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Dragur (Daemon)

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All credit goes to HeeroZero 

Summary of Dragur:


Dragur is the Daemon of Knowledge. The extent of the mortal races’ knowledge of this AenguDaemon are greatly limited. He wields a great deal of power in comparision to the other AenguDaemons though he seems to have isolated himself from his kin. Only a few tomes scribed by the likes of Dragaars such as Xandraza and Aruzond are the only sources of information pertaining to this curious Daemon. All that is established is that he was the sole creature of the puissant dragon-race and that the Daemon has himself locked away. Locked away in an eternal slumber.


History of the Dragonkin:

Part I: The Twilit Discovery


Birthed by an ethereal flame he had emerged. Spawned from the embers of its unbridled might and conceived by the endless depths of the Void and its endless sea of collective thought. He was Dragur, Daemon of Knowledge and Wisdom, one of the first of the Daemonic brood. Weather it was eons or centuries it mattered not to the Daemon. He was carried adrift upon the constantly churning currents of the timeless realm that was the Void. Adrift in the space between spaces. A stray piece of driftwood afloat and at the mercy of the waves.


While a member of the Aengudaemonica Dragur was privileged to knowledge even other Aenguls and Daemons were oblivious to. He reserved information strictly to himself and denied all who sought even the most miniscule article from the Daemon. In his scarce interactions with his brothers and sisters most were irate by Dragur's nonchalant behavior. Regardless of the inquiry Dragur shuffled them aside. He was content with being left to his own devices and delving into the vast achieves stored within the  recesses of the Daemon's mind. Yet even in the midst of the primal muck that is the Void a great twilight shined. A herald beckoning for the Daemon's undivided attention. It was something unknown to even the one who thought he was All-Knowing. Something that had evaded the Omniscient being’s ever vigilant eye. It was the lands of Aegis. The stone, the soil, the wind, the waters. None of it matter to the Daemon. It was the not the first he had witnessed such an instance. But what truly peaked his interest was Man. Molded from clay and life blown into them like glass. But nothing of their form was what had captured the Daemon's interest. With a simple gaze he deciphered how they were forge. Their biological makeup was irrelevant but the status of their mind was not. Yes, it was precisely that. Dragur's influence was never gifted to Aegis yet Man sought knowledge. It sought to further enlighten itself. Language was developed; mathematics were conceived;  crafts were unearthed; even basic sciences birthed. The Daemon was awestruck. For any and all of his brethren they were all too predictable. Their nature was sown with their title. Order, Justice, Time, Cold, Nature, Dusk. Yet Man was not that. They were an unsolvable puzzle of emotion, desires and wants. Some took to the page and scribed their thoughts and documented their events. Time progressed as it would and Dragur intently studied the Four Brothers and their recent spawn. He was capivated by their presence. Astonished by their drive and how the curious carved.


Part II: Deception and Trickery


In the current days of the descendents all know the tale of the Betrayer. The Arch-Daemon who walked among them and promised to grant the wishes of their forefathers. He who left his mark upon the world, afflicting all with a curse that can never be undone. Firstly Malin was tricked by Iblees; then came Urguan; Horen; And finally Krug, the only one to decline Iblees’ gifts. Yet no one, not even the Aengudaemonica recall the tale of the fifth tricked by Iblees. The first one to be deceived by the Arch-Daemon’s silver tongue.


Dragur’s eyes remained glue to the descendants. It was the first instance with one of his Aengudaemonic kin had approached the exalted avatar of knowledge since his infatuation with the mortals had first blossomed. The individual was the Arch-Daemon, Iblees. A sly grin made its way to Iblees. Iblees had been the first to approach Dragur with not an inquiry but a proposition and a challenge. The treacherous Daemon forked its serpentine tongue. He spoke of how he too was infatuated with the mortals and wished to understand them entirely. He stated that he theorized just how but claimed to need the help of Dragur for their Aengudaemonic brood would grow jealous of their actions. The fiendish Arch-Daemon had Dragur wrapped around his finger with his hollow promises. Iblees stated to Dragur that in order to comprehend the mortals he had to understand them first hand. The Arch-Daemon uttered a challenge to the vehement Daemon. Dragur was to descend upon the mortal plane of Aegis and craft his own attempt at life - to conceive his own breed of Man. Iblees challenged Dragur to produce a version of Man that could not be trifled with, one that would never fall, one who would be the trailblazers of their plight of enlightenment. And so Dragur graciously accepted their partnership and began his descent.

