsense! There is also no evoking of ores, that would be lore breaking, and one cannot evoke mud or quicksand without the aid of another evocation. That being said, you could evoke a slab of stone to say, block a door way, or sand to harass and sting your enemy, its really up to you what you want to do, its magic, go wild, but within reason. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): "Right then, listen here lad/lass! You can use different forms of earth for different tasks. Ya listening? Damned hoodlum show some respect! Anyways, in this instance I will show ya a way to incapacitate a foe without bashing there brains in or breaking any bones ho ho!" at that Coltaine would hold his palm outwards, taking deep evenly spaced breaths. He would furrow his brow, deep in concentration as he focus's on the palm of his hand. A small pin prick would appear, a single grain of sand, quickly growing, as if pouring out of the void itself till there was a good handful. Then with twitch of his wrist he would send the fistful of sand into the prospective students eyes with a mean cackle. (pocket sand!) "Sand! Just as effective as a stone but it leaves the target mostly unharmed. Oh quit your cryin! Aint no better way to learn then to experience it yourself ahaha!" the lesson would conclude at that. Do you have a Teacher App you are dropping, due to this app? If so, link it: N/A
  8. Trenchist

    [Arcane] [TA] Liandir's Fire Evocation

    MC name: PopCornerer Character's name and age: Liandir Ian Tinuvriel | 124 Character’s Race: High Elf Link to your accepted magic application: What magics do you desire to teach?: Fire Evocation Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Fire Evocation, the magic to summon flames from the void, to the physical realm. The Mana, gives the caster the power to summon the element(s) from the void to the physical world. The art of Fire Evocation is simple to learn and understand, but the summoning of it , is the longer, harder part. Before being able to summon the element from the Void to the realm, the caster must know the element in the physical world, it's properties and it's endless possibilities. The caster must meditate as well, and attempt a connection to the void which might take months until reaching the time when the caster is able to conjure the flames. The ways to conjure the flames are very hard, especially in what shape will the flame be casted and the power of it, practicing is the only way to master the element or even being able to conjure a little spell. The caster can not control any kind of element that is existed in the physical world and even after the spell was casted, the caster can not control the flame after it was lunched/released from his control, for example: If a caster conjured a fire-ball, after lunching it he cannot change it's direction, the size of it or the time it will keep going. The art of Fire Evocation is indeed un-predicted, and the caster will never be in full control of the flames, they might spread, or explode or simply turn off without the caster wishing them to do so. The caster can not summon fire on a different place without having an eye-contact with it. The longer the process takes, the longer distance the fire is being summoned and the more mana it requires. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): Liandir, after finding a proper student that will fit the position of a responsable a fire caster, would stand with his crossed arms, looking at the view through a window, with his student, sitting on a carpet infront of a burning fireplace. Liandir then turns around, approching his student and speaking, "What fire is..." He's deeply exhales, before continuing, ".. one of the five elements that create our realm: Water, Earth, Air, Electricity and Fire. Without these important elements with could not exist, and being able to cast any of these elements requires a huge responsablity and knowlage of them. The Fire, being able to take everything within seconds, but at the same time creating new materials. Light and heat are the two main enegries that the fire creates, but it could be a helpful tool, if in combat, travels, house-needs or simply, beauty. But at the same time, it is deadly and could cause you or any of your surrondings to simply lose their lives." The student nods his head as Liandir speaks, still sitting infront of the fireplace, while chilling wind comes from the open window. "In order to summon such a powerful element, you must find the void, attempt a connection and being able to connect it whenever needed. A connection to the void might takes months and years, until you will find your way into it." The Student nodded his head, understanding the Fire's benefits and implications. "Now, close your eyes. Breath in and out and simply, relax." Liandir would wave his hand at his student's direction, the student nods his head and looks straight forward at the fireplace, slowly closing his eyes, begins breathing and exhaling deeply, begins clearing his mind from all the thoughts, worries, happy and sad scenarios, simply clearing his mind as the chilling wind flies at him, and the warm heat of the fireplace hits him and the only sound is the sound of the burning logs in the fireplace. Liandir would lotier behind his student, focusing his view at him with his arms crossed at the back and a slight smile comes up on his lips. HeeroZero answered all of my questions regarding TA.
