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  1. Aleksander von Theonus spent some time sharpening his spear, axes, and knives "They will not stop unless killed, I wont make the same mistake twice..." the young squire said while taking a deep breath, he'd then take out a book beginning to research the trolls and try to find a easier way to take them down
  2. Chris would open his brothers letter as soon as it arrived, peeeling off the Galbriath crest before reading, - after a pause Chris would laugh "took you long enough!"
  3. “The Last Golden Cigar” Marcel Galken walked over to grab his son in tight hug “I know you will do this family proud, no doubt in my mind. And if you every feel lost you can always pray to GOD and talk to Wilhelm… I trust that man to guide you if you ever need” Marcel would let his son go, only to soon embrace him in a warriors shake. “You are destined for great things my son… promise me you will not join me and your grandfather soon. Remember what ever happens where ever you go you have allies… dont be afraid to rely on them” Matthias would return the handshake before pulling his father into one last hug “Thank you father, you will be missed.” he smiled while clearing the tears from his eyes “say hi to grandfather for me” With that the Galkens split for the last time… Marcel would head out the main gates of Reinmar, lifting himself onto his horse followed by his dog… he’d set off in the sunset. He’d reach into his pocket pulling out one last Aurum infused Cigar…. Quickly lighting it he’d puff as he continued his journey to the seven skies… [!] A letter would be found in Konstantin von Theonus’ mail box Dear Konny, I’m writing you to say I appreciate everything you have done for me, gave me a home when I didnt have one, gave me a reason to keep fighting when I didnt have one… and for that I am internally grateful. And proud to be able to call such a man as yourself my Brother. I love you. Take care of your family. Sincerely, Your brother in arms and your Master at arms, Marcel Galken [!] A photo of Marcel in Theonus cloak was sketched in [!] A letter on was in the aviary for Yvon Galken Dear Yvon, Please watch over my son, I know you will do good to keep him safe as well as the Galken name. I want to thank you for welcoming me back into the family with open arms. And I am forever in your debt. Please remember, you are meant for great things. Don't forget it Sincerely, Your uncle Marcel Galken [!] A letter would Arrive at the Stroheim keep addressed to Robert Dear, Robert. You were not only a friend, but a mentor at the same time. you really helped me get back into Minitz and not feel like an outsider. for that im grateful... I will have a Cigar and a drink waiting for you up here my friend. thank you so much for everything Sincerly Brother in Arms, Marcel Galken. [!] A letter would be waiting for the Petran Royalty, when opened two joints would fall out for the previous queen Dear Catherine, and Renilde I thank you both for giving me a home and a job when I needed one, as well as giving me and opportunity to do good on my name in Petra. I hope all is well for you and your kingdom in the coming years. GOD bless… Sincerely, The Royal Joint Roller Marcel Galken ________________________________________________________ And Here ends the story of Marcel Galken son of the Golden Gryphon Father to Matthias Galken Theonus Master at Arms Brother Teacher REINMAREN! WerRastet, Der Rostet! 1905-1973 ________________________________________________________ OOC: Hey, first off I would like to thank @Sarvenfor the opportunity to play Marcel I had such a blast playing him! going through all the highs all lows of trying not to disappoint his father and meet lots of people from his fathers past was a blast! there really was a lot of lore behind the character and I appreciate the opportunity man! Next! @Deetsfor allowing me to join them in petra in the Theonus keep when I wasn't sure where I wanted to Bring Marcel! thank you for all those opportunity's and all the gifts you and all the Theonus have given me! for that I thank each and every one of you!!!!!! and @Frode for Continuing the Galken name! I know he will make it proud and rise to glory! my trust is in you homedawg best of luck! and Thank you to all of those I havent mentioned you have all played apart in Marcels story! and even tho I am not mentioning you in here I do appreciate it! this is my longest forum pos so im trying my best! again thank you to everyone who played aparty in his story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!! MUCH LOVE TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!
  4. Andreas Ironsword Smiled seeing his old Friend join him and so many others in the Seven Skies "We meet again old friend"
  5. The now Viscount, Christopher Weiss nodded while reading. He wiped his brow and smiled. "Ruthless." He was a little surprised at his wife's words but smiled proudly as he knew she is fighting for all Weiss and what she believes in.
  6. IGN:D4rkSolar RP NAME:Marcel Galken PERSONA ID: 82804
  7. Marcel Galken saluted the fallen Ritter “rest easy brother… you will not be forgetten” he paused to sign the Lorraine “you will be avenged”
  8. Marcel Spat on the ground as he left “distasteful cowards! Such is not act of war it’s a mere scared act! Scared to face us in the field of battle… I will revenge thoes who could not escape… I promise” Marcel pauses to place his right hand to his heart “I promise on my life this is not a conflict I will sit idle by and watch but I son of the Gryphon Sir Yvian Galken of Minitz swear to bring down as many as I can without rest” he there after hugged his son Mattia and silently praying and thanking GOD for keeping his son safe…
  9. Marcel Pats his sons shoulder taking a deep sigh "I wish you could have met him Mattia... I can only hope to be half the man he was..." Later on when Marcel returns from battle he heads to the church "GOD please give him this one message for me... 'Father I love you, you were my hero and I strive to be as great as you... I promise to carry your legacy with me and our future Generation... thank you for all your sacrifices... I strive to better not just myself but the world around me... and I will always be on Minitz' side" he sighed and then prayed to GOD "Carry my father into the seven skies, and let him watch over not just me and my son but everyone in Minitz... as much as I didn't feel welcomed I would die for each and everyone one of them..." he then stood up placing his right hand to his heart "Wer Rastet, Der Rostet"
  10. Username: D4rkSolar Persona Name: Marcel Galken Persona Age: 43 Place of Residence / Street Address: Solland Hamlet 3
  11. Username: D4rkSolar Persona Name: Marcel Galken Persona Age: 43 Place of Residence / Street Address: Solland Hamlet 3
  12. Name: Marcel Galken Race: Human Age: 35 Military rank: warrior IGN: DarkSolar discord: DarkSolar
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