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Forum Roleplay Section Guidelines

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Forum Roleplay Section Guidelines

While the server is a great way to interact and roleplay with fellow players here on LoTC, the forums is also another means of immersing yourself in roleplay without needing to be directly logged into the server. As well, forum roleplay also extends to a much broader audience and enables the player base to keep up to date with upcoming events, changes in politics, or simply learn about what is going on outside of their roleplay circle. Keeping this in mind, there are a few regulations to follow when roleplaying on the forums:
1- Remember to keep all your posts in the roleplay subforum character related. This corresponds to communicating with emotes or having a general conversation in character. Note that this server is PG-13 and thus all roleplay interactions must adhere to the same rules as the roleplay section of the Rules and Community Guidelines.

2- Anonymous character posts are discouraged. If you wish to keep your character unnamed, do so by adding a bit of description to the post. While ominous characters can be interesting to play, you are only permitted to roleplay a character you play and not just a random passer-by. 

3- “Thinking” posts tend to take away from the original post. Refrain from posting replies along the lines of your character having just a simple  thought or comment to make about the situation. Add some details and be creative.

4- ‘Memeing’ on a roleplay post is not condoned. If it does not adhere to the roleplay world, it should not be posted in the thread.

5- Targeting players by masking it with roleplay is unacceptable and will not be tolerated, as is stated in The Rules. Attacking someone via any LoTC medium will not be tolerated and such applies to the forum roleplay section.

6- Do not post a video or picture that does not have any roleplay relevance. If you wish to post an OOC reply containing a picture or video, place it in a spoiler.

7- Some roleplay posts can become heated, but it is important to remember that this is a game and we are all here to have fun. Keep arguments that are not bound by roleplay off of roleplay threads and try to maintain a level head. If you do have issues with another player, take it off the forums and somewhere private to discuss them.

8- If you roleplay a deceased character using the “Seven Skies Roleplay” theme, do so in a constructive manner. Do not devalue a post by posting uncreative, one-word emotes in the comments, lest they be hidden by a Forum Moderator.

9- Take pride in your posts! Put some effort into what you post, be creative, and most importantly, have fun! Happy roleplaying!

These guidelines are subject to change.

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