  9. [Arcane][TA] Ceruberr Asul’Ailer MC name: CaptainSheepy Character's name and age: Ceruberr Asul’Ailer | 178 Character’s Race: Mali’aheral Link to your accepted magic application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/130261-arcanema-ceruberr-asulailer/#comment-1247852 The above includes my accepted magic applications for both Arcane Evocation and Arcane Shielding What magics do you desire to teach?: Arcanism Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Arcanism is a beautifully mystical branch of the arcane which deals with the evoking of pure magical energy from the void into the physical realm. It is difficult to learn due to the fact the caster is not evoking or imitating something physically present in the realm. However once the caster is able to summon this raw energy, they are capable of creating and shaping it far more creatively than the other evocations. As this pure voidal energy is summoned forth, it also interacts passively with the caster’s aura which gives each spell its distinctive colour (mage’s aura colour = spell colour). When conjured, it appears wispy and is gaseous of nature. As the mage grows in competence however these countless wisps can be condensed to create weaponry and shields etc. However due to the nature of these wisps, creations such as weaponry will likely disperse/shatter during usage. Capable of both offensive and defensive spells, Arcanism includes the production of projectiles and as the caster grows in strength; weaponry and malleable shields. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): This would be more of an introductory lesson. Providing the student of an overview and demonstration of the magic. Ceruberr moves gracefully about the room with his hands clasped behind his back. He circles his seated apprentice slowly, emerald eyes watching her intently as she meditates in silence. “Go back to the beginning…” He begins, his rich and enchanting tone echoing about the room. “Recall your first connection - When you first felt the power of the void course through your body. You must rediscover it, and learn to harness that power.” He pauses, his apprentice giving a small nod before he continues. “This is not an element you can simply imagine to conjure. This is raw magical energy, something you must feel rather than see. You have connected to the void countless times, yet at the same time, never truly at all. This branch of the arcane deals with a bond between you and the void. You summon forth pure magical energy from it and it interacts with your aura to gain shape. From there you mold your spell.” Ceruberr gives an elegant wave of his hand, turning his wrist so that his palm lay bare toward the ceiling. As he inhales a large breath through his nose, a twitch bounds across his fingertips. Suddenly a verdant glow begins to emanate from his hand, slowly growing in intensity with each steady pulse. Following this, Ceruberr takes a knee, placing his once extended hand flat upon the stone. “With this art-” he comments, “-the only true limitation is your imagination, and mana pool.” At this, the pulsing of emerald light within his palm quickens. Suddenly, in beautiful display of magic, streams of emerald energy spill out across the stone, flowing into elegant and intricate shapes. “Open your eyes.” He mutters softly. His apprentice does so, her pupils widening at the sight of flowing arcane energy before her. Ceruberr stands as the magical energy finishes its course -- the design complete. Glowing upon the stone beneath them lay the sigil of the Asul’Ailer bloodline, pulsating softly. “A true artform is what you shall learn.” Do you have a Teacher App you are dropping, due to this app? If so, link it: I do not.
