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Earth Evo Guide

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Earth evo



By reaching into the void, the user -- with enough knowledge of the minerals in the world -- will be able to use it to manifest rocks, tearing them from the void. These are hard, strong, and able to pack a punch. This magic is within the user’s creativity; they can shape and use what rock they wish. Though, some rocks are out of the question, and some abilities might be unable to transfer. The user cannot evoke refined materials, and it takes a great deal of energy to evoke ore. Likewise, summoned rocks can be crumbled, but they cannot fuse together again.


Lore: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/164144-earth-evocation-lore/



There are many uses for Earth Evocation, from combat, to defense, to utility. While there a mass of abilities one can create, here are a few of the most known uses:


Pebbles (1-2 emotes): Conjuring pebbles from the void, these jagged items can be used to harass and daze opponents, if not provide knockouts, should they be flung with enough force. The user is able to summon several pebbles at once, with seven being the maximum - requiring full two actions to reach the limit.


Rocks (2-3): A larger pebble, the caster can summon a singular rock the size of a softball; however they are able to conjure more with one per additional action, or even enlarge the pebbles one conjured to make multiple rocks. These stones will cause blunt force damage, having the potential to knock opponents back and break bones with enough force.


Spikes (2-3): The magister shapes the rock they conjure into an arrow sized spike, able to summon multiple with additional actions. These can be used for penetration purposes, able to dig into unarmored targets, and being able to dent in armor ever so slightly.


Shields/Barriers (3-4): By enlarging and shaping rocks, one is able to create a shield roughly the size of a scutum, able to defend oneself from various forms of damage, as much as a hunk of rock generally would protect someone. WIth more time, the barrier can grow thicker and tougher.


Boulders (5-6): By growing stone to a large size, perhaps the size of five or six feet and rather thick, one is able to make a boulder, able to deal great damage to its foes, easily knocking folk over, perhaps ending them. Usually, these boulders are slow acting, abe to be hurled slower than a crossbow bolt, but with more mana the caster can fire it swiftly.



The user is able to evoke sand, able to be used for blinding opponents and causing mass nuisances. Small sand blasts will generally take two actions.



Evoking a rock:


Jim tenses his arm, staring at a brick wall. As he does so, a pebble tears itself into existence.


Reeling his arm back and taking aim, the pebble seems to enlarge, now the size of a softball. With a flourish, the rock hurls at the brick.


Making a shield:


Jim tenses his arm, a jagged pebble manifesting into existence.


Curling his hand in, the rock becomes larger - now becoming fist sized; though it does not stop, continuing to expand to larger heights.


The stone continues to reach out until it reaches its climax; now at the size of a scutum shield, with the same width accompanying it.


Tier Progression:


Tier 1: The user has just begun, this is the stage where they must study the element; through their work, and with all effort, they will be able to evoke a singular pebble.


Tier 2: With knowledge at their hand, the user can now use their mana better than before, allowing them to evoke various pebbles with much effort; in addition, they can begin evoking rocks, and with much effort - evoke spikes.


Tier 3: Now a novice, the evoker can manifest rock and spikes with less effort, able to evoke multiple spikes and stones from their persons. By this stage, the user can maker barriers and sand. The evoker might begin to experiment here with some of their expendable mana.


Tier 4: An adept in their field, this magister can cast the magic with some ease, able to evoke various rocks, shards, and sand. It is likely here, the evoker has delved into crafting boulders, and will likely be able to make a few large ones before becoming exhausted.


Tier 5: Mastery. Spells require far less fuel, and a majority of the standard spells, save for very large spells. A mage can evoke spells far away with moderate difficulty, though such takes additional time to do.





Cannot evoke ‘Earth’

Cannot evoke refined metal.

Requires line of sight.

You aren't immune to your own element.

Cannot manipulate real earth.




Can I evoke Thanhium?


Yes and no, you will probably kill yourself while doing it, but otherwise it is A-Okay to try.


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