Part III: Birth of the Dragonkin


Dragur descended upon the world of Aegis. As his body materialized within the bounds of Aegis the Daemon took the guise of a hawk who donned vibrant red and yellow feathers. The Daemon spared no time and took to the skies. His wings sliced through the clouds as he surveyed the land. He glanced over the animals that populated the forests and took note of their comportments. For days the airborne Daemon steered through the skies of Aegis. Collecting his own research on both beast and man before setting off for the ideal location. It was at sunset Dragur came across the land he sought. An enclosed valley with mountains so tall that even the eyes of Aengudaemons could not see past. He descended to the to lowest depths of the valley. His form altered to that of a man with a fair build and average features. He paced in circles through the lush grass. Contemplating as night fell.


Late in the night the Daemon had reached his conclusion. With a series of hand gestures the earth parted and stone drifted upward. The stone folded upon itself with each sweeping motion of the conductor. The block of stone soon spiraled outward and collasped underneath. The final product being a large statue. A mail of scales wrapped over the creature. Large teeth that mimicked daggers hung from the open mouth of the stone encrusted beast and towering wings arching from its back. Overjoyous with his own creation Dragur approached the stone-clad beast and whispered a silver breathe to the creature. Like a horn blown in the distance the wind spun in the hollow innards of the statue. The sound escaping from the statue’s mouth as it gave a miniscular tremor. It was then that Dragur swiftly turned his back to his creature, his sights set upon the skies above. One had made the mistake of making her presence known. The moon peaked over the tip of the mountain range and gazed upon the Daemon’s workings. With a wafting sweep of his hand, thick clouds surged. Beckoned by Dragur’s call and rapidly concealing the valley. It was under the shaded veil of the clouds as colour flourished along the statue’s frame. Finally the statue blinked though it was no longer that. Its chest swelled with air and it kneeled before Dragur with the curious tilt of its head. He dubbed the creature after himself and the generation that would stream from this entity.


As days had past Dragur had brought forth numerous iterations of his brood. The final product, Dragaar as he dubbed them, walked. He bestowed a sizeable portion of his knowledge to these creatures. Blessed with a heightened intelligence and an aptitude of magic. One so potent these creatures held the ability to alter their form and take upon the guise of mortal men. Satisfied with his work Dragur brought forth the Dragaar he had first conceived and presented him to his compatriot Iblees. Astonished Iblees was with the magnitude of the creature. Dragur had accomplished the challenge Iblees had given and even mirrored the creature after the mortals he was bewitched by. A devious spark had came to fruition in the mind of Iblees. He thanked Dragur for his efforts and stated it was his turn to present Dragur with a spectacle.


It was then Iblees too descended upon the mortal world of Aegis. He came in the shape of a man. A gentle being who loved things delicate, he was quickly befriended by Malin, Urguan and Horen. Krug had a great distrust of him, but after many years of being convinced by his brothers, he finally accepted his company. With his instruments of discord he sowed the seeds of  cataclysm into the likes of Malin, Urguan and Horen. It was not until Krug had rejected Iblees and his rage boiled. Iblees tempted him with wealth, with food, with power. None interested Krug. Iblees was furious, challenging Krug in open combat in fury. The whole world witnessed Iblees' transformation into a hideous beast of the void. His skin turned into scales, fangs erupted and dark horns exploded from his head. He grew large wings and began to breath terrible fire. All stood in shock and horror.


Struck with shock and quickly perverting into hatred Dragur snarled at Iblees from afar. He had taken upon the form of what he had conjured. Dragur had come to the harsh realization he was no more than a mere puppet to Iblees. Masterfully played and used to further his end goal.


Part IV The Tide of Scale


An atrocious war had erupted and plagued Aegis to its core like a festering wound left to rot. Iblees slayed the children of the Four Brothers only to defile them in death and summon them once more to taunt their families. The dead populated Iblees’ legions and grew large with each passing day. Abominations were spawned and further assisted in the curtain of dread that was casted over Aegis. Dragur stood upon the peak of his valley and reviled at the workings of Iblees. Vexation germinated within the Daemon of knowledge. Just as Iblees had done he donned a form that resembled his creations. Scales stained red blanked his colossus body. Horns protruded from his head and spired into a crown of ivory. It was upon that mountain that Dragur’s ire was unmatched. The Dragonkin birthed by Dragur were all too oblivious to the origins of their birth but imprinted upon Dragur like a cub to their mother. They all felt Dragur’s woes and wallowed in his pain. Both the dragons and Dragaar stood at the foot of their valley pleading with their father to amend the enormity Iblees had brought forth.