  10. MC name: Lil_Mouse Character's name and age: Ruiri Izalith, 230 years roughly. Character’s Race: High Elven/Fjarriauga Link to your accepted magic application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/125517-ruiris-magic-application-lil_mouse/#comment-1207599 What magics do you desire to teach?: Frost Witch Magic. Summarize the Lore of this Magic: The origins of the Fjarriauga curse are mostly mythical. Tales telling of women who succumbed to a curse soon became less of a fairy tale, and more of a plague throughout the world. Though the legend tells of the Frost Mother Kriemhild, thought to have been the very first of the Fjarriauga. However, during the time of Asulon, another tragic story tells of a young woman who fell to the Mother's curse and in turn arose a new coven of Frost Witches throughout the land. Brunhylde, the new witch explored her newly found powers, discovering not only the wonders of her curse, but also it’s horrors. Brunhylde experienced the full changing force of the curse, spreading and growing a new population of Fjarriauga in Asulon that would stand as a powerful and terrifying threat to all nations; it’s size remarkable. Once a woman has been cursed, and strictly only that of the female gender, specific changes begin to occur within the person. The curse itself is bound to the soul of the victim, and begins to change and manipulate the host until she has changed entirely from who or what she used to be. A Frost Witch's physical makeup is altered significantly, their eyes changing to a magnificent glowing blue, their teeth sharpening to a dangerous extent, hair pigment and skin tone also change. A Witch’s hair becoming a snowy white, and their skin a blue/grey as their blood turns to an icy sludge. Although the Fjarriauga still has a beating heart, it’s blood runs cold. Wounding a Witch is also changed in this manner, as their skin has transformed into that that resembles ice rather than soft tissue. If a witch were to receive an injury, beit in or out of combat, blood is unlikely to be spilled and instead the cracking or shattering of their skin. Although a Fjarriauga could heal oneself, they’re likely to bare scars that can sometimes hinder them in later life. As well as this, a cursed Witch will lose the appetite for regular foods. As they transform into their new self, an appetite for the flesh of man will replace all else. The desire to eat normal food will completely deteriorate and be replaced with a powerful compulsion for a man’s flesh. Ordinary food will not sate the hunger of a Witch, which presses that who is cursed to hunt and kill men that cross her path, driven by a tragic urge to survive. In time, a Witch’s behaviour may change to become more savage, monstrous, depending on the severity of their hunger. It’s something that has forged the myths and tales of the feared Frost Witches throughout history. A Frost Witch relies heavily on climate as the source of it’s power. Even so, simply lurking in an area of high temperature (for example: a desert) can weaken a Witch to the point of unconsciousness. In places that have warm climates, the Fjarriauga’s powers will weaken and become increasingly more difficult to sustain. For this reason, they tend to remain in area’s with normal or cold climates. In these area’s they are particularly deadly. Carrying the ability to manipulate and control ice, they can use the moisture around them, albeit in the air or from a larger source of water. The magic of a Fjarriauga is not like evocation, granting a Witch power only when in appropriate environments. It’s sourced from the spirit of the cursed and not the void and is thus more like shamanic magic. For this reason, it does not require a Witch to continually sustain the product of their magic as a voidal mage may have to. Instead, if she were to create a sword of ice, it would remain in the world intact so long as a Witch were using it. If the creation were left unused it would likely melt or return to the snow. Their magic is a huge benefactor for a Witch’s deadliness. A powerful Witch will use the environment around her to her advantage, and likely to kill. Method’s such as creating weapons, armor, projectiles and even structures from hardened ice are not uncommon. As part of a Frost Witch’s magical powers, they are able to disguise their appearance to hide amongst different communities. Not only is this done for the Witch’s own safety, but also as a dangerous method of hunting. A Frost Witch could slip into a community and be recognised as a regular citizen. This ability can be conducted at will, allowing the user to transform/disguise to take hold the appearance of different races. This technique grants the Witch the power to roam different nations as different identities when not in her natural form, but does not grant them the physical attributes that come naturally with these different races. For example, the strength of an Uruk is not accompanied with disguising as one. As a Frost Witch becomes more experienced, the power of her magic increases also. These witches are exceptionally dangerous, and far more of a threat than the newly cursed. Although almost identical in their physical makeup, a Frost Mother is significantly more powerful and stands in a position of higher power to regular Frost Witches. If one were to identify a Frost Mother one might look into their more advanced powers. For starters, a Frost Mother has the ability to curse/mark a woman and expand her own brood of Fjarriagua. As well as this, a Mother’s magical abilities are also notably stronger than a regular Witch, granting her a larger advantage when amongst her own kind. The technique stays relatively the same, but places Frost Mother’s at the top of Fjarriauga Hierarchy. