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[A Larger World] Wayfinding

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Written by Bagley

There are those arcane practitioners who do not find themselves falling into the niches of combative magics, warding or what other schools - all of which Wayfinders might simply dismiss as nonsense. Instead, these wizards dedicate their lives to the ferrying of peoples across the various planes of material existence. While some contemporary scholars refer to it as Arcane Navigation, its practitioners prefer the term Wayfinding and label themselves as Wayfinders. Many of these specialized magicians take up the trade as captains and are most always found at the helm of some manner of vessel, the means of their transport.
How does it work?
Wayfinders are finely attuned to the magical currents that naturally occur within the world. These currents, known in the colloquial jargon of the Wayfinders as the trade winds. These currents will often lead to places in the world where the fabric of reality is thin, allowing for Wayfinders to puncture the layer between the physical world and the Veil. When this occurs, it culminates in magical storms which envelop the region and allow for the Wayfinders to skirt the edge of the Veil, resulting in the transportation of single vessel and sometimes even entire fleets from one reality to another. 
What purpose does it serve?
The Wayfinders fill a certain niche in a world split quite literally into two halves. With both civilian and government ventures making such travel extremely profitable, wayfinders are eager to facilitate. They are commonly employed by nation-states, mercantile charters or freelance groups to work their magics and are becoming increasingly relevant in the modern era where commerce serves as the lifeblood of all things and wanderlust captivates a great many, opening the lands of Axios to a much broader world and a great many places otherwise unreachable without the skillful hand of a Wayfinder.


This lore's purpose is to justify the interplanar travel between the two halves of the material world we live on. It is simple and vague due to this-- it will never be used by players, and is simply for flavor.

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