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War Procedure

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War Rules

Procedure & Execution of War Events | March 30th, 2018


If necessary, the Game Team delivers a verdict for anything ambiguous or undefined within these rules.


To start a war, the attacking side must have a valid cause for war, or several. The term casus belli, often abbreviated to ‘CB’ means “an act or event that provokes, or is used to justify, war.” You may only use casus belli dating a maximum of 4 weeks (28 days) before the warclaim post. This is the standard unless specifically stated otherwise on the CB.


Zone of Influence: A Nation’s capital tiles and immediate tiles (adjacent). A Nation may use the area inside of this zone as a staging point for war (within reason). A Freebuild instead uses their most active settlement/property as the staging point for war.

(Phase I) Establishing A War

  1. A nation determines they must attack another nation.
    1. The nation which determines is designated the attacker.
    2. The targeted nation is designated the defender.
  2. The attackers submit an in-character casus belli under the Warclaims section. The Game Team reviews it within 48-hours by the following criteria:
    1. It is a well-written roleplay post that covers the reasons for which the nation must wage war.
    2. It defines the war goals of the attacking nation in clear terms. E.g. We will pillage/conquer Settlement A.
    3. The war goals consider, realistically and logically, the in-character relationships between the sides as well as their respective cultures and histories.
    4. If the claim to war is insufficient, in other words it does not represent in-character truths, a resubmission will be required. Here is a list of accepted casus belli.
  3. War begins once the causes and terms are validated and approved.
    1. The defenders and attackers each send a delegation of two players from their side to the LotC War Discord, where each side is offered a private line of communication to the Game Team to submit plans, proposals, and concerns.
    2. Allies to the involved parties are locked once the war begins (though may drop out if incapable). In order to participate, two current nation leaders must have signed an agreement between their nations which declares the nature of their alliance. This agreement must be visible on the forums in the Official Alliance Treaties sub-forum.

(Phase II) Negotiating Terms

  1. The attackers submit a battle plan to the Game Team. The plan details the route they take to reach the objective. Roads are the primary route of transport. The war will assume the shape of the submitted plans.
    1. A naval invasion requires that the attacking force has built sufficient transportation. In other words, ships with enough beds and storage space to accommodate each of their soldiers, defensive mechanisms, and necessary siege equipment.
    2. Navies are solely used to touch down forces due to technical and mechanical limitations. The defenders have the option to contest the landing through a beach defense so long as the landing takes place near or inside defender’s territory.

(Phase III) During the War


Battleground: The area where player-vs-player combat takes place.

Field Battle: A battle on open grounds, which takes place at the beginning of the war, and between every siege. A field battle determines direction of the war. Field battles are used to travel the map during a war, and depending on distance there may be several to reach the next siege.

Siege Battle: A battle over a fortified position. A failed defense in a siege battle cedes land to the attackers.

Field Battle

  1. May be on any open terrain. Obstacles, such as ruins, are acceptable, so long as none are fortified.
  2. The defenders are notified of the direction of the attacker’s route and may pick preferable places to put up a defense.
    1. If the defenders choose to hold a point on the battlefield, suitable area for tactical maneuvers will be granted for the attackers.
  3. Each side assembles in a sealed pre-built camp and are released to the field simultaneously.

Victory Conditions

  • (Attacker Win) The defending force is annihilated or retreats from the battlefield.
  • (Attacker Win) The defenders forego/forfeit the field battle. This condition skips to the next battle.
  • (Defender Win) The attacking force is annihilated or otherwise forced from the battlefield.
  • (Defender Win) The defending side, a full hour into the battle, still holds their predetermined defensive position.

Siege Battle (Siege equipment rules)

  1. The defenders hold a fortified position to prevent the annexation of the land. The attackers assemble in a siege camp or siege line, depending on preference.
  2. Siege weapon procedure and more information can be found here, including types of weaponry and their functions.

Victory Conditions

  • (Attacker Win) The defenders are cleared from their fortified position.
  • (Attacker Win) The defenders are wiped out.
  • (Defender Win) The attackers are wiped out.
  • (Defender Win) The defending side, a full two hours into the siege, still holds the fortification.
  • (Defender Win) The attacking side exhausts their siege options. In other words, busted siege equipment, no ladders, etc.

Siege Aftermath

Defenders Win: The defending side maintains control over their land and may perform a counter-attack.

Attackers Win:

  • If war goals specify conquering this area: The attacking nation permanently controls the settlement. However, the attackers will not be permitted to automatically evict players on the region.
  • Otherwise: The attacking nation holds the settlement for 24 hours, during which they pillage the area.

Counter Attack

  1. If the defenders have the opportunity to counter-attack, they may pursue further war or elect to end the war as it stands.
  2. A counter-offensive does not require any casus belli.
  3. Defenders take the role of the attackers, and may reclaim any land they have lost (but may not proceed further).

War Expenditures

During the war the attacking parties must pay weekly costs to sustain the war efforts. Each ally must pay their appropriate cost in order to participate in the war. Nations pay 2000 minas each while Settlements pay 750 minas each. E.g. two attacking Nations pay 4k in total every week.

(Phase IV) War Outcomes

Ending A War

Attacking Victory

The attacking side satisfies their objectives outlined in the beginning of the war. This can mean conquering through war, though may also be the result of the defenders ceding to demands.

Treaty / Agreement

Both sides reach an agreement in roleplay that concludes the war. A treaty must be deemed satisfied in order for the war to end.

Invalidated / Insufficient Casus Belli

If a casus belli is no longer valid (e.g. a title claimant is permanently killed) or all available casus belli have been used and the attackers fail to provide additional CB’s incurred during the war.

Counter-Offensive Abandoned

An active counter-offensive is not further pursued or an option to launch a counter-offensive is relinquished.

Insufficient Funds

The attackers fail to pay the necessary expenditures to advance the war.


Casus Belli

The attackers lose all casus belli towards the defenders. The defenders gain casus belli towards the attackers.


War between either side is not available for at least 30 days—unless a treaty established the peace and was subsequently violated.


If you own the largest region within the tile, the region is at least 100x100, and you are a recognized Nation, then the ownership of the tile may be transferred from the defending party to your control.

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-=Rule Update=-


Type: Change to current rule


 To start a war, the attacking side must have a valid cause for war, or several. The term casus belli, often abbreviated to ‘CB’ means “an act or event that provokes, or is used to justify, war.” You may only use casus belli dating a maximum of 4 weeks (28 days) before the warclaim post. This is the standard unless specifically stated otherwise on the CB.

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