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): Ruiri stood with her arms folded across her stomach, head tilted as she examined The Lady stood before her nervously. Her clothes were tattered, and her lips swollen and wounded. She seemed to shiver, in her final stages of becoming a Fjarriauga; and not fully succumbed to the curse she bore. “How much longer of this do I have to endure?” The young witch finally spoke up, ending the silence. She shuffled on her feet uncomfortably, seemingly unable to quit her fidgeting. “It won’t be much longer now.” Ruiri lifted her shoulder subtly in a nonchalant shrug, exhaling her words out as if slightly impatient. She seemed to be more concerned on the present state of the girl. “There’s no returning now. I suggest you try to come to terms with what’s happening, on any matter.” She nodded subtly, and then lifted a hand to take her jaw and lift it gently, examining her. “Your mouth will heal.” She flicked her eyes up to the learning witch, and smiled. “I’m sure this is an unusual phase for you, we’ve all been there.” Ruiri lowered her hand and returned herself to her previous posture, arms crossed idly. “You’re going to need to realise just how this is going to affect you.” she began, eyes locked. “The actions you take, they’ll dictate whether you last long in this world. Especially now. Once your transformation has fully completed, you’re going to have to learn how to use your abilities. Infact- I believe we can begin now.” The student fluttered her eyes slightly, but nodded in agreement. “Like what?” she asked, blurting out, but quickly followed up, continuing: “Ice? I’m sure I can handle that.” Ruiri laughed softly, and nodded. “I’m sure. But you should pace yourself. There’s a little more to it than just ice. You’re not going to need to connect to the void, firstly, if you’ve any experience with that in your past. Everything you need is around you.” she gestured about the gloomy room. “You can harness it, you can-” she nodded “-but it’s going to take some getting’ used to. You should know, moisture, water- the cold. These are the things that will make you stronger. Venturing out into deserts will be your downfall. So it’s best you remain clear of such places.” Slowly nodding as she took it in, she seemed impatient, or perhaps eager to ask more. “So, wherever there’s moisture in the air, I can use my magic?” she asked with a frown. “If the environment suits it. There’s moisture everywhere, you must be careful not to overestimate yourself in environment’s you’re uncomfortable in. You can’t just conjure up ice for you to wield at will. Everything is finite, unlike if you were to use Evocation.” Ruiri lifted her hand, palm upturned. She curled her fingers, and ice began to compact in the center of her hand. Slowly it grew and stretched, accompanied by the sound of the cracking and twisting of ice. She formed a spherical shape of ice in her hand, before she began to stretch it out, drawing out the shape of a blade about the size of her finger. “It’s in the air, in the ground you walk. Once you learn to feel the cold as we do, you can shape it, control it.” Following, the younger Witch lifted her hand in mimic to Ruiri’s. She furrowed her brow in effort, trying to mimic her. It took various attempts, but there was no doubt that she could feel the air cool drastically around her hand. Just the sensation of that, and the dust of snow along the tips of her fingers spread a grin across her expression. “You’re going to need to learn how to shield your appearances. It’s going to take you some time to flesh out an appropriate disguise, but it should come relatively easy to you with some time.” Ruiri finally spoke up, letting the ice fall to the floor, spearing into the snow. “I can disguise myself?” she asked, eyes widening somewhat. “Mhmn. It’s relatively straightforward. When in a disguise, you change your physical appearance, but your clothes, and other inanimate things remain unchanged on you. You’re going to need a bigger wardrobe.” Ruiri grinned, but continued with the lesson. “Focus. You picture how you wish to look, your race, the person you’re going to become. You have to invest yourself in it.” Ruiri straightened up somewhat, and in a few moments her natural glowing blue eyes dimmed, and changed colour entirely, her skin washed over a more lively olive colour. Infact, her facial features changed as well to the point where she looked like an entirely different person. All that remained of the woman she was before were her clothes. “A good disguise will let you access different places, stay hidden, and could help you when it comes to your hunting too.” she grinned, her notable sharp teeth still visible despite her disguise. “And.. I can have as many of these as I want?” she asked, but then lifted her index finger, gesturing to Ruiri’s face. “Your teeth, what about those?” “Ah, yes. Unfortunately, there are some giveaways. One’s you should be careful to conceal actively, or at least be aware of. Your skin may look different, but it’s just as cold. People can recognise a false identity by touch. Thus the importance of a witty outfit to go with it. Nothing too obvious, and modesty seems to work well with most nations.” she grinned yet again. “Your teeth will not change. Try to keep teeth hidden away behind those lips. You’ll get the hang of angling your head when talking, hiding your smile, talking with subtle motion.” she said, whilst likely giving her an example. Ruiri did her best to answer the girls questions one at a time, describing and giving her demonstrations. “You’re able to conjure yourself a disguise or as many as you desire. Although it’s unneeded to have too many. It may be difficult to keep up with so many.” And so the lesson would continue overtime..