It was then that the dragonflight took the skies. Dragur released a cry that shook the heavens and the very Earth buckled to the Daemon’s declaration of war. It was Dragur’s own judgement upon Iblees. Pouring from their misty abode they swarming the skies.The Dragaars lead platoons of dragons to the battalions of Iblees. The cries of the descedants had been received by Dragur. He joined the flocks of his dragonkin and laid waste to the scourge of unliving that had been amassed by Iblees. The Daemon was set upon a war path to rectify his fatal error and banish Iblees from the realm of Aegis. Packs of the dragonkin spread far across the land. Some perched themselves atop the towering walls of Horen’s beloved city. Others took to the outskirts of Malin’s forest and acted as wardens. Bathing the intruding minions of the Betrayer in brimstone and fire. Yet Dragur’s armed intervention had not gone unnoticed. Iblees took to the front of the conflict and set his gaze upon the first Dragaar and child of Dragur. In Iblees' right hand, a sword wrought in flame. The ravaging Arch-Daemon challenged the chieftain of the Dragaar to a duel. Constantly taunting the Dragaar with promises of receding from the realm if he was bested in open combat by the leader. Foolishly the Dragaar was taken by the moment and charged for the towering monstrosity. It was with one fluid movement that the Arch-Daemon launched a hand and warped its fiendish digits around the beast’s neck. The creature howled whilst an ebony poison dripped from the clutches of the Arch-Daemon. The blight fall over the scales of the Dragaar. Color was zapped and replaced with a hollowing black. His mind had fallen into the clutches of Iblees and left perverted by his touch.


Finally the Arch-Daemon released his grasp and the chieftain fell to the ground. His enormous stature puncturing the earth. He wriggling about like a worm released from it’s line. The first of Dragur’s kinl recovered and stood on its feet. Its head snapped to one of fellow Dragaar and dived for his brother. With unparalleled agility the blackened Dragaar struck at his brother’s neck and carved into his body with not a shred of remorse. The corrupted creature’s eyes were painted red with an unquenchable bloodlust. He had been disturbed to the core of his being. His already peerless might bolstered by the Arch-Daemon’s power. His fall seemed all too rehearsed. To Iblees, the corrupted dragaar had finally completed his purpose and all too did Dragur with birthing his Dragonflight. Once the corrupted Dragaar was satisfied displaying his misfortunate brother’s innards across the the battlefield he craned his head skyward and announced his triumph in a ghastly wail. Startled and petrified with fright the Dragonkin made their retreat. Their hour of glory quickly cut short.


Part V The Decline of Dragur


The mass of the Dragur’s scaled brood fled back to the confines of their concealed home. Those that had strayed too far where left to their own demise. Just as Iblees had done with the mortal races he sought after Dragur’s brood and amassed them for his own army. Death was not fitting for these creatures as he saw a much more fitting alternative. With ease the Arch-Daemon was capable of bending their will to his own and empowering them further. One after another Iblees conscripted another Dragaar to his growing army.


Dusk had settled and Iblees collected a flock of Dragonkin that he felt was sufficient.  The Betrayer departed from the group of blighted Dragaar and left to collect whatever remained isolated from Dragur’s colony of scale. The corrupted Dragaar and his pack treaded on. Their minds warped by Iblees and sought only the blood of their kind. They had lost their tether to Dragur and become mere proxies of Iblees. As they stood they saw only to decimate their kin. Draft them to Iblees’ ever growing legion and slaying their original father. Just as he had originally the corrupted Dragaar lead his flock of black to the the misty lands they were first born.


Thunder and lightning stirred over head. The mist Dragur had conjured to conceal the valley from the praying eyes of the AenguDaemons was vanquished. The father of the Dragonkin stood at the peak of his mountains. His gazed casted upon the approaching flight of black and grey. Even in the short duration in which Iblees tainted the Dragaars he had located Dragur spawned only more to bolster his forces. His rage only grew further for the like of Iblees. No words were exchanged between the forces of Dragur and Iblees’ tainted flight. A waltz of murder and bloodshed began without any indication. Countless members of Dragur’s beloved kin fell to the feral Dragaars warped by Iblees. Only a few had fallen as their strength outclassed their brethren. In the center of the strife Dragur stood locked in combat with his first born.


