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Aeriel (Aengul)

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(Full credit to 501warhead)


“Worry not…” He coughed, feeling his consciousness slipping. “...I go... to meet a friend.” He murmured, passing away in the grasp of his brother-in-arms.


Aeriel is a more prominent figure in the history of the mortal races. Benevolent in her actions and her task she is the responsible figure for guiding the Souls of the Dead. Dubbed the Caretaker of Souls she has made it her personal mission to guide and comfort the lost souls on their journey to the Afterlife, her realm serving as a Purgatory of sorts as she spends her time comforting the lost to prepare them for their afterlife. Aeriel’s message is one of kind caution; your soul is sacred and precious - do not waste it so carelessly.


She takes her task seriously and zealously demonstrated at such a time when she declared Holy War upon the acts of the Betrayer, Iblees the Fallen. She is considered the Arch-rival of the Fallen Arch-Daemon, ever at each other’s throats because of the actions of each other. Her direct followers, the ancient Ascended, carry out her will with equal zealousness in the image of their Patron, helping the weakened and punishing those who would push the boundaries of Souls.


Aeriel is dubbed the title of Arch-Aengul for her strong will and initiative to take action. She has taken the Mongoose as her patron animal as a warning to those who would think to follow the path of the Betrayer.


Animal: Mongoose


Symbol: A Tree spanning over a hill


Color: Silver



http://i.imgur.com/8xD6Vz1.png (Telperion)


Alignment: Lawful Good


Avatar Appearance: Mongoose/Angel


Title(s): Arch-Aengul, Caretaker of Souls

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