  11. The Cheshire Neko


    *Flyers are up everywhere* "I am in need of a combat teacher to teach my three children how to defend themselves if need be, i'd do it myself but i am not so great at combat. I will pay 50 minas per lesson, per child, and will provide a combat dummy. Please bird me if you are interested in the job" ~Arabella Rosalie Delevoye OOC INFO: My username is TheCheshireNeko, i am in roman timezone and my fellow children are usually on around 6 pm- 12 am my time. If you are interested in this job, shoot me a message.
  12. Loud thumps on the roofs of cities, the clanking of armor, all can be heard, along with flyers falling from the sky, saying: "Human woman looking for Illusion magic teacher, send a bird to Luna R. Rider ((LunarRider)) if you are of if you know someone that is an Illusion magic user.". The thumping and armor clanking fades as the flyers stop falling, now laying on the ground.
  13. Dadarkangel

    [Complete]Conjuration Teacher

    [!] Flyers can be seen all over the land of Vailor, particularly imminent in Khalestine. The poster is made of fine parchment and reads (In neat hand writing). IC: Coran Rextiureus is looking for a conuration teacher. Send a bird to me at Sutica Library, I should recieve it within minutes. I am an enchanter and human. I am well balanced in most skills but particularly good in enchanting. Thank you. OOC: Minecraft username: dadarkangel Timezone: GMT (but time is flexible)
  14. MC name: I_love_dirt Character's name and age: Senira 120 Character’s Race: Elf Link to your accepted magic application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/125903-seniras-cleric-ma-edited/ What magics do you desire to teach?: Tahariae clericism Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Tahariae Clericism is a holy healing type of magic in which the magic draws power from Tahariae, who is the Aengul of Purity and Justice. He was first revealed in Anthos to the prophet Braxis, Tahariae granted them his gift of light so that he could watch over the world and help carry out his will in the world. The first evidence-based of a order was Thyrn Silverfist's order. They spread the teachings of Tahariae in the form of the Five Tenets, given to the clerics through Braxis. Through following the Five Tenets the clerics will be able to carry on Tahariae’s will through healing. Connection to Tahariae is established over a long period of time through rigorous meditation and prayer, which must be overseen by a veteran cleric. After the connection has been made the newly connected cleric is able to summon Tahariae’s gift in the form of the light. The light usually comes in the color of gold or silver. The light can be summoned through prayer that can be made by the cleric with something of sentimental value, or a prayer listed in the prayer book written by Heshakomeu Sohae. A Cleric can perform great feats manipulating the light to their will to heal. Even with this great power there are still somethings even the strongest clerics can not heal. No cleric has the power to regrow limbs. Clerics also can’t bring back the dead, this is a job left to the monks. A cleric just having this light doesn’t automatically give them the ability to heal though. A cleric needs extensive knowledge on what they are healing so that it can be healed properly. They need to know the functionality and and look or the original thing they are healing so the can weave the light into proper healing. Improper knowledge can cause the a large amount of stress on the cleric and large draining than can be lethal to them. It is also important to say that a cleric's light from prest healing can not be used in anyway for harm. It can not heal harm any forces of evil . Yes cleric using priest healing could heal tainted land but that doesn’t mean they should. Healing tainted land is very costly to them and can cause a lot of pain. These are all tasks best left to war clerics, duo to them being meant to deal with these dark and evil forces. