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The Orcs are the descendants of Krug, native to the former War Nation of Krugmar of Aegis. The Common term "Orcs" refers to the natural, strong and honorable descendants of Krug. Legally, however, an Orc can be any citizen that has earned his place among the Orcs of the Iron Uzg.


No race is more adapted to the harsh deserts and its predators than the muscular Orcs. Masters of combat and wrestling, these seven-foot high goliaths can destroy most prey with their bare hands. To an Orc, the most important thing is the hunt and the protection of his tribe and clan. For that reason, they do not intermix well with foreign cultures. They have a mutual hatred and respect for the Dwarves because of their ferocity and strength. However, they think less of other other races simply because they’re not big enough. Where other races establish cities and build monuments to their predecessors, Orcs establish tribes and build strong clans around the mythic figures of their ancestors. Orcs tend toward nomadic life, but what villages they do choose to establish are usually built from the ruins of other cities, swallowed and spat forth again by the drifting dunes of the desert.


Although Orcs can naturally live longer than Humans, their warring lifestyle often ends them before their natural end. The oldest Orc to ever live was Craotor of Clan Lur, who died of old age on the turning of his four hundredth year (one-thousand Orcish seasons). Orcs are just as prolific as Dwarves and Humans, but their children have the shortest period of puberty, sometimes reaching full adulthood in only twelve years. Orcs are also the most likely of their brothers to cull their own, whether purposefully leaving the incapable behind in the desert, or removing the weak through ritual trials. However, the strength of the clan is paramount in an Orc's eyes, and they will defend their young and wise to their very last breath - even if only to provide enough time for the wise to show the young how to best attack after their elder clansmen have fallen.




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Uruks are Orcs of the most common bloodline, they vary from sandy to brown-gray and Green in color, with hair almost exclusively dark brown or black. Their size and musculature set them apart from all other races of the world, sometimes considered giants, ranging from 6 feet to 8 feet. Uruks have long been thought to be utterly dull of wit, although this is largely due to foreign ignorance of the orcish culture. Their strong bloodline is highly valued in combat, and so many are thrust into the warrior culture at an early age, forcing them to take on a practical, no-nonsense approach to their daily life, almost entirely devoid of the formal educations and social graces of the other races. This is often misinterpreted as stupidity, much to the dismay of their enemies.




Orcs of the goblin bloodline are notably smaller than other Orcs, although on average larger than humans. Usually reaching from 4 feet to 6 feet, and not exceeding seven feet, they have lean, sinewy frames. It is rumored that the origins of the goblin bloodline began long ago, when Orcs intermingled with Elves and bore offspring. Goblins generally exhibit heightened intelligence and advanced technological abilities when compared to their larger brethren.




Also known as orogs or ogres, ologs are the largest of the orcish subraces. Huge, going from 8 feet to 10 feet, dull-witted towers of flesh, fat, and muscle, ologs are slow-witted and primitive. Ologs are incapable of thinking without speaking their thoughts, possess very limited vocabularies, and are said to have only three emotions, hunger, happiness and rage.




The genetics of the Orcish race pit them at the height of humanoid stature, strength, and stamina. Not only is the average male Orc larger than the male of any other race, but their muscle also makes them considerably stronger and more durable. Most of their weight, in fact, is muscle, and at times a healthy Orc can weigh in at more than 200lbs. Due to these factors, Orcs feel great pride in their power to intimidate the other races. As mentioned before, Orcs are also quite durable. In most cases, they can withstand more pain than any other race, and have little trouble fighting with broken bones or medium injuries.

Orcish skin color is also a defining attribute of their race. Their skin is thick, and varies greatly in color between individuals. Orcs can vary in shades of green, blue, red, brown, and black. Their lips have the same color as their skin.


And, along with green skin and strength, the other defining characteristic is the presence of tusks. Orcs host impressive sets of canine teeth, but when an Orc reaches adult age, tusks begin to grow. Their tusks protrude from each side of the lower mouth, and the size and number of tusks depends on the age and status of the individual. As an Orc progresses through the social (and sometimes spiritual) laters of their clan or nation, their tusks grow in size. At the very highest levels of age and status, Orcs develop an extra tusk on each side, bringing the total to four. These tusks are often used as weapons in clan brawls or in hard combat.