The once green glades of grass that filled the valley of the dragonkin had been trampled and drained of life. Rivers of red ran as the fallen beasts of scale scattered the land. Death loomed over the range as twinkles of dawn began to shine from the distance. The dragonkin were drained of their strength. Far too weary to further continue their endless plight. Even Dragur himself showed strain and fatigue. Just as the Sun tipped over the horizon, all had immediately averted their sights upward. The sky had been parted and white fell downward. It bleed into the valley and quickly took the land by storm. A maelstrom of white engulfed the mountain range. A blinding haze of white had befallen those that populated the region. All that stood in its grasp were robbed of their senses. It appeared almost as if they were consumed by a plane of white. One that had stolen their sight, strength and even their thoughts. Just as quickly as the twilight had emerge it receded swiftly like a tide. In its wake the dragonkin were dumbfounded with the scene. The Drakaar that had invaded their home were tethered to the earth. Chains forged of white light restricted the warped Dragaars yet to their shock all too was Dragur. Worn and drained of power the Daemon could not resist. In the epicenter of the sight an alien being hovered before them. It was a feminine silhouette of white that was composed of the same white glow at made up the heavenly chains that bound Dragur and Iblees’ corrupted agents. The entity turned its head and gave a blank stare upon the dragonkin that stood by. As the horizon was flooded with the welcoming rays of dawn the being bursted into a haze of ivory that consumed the valley once more. As the streams of white diminished a flurry of starfall jetting over head. Streaks of white fled from the valley. The land where Dragur and the opposing Dragaar stood was bare. Void of life as if the group had ceased to exist. Purged from the world in brisk white.


To the dragonkin that event they had witnessed was a startling mysterious. Though to the Aengudaemons it was a the start of their intervention. The panel of Aengudaemons had witnessed the actions of Iblees and were appalled by it. Yet they also witnessed Dragur’s robust actions and how his foolery only stirred the flames more. As Dragur removed the mist that draped over his valley the Aengudaemons were only further enraged with Dragur’s actions. He acted alone and attempted to mend his mistakes with reckless actions. One more foolish than the last. It was Eshtael that stood forward in the panel of the Aengudaemons. She had been the one most angered by Dragur’s actions. Without opposition she had convinced her fellow Aengudaemons that she would dispose of Iblees’ tainted dragonkin and reprimand Dragur for his misdoings. It was her who appeared before the Dragur and Iblees’ lackies and who had casted her chains. She had paved the way for the Aengudaemonic forces to breach Aegis and pass judgement onto Iblees. To the patron of balance Dragur as far too much of a liability and a threat. His very existence had become a wrinkle in what she she held dear. With that she had Dragur and the blight-filled Dragonkin within her grasp. As she had returned to the Aengudaemons the entity of Balance hurled the group. With binding nails of an Aengul make she tethered the venomous Dragaar and their original father. Scattered upon Aegis and sealed away. Bound by the same ivory chains they had become landmarks. Some became tucked in towering mountains. Some became bubbling volcanoes. A reflection of their devastating nature.


Summary of the Dragonkin:


Dragur birthed two separate races. Firstly the dragons, the feral creatures that populate our tale tales and fairy tales. They were Dragur’s equivalent of a proof of concept. Afterwards came the Dragaar, the sentient bastions of knowledge. Named after himself, they were his final product to present to Iblees in their agreement.


Dragons were Dragur’s first attempt at molding life. They are carnivorous predators that scour the world for large quantities of meat. Capable of flight and the ability to project fire from their maws. In terms of the animal kingdom they stand at the top with their heightened intelligence and unrivaled strength. Although their intelligence should not be mistaken. In terms of wolves, bears or other hunters they are unsurpassed yet that is the extent of their mental capabilities. They cannot process thought or comprehend concepts, they are highly intelligent in regards to instinct. Due to the nature of their kind they are often hunted down by Dwarves, Orcs and Humans alike on a journey to claim glory and fame from slaying one of these great beasts. As a result dragons tend to isolate themselves where they can evade the lustful eyes of the descendant races.



Unlike their counterpart Dragaars are gifted with boons bestowed from Dragaar. In exchange for their ability to reproduce the Dragaar posses a great aptitude of magic. Capable of great feats and even dramatically altering their forms such as their iconic ability of shapeshifting. It is the nature of their father Dragur that they seek any form of knowledge and horde it to themselves. Indulging in it. In addition the Dragaars remain ever vigilant. Constantly in fear of AenguDaemonic forces. They fear the unknown AenguDaemon that had vanquished their beloved Dragur and those such as Xan who encourage the slaying of the Dragonkin.



The name of these creatures originated from the mouths of the descendents. They were the dragons that Iblees had captured and turned to assist his armies. Far more barbaric in nature this airborne predators have abandoned all sense of reason.



The first incarnation of these foul beasts were at the hands of Iblees. Their name was only granted to them by the surviving Dragaars. Coined after the mortal phrase “Drake”, Drakaars are the Dragaar equivalent to a corrupted member of the Dragonkin. While it remains unclear few Dragaars have experienced a digression into Drakaar-hood. While it remains a mystery Dragaar believe that it is Iblees’ own curse inflicted upon the Dragonkin while others believe it is the result of Dragur’s absense.

For more information please refer to Viper’s thread on the variations of the Dragonkin:

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