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Air Evocation Guide

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Air Evocation is the art of drawing forth into the void to bring air into our world. To avoid mistaking anything, this air is not of our world, nor is it able to linger for very long (unless enchanted) but rather is a near perfect replica of the air of our world which is under the mage’s control for the duration of their spell. After evoking this air, the mage can then mold it, control it, and utilize it to their own benefit.






While this isn’t the only list of abilities possible with Air Evocation, these are a few examples of what a mage with this magic can do.


Air Missile - Simply put, the mage makes a rather small mass of air, then fires it off at their foe. This can range from simply distracting to harming the foe, dependent on the force of the air and the skill of the mage.

Note: Each example emote assumes a prior connection to the void has been made.


After having spent one emotes evoking a small; amount of air...

Alan’s ears twitched idly as the ball of air formed in front of him, no larger than an apple. As the armed robber looked to him, holding his sword in front of himself.

Alan’s ears gave another small twitch, and the mass of air rushed towards the robber’s face, the sudden rush of air against his eyes causing the robber to drop his guard, bringing a hand to wipe at his eyes. Given the opportunity to flee, Alan ran off.


Air Wall - The casting mage continuously cycles air in front of themselves in a circular shape, effectively making an invisible shield in front of themselves to possibly fling projectiles off track.


After having spent one emote evoking a medium amount of air...

Riddsy’s finger twitched as the air in front of him began to form a large, cycling mass, continuing to circle around a few feet in front of him. The drunken bar attendee took the table dart from the table, taking aim at Riddsy. Riddsy’s motions did not cessate, the mass now sizable enough to give off a faint whisper in the winds it made. As the man threw the table dart at Riddsy, the air wall caught it, flinging it off from its course at Riddsy’s chest to the wall to Riddsy’s right instead.


Tornado - Requiring a fair bit of effort and skill, the evocationist evokes a mass of air cycling in a tornado-like pattern, kicking up dust and dirt possibly, while also being able to confuse, distort, or render safe their foes and any lighter weapons or projectiles.


After having spent two emotes evoking a large amount of air…

Alan’s breathing picked up heavily, and the surge of air meters in front of him began to move rapidly, swirling and spinning in a funnel of winds. The two bandits shielded their faces, daggers gripped tightly in their other hands as they witnessed the magi’s power.

Alan kept his gaze on the swirl of air, small grains of sand along the beach where the group stood kicking up and flying into the column of air. Scraps of seashells pelted the two stuck within the tornado, cutting and scraping their flesh. One of the bandits reeled his arm back, tossing the dagger at Alan in vain. The dagger traveled forth for a moment, before being flung pathetically into the sands below, the tornado continuing.

Alan coughed, letting the harsh winds die down. Flying particles of sand came to a rest, the two assailants coated in fine yellow dust and bits of shell. The men looked at Alan in fear, fleeing.


General Progression


Tier 1 - The mage at this stage will begin with connecting to the void as well as forming small masses of air. While the uses at this stage are nigh useless, it is a vital step in the learning process.


Tier 2 - The mage can now begin to make air masses the size of apples and fists, and can move these gusts around at a fair enough speed to possible scare or distract someone, but not enough to harm seriously. Furthermore, the mage can control the temperature of the air to a small extent.


Tier 3 - Masses of air the size of torsos and bodies can be made, the air able to be moved fast enough to possibly knock someone back a few steps or fling aside arrows or thrown objects. The temperature can be controlled even further at this stage.


Tier 4 - Small tornadoes and surges of air can be formed as the mage nears full mastery, with larger knockbacks of air possible. Furthermore, the temperature of the air can be made to be chilling to the touch or burning, although not able to cause permanent or long-term harm.


Tier 5 - At this stage, the evocationist is now a master, with tornadoes coming with significantly more ease. Armored large foes can be knocked back onto their backs and thrown a few feet, and the temperature of the evoked air can be finely controlled to either quickly cool a foe or burn them enough to cause pain and discomfort, but again not with much lasting effect unless prolonged contact is held with the evoked air.


Red Lines


Cannot evoke where you can not see.

Cannot evoke what you do not understand. One must thoroughly study air prior to evoking.

Cannot evoke anything aside from pure air. No sand, dust, or particles can be evoked in the air unless done with another evocation.

Cannot control the air already existing in the world, only the evoked air.

Cannot suffocate people with evoked air, nor can evoked air be used to breathe at all, let alone underwater.

Can evoke on the surface of one’s skin.

Cannot evoke tornadoes of a full size, as it’d use far too much mana to do.

Cannot evoke storms with just air evocation. Water / Electric evocation, and probably more mages, would be needed in tandem.

Cannot make sharp, or fine shapes of air evocation, such as swords or armor.




Air evocationists cannot make people fly.

Air evocationists cannot control pre-existing air.

Air evocationists cannot make “blades” or other sharp, refined shapes like armor or knives.

Air evocationists can make for good blowdriers when you do your hair in the morning!


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