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Support and Assistance Section Rules

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Support and Assistance Section Rules

This topic addresses how to behave, and what to do in the Support and Assistance thread.
The thread was created for the purpose of asking and answering questions, and said questions receiving specific, informative, and factual answers. Remember that this section on the forums is here for people to receive a swift and accurate response, and not for spam or unhelpful chatter. When someone needs to sift through the questions in this thread they should be able to find the answer quickly and efficiently. Minimizing clutter is a priority and will be strongly enforced, replies that do not contribute are subject to removal.
Please read this carefully before making or replying to any post, thank you.
Submitting a question?

Questions should be:

  • Friendly toned, and staying positive while trying to help solve the problem too.
  • Moderately professional and relatively useful.
  • Thought-out and unique, search for similar questions first before submitting a query.
  • Scoped inside of the LotC realm, and not about topics that relate in no clear way.
  • Descriptive and informative, so as to make it as easy as possible for those answering to help you out.
  • Marked as [Resolved] when it is finished.

Questions should not be:

  • Aggressively written or targeted in a negative fashion at a certain detail in LotC.
  • Asked about previously, not a new question.
  • Scoped outside of the LotC realm, written on completely random topics.
  • One line queries, we can’t provide assistance if the question is unclear or not detailed
  • Controversial, or written with no clear way to provide a correct answer.
  • Focused around humour or purposely inflammatory.
  • Never marked as [Resolved] leaving the Guide team hanging.

Helping provide an answer?

Answers should be:

  • Helpful and the details provided unique in the topic.
  • Friendly and supportive of the one asking the question, regardless of content.
  • Well researched as well as clear and concise.
  • On-topic and centered around helping the member providing the query.

Answers should not be:

  • Unhelpful, controversial or provide false-information.
  • Aggressive or victimising of the player asking the question.
  • Unsure or adding more questions to the query, generally best not to answer off the top of your head.
  • Off-topic from the question, inflammatorytrolly, or unnecessarily comedic.

Tip: If you provide sources to your answer it can make it that much more legitimate and provide more backbone to it. If your reply provides links to various other topics or posts that provide answers to the query it is a large bonus, and very helpful.
Reminder: When you are in the Support and Assistance thread you leave your immature side behind completely and must at least attempt a professional atmosphere. Trolling and rude comments will absolutely not be tolerated, and all replies must contain valuable information that has not been previously stated. When you are asking your question make sure it is unique and an answer is nowhere else to be found, and when replying you are providing an answer, not just an opinion.

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