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[✓] [Legend] Viek'hal's Library

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Your MCName:



Is this Legend a Player Character? (y/n) If so, list their MCName:


 They are not.

Legend Name:


Viek’hal’s Library

Legend Race/Birthplace/gender/brief history:


Viek’hal’s Library is a mere myth to those currently dwelling in Axios. Rumors of ancient draconic artifacts taken from the Library have spread from ear to ear, though never before have any been seen. It is, however, an alluring subject for those of curious mind and the dragonkin who now walk the realm.


RP belief about the legend (Why people view them positively/negatively. What people know in RP pre-events.):


“It was created from the mountains themselves; forged from stone and dragonfire, Viek’hal’s domain was a model of dragonkin craftsmanship. For centuries he dwelled with only his closest colleagues, gathering knowledge our kind so persistently seek. Yet, with the Archdaemon’s success over our kin, he opened his halls as refuge for my brothers and I. That was both his first and last mistake.”




When dragons once roamed the land freely, one such beast found his efforts straying from the problems that plagued Aegis. All dragons are known for their habit of hoarding artifacts and seeking knowledge. Viek’hal was no different than his brethren in this aspect, and, as many did, sought to create himself an area to hold his vast knowledge out of the grasp of curious Descendants. With such in mind, Viek’hal set flight to find himself a domain far from others- not far from the isles of Axios. Northeast of Tahn, the Dragon had set to work crafting himself halls of stone delving into the endless caverns of his newly claimed mountain. It was here he, with the help of those Descendants and Azdrazi who offered to assist, began to record his studies.


For years the library thrived under the ever present watch of Viek’hal and those with him. He and his colleagues recorded the progression of Descendants, conducted experiments to rival the technological advancements of those in far later years, and researched the aspects of life around them. Farther into the mountain they delved, creating halls of books out of the stone monolith.


Far away from the battles his kin had waged upon the armies of the Archdaemon, Viek’hal refrained from assisting those who fought in his place. Even as Azdromoth fell to the eternal clutches of Iblees he hid amongst his books, conducting research in the areas around them. Only by the urge of his assistants did he offer refuge for the Azdrazi who had fled from Iblees’ armies. However, such cowardry didn’t leave him in his lonesome, and as the Daemon’s new commanders sought to tether in rogue dragons,he could do little to protect his domain. And if he couldn’t have it, no one could. With armies around his mountain, Viek’hal set to tearing down the foundations of his research, burning dozens of year's worth of books and destroying experiments. The Azdrazi dwelling within fled with whatever they could, taking their research to flee into the desolate realm of Axios.


Brief OOC overview of Legend story (What actually lead to them becoming a legend. This may be the same as the RP belief, or it may be different.):


OOC overview is the same as the RP belief.

How the Legend would be proliferated in RP (If this involves books/stories, you may wish to write them with the submission. Once the Legend is fully accepted you may RP knowledge of the legend, however you may only RP the RP BELIEF of the legend, not any OOC overview knowledge. Otherwise, the ET will do our best to introduce the Legend in-game.):


Scrolls, machines, and artwork from the Library could be found in the Isles if searched for, mere concepts and tales. Ancient Azdrazi alive during the fall of Azdromoth would know the myth to be true, and could spread the knowledge. Some books may speak of the tale, written by those who fled during the Library’s destruction.

What events would you like to occur around this legend? (ex, discovery of the Legend’s gravesite, retrieving of the Legend’s body, discovering something the Legend created/did):


Ruins of sites where those who fled from the Library’s destruction. Azdrazi from the time are either dead or in stone. By now, if awakened, their minds would have wandered far from what they once were, and they’d speak only riddles of a past time. Scrolls speaking of the Library and research conducted, along with experiments.

Relics Associated:


Mechanical creations, artwork, and scrolls. By now the creations have mostly run down, those still remaining perhaps hostile or only useful to a certain extent. Stone forms of the Azdrazi, some crushed, remain around some of their stockpiles.


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This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon.

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