Orcs grow hair like the other races, but at a much slower rate. Due to this (and racial tradition), many male Orcs choose to be bald-headed. Some Orcs that have hair, however, follow the practice of coloring their hair with the blood of their enemies. Because their hair is so dark, this coloring rarely shows until after many dousings, and it is considered to be a sign of a great warrior for an Orc's hair to glow red with the blood of his enemies.

Orc eyes are usually brown or black, with a rare few blessed with blood-red.


Physical Traits


Orcs have a high metabolism which forces them to eat and drink large amounts on a daily basis. This also has the effect of giving them a high body temperature. It also means they must spend a great deal of time searching for food and drink. Orc children grow at a much faster rate then the other races. A child is nearly full grown by their tenth year. An Orcs constitution is legendary. They are very sturdy and capable of performing acts of strength and stamina that few others can achieve. One noted ability that most Orcs share is the ability to eat of drink nearly anything on the planet and derive without it adversely effecting them. This even extends to such things as poison and spoiled food. No Orc has ever been known to starve to death due to their own actions. Orcs eat a lot, almost as much as they drink. The average Orc can consume nearly their own body weight in food and drink at one sitting. Orcs view eating and drinking as a necessity of life, done only to satisfy their bodily functions. The problem is, Orcs are hungry most the time.


Mental Traits


Orcs don’t think like the other races. They are combative, aggressive, brutish, and nasty. These facts have helped to keep them apart from the other races. The Orc history is full of battles, and each tribe keeps a record of its exploits. The greater the exploits, the greater status the tribe has. It is considered the greatest crime in Orc culture to lie about the exploits of the tribe. It is a matter of pride and many fights have been started by questioning the honor of ones tribe. Some Orcs don’t give any thought toward the natural functions of life such as eating, hygiene, and the like. Instead these functions merely occur for them and they ignore them. This above, all else, has lead to the notion that Orcs are an uncivilized lot.




Some think Orcs to be the most disgusting race on the face of Athera. Although this is often debated, there is no doubt that Orcs are a rude and nasty bunch. Firstly, Orcs eat a lot, Orcs view eating and drinking as a necessity of life, done only to satisfy their bodily functions. The problem, is that Orcs are hungry all the time. Being a function of life, Orcs give little regard to how they perform such activities. Their eating habits as I see it are disgusting and few people can, or want to watch an Orc eat a large meal. This notion that performing life’s basic functions run throughout their culture. Any activity that is a natural part of life is ignored and just performed whenever it is needed. This extends to such things as using the toilet I've seen many of them called lurs and otheres do this act in public, changing clothes, and other forms of hygiene. Some Orcs do make special efforts when around other races to contain themselves, but it must be a conscience effort and is often forgotten. This has the unpleasant side effect for Orcs to smell bad, being called the Orc Musk, even though they have just cleaned themselves.




The orcish language began as a practical series of grunts and snarls, utilized in combat for the sake of brevity and discretion. This distinctive style of speaking evolved into an official language which the orcs refer to as "The Blah". The true blah derives from the ancient tongue of the ancestors, although a more working-class dialect is often used during daily activities which incorporates elements of bastardized common tongue. Some Orcs believe that even in the early days of Krug, the ancestors began to disassociate themselves from the other races. Their deep, thick vocal chords demanded short grunts and guttural sounds, and from there the Blah began to develop. Even though the other races continued to speak a somewhat broad language (Common), two clans -- Blaw and Gragarn -- soon isolated themselves from human influence. Away from the influence of the Common language, these two clans developed the Blah as we know it today; and when they returned to the other Orcs, they saw it as a cultural necessity to keep the Blah as the Orcish language. (Taken from Blawharag)




"And you Krug, the most hated of The Descendants, you shall always have the lust of war. You are strong? Well, the strength shall be used against your brothers, used to pillage and murder! Your lust for battle shall be unsatisfied and your descendants shall grow ugly and heartless.” - The Arch Daemon Iblees

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