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Siege Equipment

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Siege Equipment & Cost

War Rules | March 19th, 2018


You may use siege weapons to destroy blocks during a warclaim. Siege equipment is subject to special conditions.


Before the Battle

These actions must be performed prior to the battle. They cannot be done once the battleground is setup–these must be done 24 hours beforehand.

  • Build and pay fees for all siege weapons.
    • You may buy up to 9 siege weapons in total.
  • Purchase the ammunition required to operate your equipment.

Setting Up

Do this during the 24 hours which precede the warclaim. Communicate these things to a Game Moderator responsible for the battle.

  • Assign a Siege Leader, a player responsible for typing /roll for each of the siege weapons. Both siege leaders will /roll to determine initiative.
  • Deliver your ammunition to the GM Team. It will be spent automatically for each volley.


  • