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Water Evocation Guide

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Water Evocation is the art of drawing forth into the void to bring water into our world. To avoid confusion, the water evoked is not of our world, nor is it able to linger for very long (unless enchanted) but rather is a near perfect replica of the water of our world which is under the mage’s control for the duration of their spell. After evoking this water, the mage can then mold it, control it, and utilize it to their own benefit.






While this isn’t the only list of abilities possible with Water Evocation, these are a few examples of what a mage with this magic can do.


Water Missile - Simply put, the mage makes a rather small mass of water, then fires it off at their foe. This can range from simply distracting to harming the foe, dependent on the force of the water and the skill of the mage.

Note: Each example emote assumes a prior connection to the void has been made.


After having spent one emotes evoking a small; amount of water...

Stephen’s hand twitche at his side, and an apple sized mass of water gathered in front of him from thin air.

The robber glared at Steven, uttering something about mystical abilities beneath his breath.

Stephen’s hand twitched once more, and the apple sized orb of water fired off at the robber, splashing him right in the eyes.


Ice Wall - The mage forms a wall of ice in front of them to shield themselves from incoming attacks, or fires this wall forth to strike their enemy.


After having spent two emotes forming a blob of stretched out ice...

Takari’s fingers twitched at his side, the mass of ice hovering in front of him. The swordsman stepped forth, thrusting his blade at the mass of ice between the two. Chunks of ice chipped away as cracks ran along the length of the mass, and Takari smirked. His hand twitched once more, and he uttered out calmly “You’re already dead…” “What?!” exclaimed the swordsman, and the mass of ice hurled forth, sending the man onto his back before the mass landed on top of his stomach, causing him a severe amount of pain.


Steam Surge - The mage produces a large quantity of steam, and then sends this mass billowing towards the foe or foes, intending to burn and scald them while possibly ignoring armor or defences due to the gaseous nature of steam.


After having spent two emotes forming a blob of hot steam…


Stephen looked on at the armored man in the ring with him, huffing and sweating as the evoked steam shimmered in front of him. The armored assailant stepped forth, confident in his armor’s ability to protect himself. Stephen huffed heavily, his ears twitching. The mass of steam then shot forth at the armored man, hot gas seeping in through the cracks and holes in the helm and upper section of the armor. The assailant then let out pained screams as his flesh and eyes began to burn, droplets of water seen forming around his visor.

Stephen waited for a moment longer, giving a satisfied sigh as the steam dissipated, his foe clawing at his helm desperately to remove it, the damage already done.


General Progression


Tier 1 - The mage at this stage will begin with connecting to the void as well as forming small masses of water. While the uses at this stage are nigh useless, it is a vital step in the learning process.


Tier 2 - The mage can now begin to make water masses the size of apples and fists, and can move these blobs around at a fair enough speed to possible scare or distract someone, but not enough to harm seriously. Furthermore, the mage can control the temperature of the water to a small extent.


Tier 3 - Masses of water the size of torsos and bodies can be made, the water able to be moved fast enough to possibly wind somebody with a strike to the stomach. The temperature can be controlled even further at this stage, and ice can begin to be formed of smaller quantities.


Tier 4 - The mage can begin evoking steam and can evoke ice with much more ease, as well as making larger quantities of ice and water. However at this stage, steam is incredibly taxing if not impossible to do effectively, but ice can be used in large formations to defend or attack one’s foes. Finally, temperature control between freezing and boiling points comes easily.


Tier 5 - At this stage, the evocationist is now a master, with steam coming with some more ease, enough to be used effectively.


Red Lines


Cannot evoke where you can not see.

Cannot evoke what you do not understand. One must thoroughly study water prior to evoking.

Cannot evoke anything aside from pure water. No mud, salt water, or anything else can be evoked unless in tandem with other evocations.

Cannot control the water already existing in the world, only the evoked water.

Cannot suffocate people with evoked water, nor can evoked water be used as sustenance as line of sight would be broken and the water is not true water, but rather a near perfect replica forged by the caster.

Can evoke on the surface of one’s skin.

Cannot evoke storms with just water evocation. Air / Electric evocation, and probably more mages, would be needed in tandem.

Cannot make sharp, or fine shapes of water evocation, such as swords or armor.




Water evocationists cannot keep themselves alive with their magic in a desert as they can’t drink their evocation.

Water evocationists cannot make steam as easily as ice or liquid water.

Water evocationists can make mud if mixed with earth evocation.

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