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): Senira and a newly connected student head to find a nice peaceful area to start a lesson since the cleric main island is under construction still. They make there way to an opening in the forest and Senira lays out a blanket for them to sit on. They take a seat Senira takes a small dagger from her bag laying it on the blanket. The student takes out the book she was told to study. They talk for a bit before Senira gets in to the lesson with her student. Senira: "As long as you have been practicing summoning the light and praying to Tahariae, today you will learn to heal a small cut. That is why I brought this dagger" she picks up the dagger for the student to see again before setting it down Student: "I have Senira! Every day I have been practicing. I can't believe I am going to finally going to learn to heal!" The student says enthusiastically Senira: goes through her bag and takes out a pendant and to bracelets "You know that you can choose to heal in any variety of the different styles clerics use. But seeing you are my student I am going to teach you in the style I prefer the most which involves channeling the light through the bracelets and using the pendant to focus it" she says as she gives her student their first pendant and set of bracelets Student: takes the bracelets putting them on their wrists and the pendant around their neck smiling "I like the way you heal to me it seems to be a true work of art to watch you heal. I am glad to learn your way of healing" Senira: smiles "Okay now I am going to make a small cut in my arm and then you are going to lay the pendant on it and say a prayer either of your own making or from the book to summon the light and layer by layer you must heal the skin" she takes the dagger in her hand Student: "Alright. I will try very hard and do my best to heal it" Senira: nods taking the dagger pushing it into the skin till a slight bit of blood comes out than sliding down to make a small not too deep cut "okay the cut is not too deep since its your first time. Don't worry about making it a perfect heal just get the heal done" Student: takes the pendant off and place it in to Senira's arm above the cut and bows their head raising their hand to hover above the pendant "What if I can't do it?" Senira: looks at her student with a warm smile "You can do this, I know you can just start a prayer and focus" Student: breaths in deeply "okay, I pray to you Tahariae to give me your gift, grant me your healing light. Use my body as a vessel to bring forth your mission and let me heal the injury that is on Senira's arm" as the student says this their hand begins to glow a bright gold light especially bright at the bracelets the light brings to flow into the pendant and then into Senira's arm. The skin around the cut begins to glow with the color of the light growing in brightness. The students begins to shake a lightly a sweat forming on her brow and on her arms. Layer by layer the skin reforms. The light pulses a bit as the student trembles. Senira: smiles watching her student work "good job keep this up you almost healed it all" Student : nods starting to pant as the light dies out instantly the student pants heavily a slight scar left on Senira's arm. "I did it!" She smiles looking a bit pale Senira: nods smiling "Great work! That was great for your first heal now just rest up a bit and practice the heal. Also keep up with your prayers and you will be healing bigger injures in no time"
  15. *A note is posted on several noticeboards across Athera Dear Magic Teachers of Athera, I am looking for a trustworthy Man, Elf, Dwarf, etc. who is willing to train me in the arts of either Sensory Illusion or Electromancy. If anyone is interested in teaching me, please respond below. Humbly, Hadrien Blade Valdeg
  16. MC name: SpiffyTaylor Character's name and age: Asher, about one-hundred years. Character’s Race: Half Elf Link to your accepted magic application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/125966-spiffytaylors-magic-app/?hl=spiffytaylor What magics do you desire to teach?: Mental Magic Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Mental magic is a magic that allows one to connect to someone's mind using the void as its means. The user locates the target's mind in the empty space of the void, however due to the fact that most user's are simply mortal beings, they still have to have a direct line of sight otherwise they'll be unable to connect to their target. When the user is connected, they're able to usually make their presence unknown, or they can make it quite obvious that they are in the confines of their targets mind. However, identified or not, the mage must have a mental barrier or else their mind will be flooded with thoughts from their intended target due to a lack of defenses. A mental barrier is essentially a memory or puzzle of some sort that locks off the mages mind from their target, or any other mental mage that may attempt to invade their mind. Once the mage has connected to their target's mind, they can do a number of tasks. One of the most basic examples would be telepathy. Telepathy is probably one of the easier tasks a mental mage can do. It allows the mage to communicate with his target without actually speaking aloud. Mind melding is a bit harder to achieve, however. Mind melding is the art of essentially digging through someone's mind in an attempt to find information they're looking for, assuming they're not simply given the information. Due to the nature of this act however, it will not always be successful. It's also always easier to get information from someone when they're thinking about it, as then they're putting forth a conscious effort to try and gather information from themselves; which simply makes the caster's job easier. Just like light illusion, mental magic is capable of creating illusions. However unlike light illusion, it can only be done on one person at a time and is more difficult to deny in a sense. This is due to the fact that you're manipulating the mind instead of manipulating light. You're also, unlike light illusion, capable of removing stimuli, though it's more difficult than adding. Once a mage his learned a large amount about this magic, they're able to create a special type of illusion, one in which allows the user to trick their opponent further by putting them into a tired state of sorts; numbing their minds. This illusion requires a large amount of practice and also drains the caster quicker than a normal illusion would. Memory wiping is the most difficult task that a mental mage can accomplish. It takes a lot out of the caster and is only able to be accomplished if the target doesn't think of the memory while the wipe is in the process, and if the memory is short term. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): Asher would begin the first lesson by simply telling the student to mediate and focus as much as they possibly could, seeing as connecting to one's mind must be done while you're thinking coherently for it to be easiest. He would connect to his students mind to show them how it feels, and would explain how you must truly be focused if you are to find someone's mind within the vast plain known as the void. After he feels as if the student has a good grasp on the concept after long days of meditating, he would take him/her to a quiet place where at least one other would be present, giving them the task of connecting to their mind and translating their thoughts into words. The reason he would do it in this situation is because it's much easier to connect to people who aren't crowded by other's speaking/shouting/creating a large amount of noise compared to people who are, as they'd likely be attempting to process more information and it would also hinder the new magi's ability to connect to a mind. This would clearly be one of the lower, basic lessons, therefore Asher would simply have his student repeat this lesson until they've completed their task.
  17. MC name: _Zer0 Character's name and age: Ramza Mantisuku, 103 Character’s Race: Elf Link to your accepted magic application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/125532-zer0s-cleric-ma-app/ What magics do you desire to teach?: Tahariae Clerical Magic - Priest Healing Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Tahariae is the Aengul of Purity and Justice, and is the Aengul that clerics draw their power from. First revealed in Aegis to Rebekah and Jacob, Tahariae granted them his boon so that they could watch over the world. They are the ones who first created the Clerical Order and spread the teachings of Tahariae in the form of the Five Tenets. If the clerics make sure to abide by these, they will be able to carry on Tahariae’s will through healing. A person establishes a connection with Tahariae through intense meditation and prayer, overseen by a veteran cleric. Once this has been achieved, the newly connected person can begin training to use the gift given by Tahariae. This gift comes in the form of a light, generally golden or silver in nature. The cleric can bring forth this boon through prayer, either one that the person holds dear or ones listed in the prayer book written by Heshakomeu Sohae. By manipulating this light, a cleric is able to perform great feats in terms of healing. Ranging from mending broken bones to removing taint from one's body, there are only a few things a cleric can’t heal. A cleric is unable to regrow an entire limb and can not bring back the dead. However, simply being able to wield Tahariae’s light does not mean a cleric can begin healing. A cleric must be familiar with every aspect of the injury from prior studying. From the way the heart pumps blood to the way muscles contract, the body must be fully understood for a cleric to do well. Any attempt to heal something that the cleric is not familiar with or requires too much power results in failure and potential death. Finally, it is worth noting that a cleric is unable to use the light given through priest healing to combat the forces of evil, nor may it be used to aid these creatures in healing. Technically, tainted land may be treated by a healer, but the effort is costly, causing pain and draining the energy out of the cleric. The aforementioned things should be left to war clerics, as they are meant to deal with the dark ones of the world. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): (Alright in general healing wise would be if someone is hurt Ramza will instruct them to heal it, depending on the wound he will have them heal a little of it and heal it so they can learn and watch. More of a hands on and visual. Like for small cuts, he will cut himself or someone willing to do the student can heal them, Making sure it's not dire.) Scene: Ramza and his student, Charis, are sitting in a chilly laboratory along with a cadaver. An array of medical tools would lay gathered on a tray beside the body. Ramza picks up a small blade, gesturing towards the body. “Pay attention now, I’m about to cut open the arm. In it will be the standard things, tissue, muscle, flesh, et cetera. Memorize what each one is, how it’s composed, everything about it.” Ramza pauses for a moment before making a clean incision along the corpse’s forearm, revealing the insides to Charis. Charis looks inside, grimacing lightly but making note of where everything is. Some blood oozes out, as the body is still fresh. Ramza reaches over to the man’s hand, making it ball into a fist a few times. This causes muscles in the arm to shift around, responding to the hand’s movement. As the body is fresh, it’s not suffering from rigor mortis yet. Upon making sure Charis has studying the arm to an extreme extent, Ramza motions for her to draw her attention back to him. “I want you to study that for another week until you’re sure you’ve got it spot on. Healing something you aren’t familiar with will lead to failure which is not acceptable when dealing with peoples’ lives.” ((Sidenote: This part of the lesson shows how the teacher prepares their student for future healing, as clericalism requires having utmost knowledge on the body. The next part is when Charis has fully prepared for dealing with such a wound.)) Scene: Ramza has just sliced his forearm open for Charis, commanding for her to heal him. Charis' eyes would go wide after seeing the splice of his forearm. She would quickly gather her hands together and hover over the wound. Her ears would droop as she would begin a silent prayer without much asked from her, quickly wanting to mend the wound. "Tahariae, lend me your light so I may mend one of our brothrens." She'd speak in lowly words, the words seeping out as a low illumination to her fingers began to pulsate and spread to the rest of her hand in a silver hue. The pulsating light would be thin at first, a paper thin barrier until spread to the lower half of her arms and drip like goo upon the wound in a blanket over the wound, highlighting where the slash would be. As the light made contact with the wound, it would bring a feeling of peace and warmth over the person, making it wash over them in a welcoming presence, easing the pain. Ramza relaxes lightly as the light makes contact before directing her. “Remember what I showed you… Focus on one part at a time. Don’t try and heal the whole thing at once. Muscles, then the flesh, then the skin.” Charis would furrow her brows as the channeling continued, a bead of sweat coming from her forehead from exhaust coming to her but would continue as the wound began to mend. The deepest part of the cut would start to reform, aided by the light. The light ascends slowly, the wound closing up behind it as it goes. A layer of flesh covers the muscle, blood oozing around it before Ramza’s skin starts to shift. The skin would stitch itself up before the last of the light fades from around Charis’ hands. Suddenly Charis would break away, gasping out for breath as her connection with Tahariae finishes. She falls back and uses her hands for support, panting for breath. Ramza nods lightly and balls his hand a few times, the newly healed forearm flexing. “Good job. Take some time to rest, Charis. And don’t try that on your own, as you should practice a few times before attempting to heal someone else with a wound of that magnitude.”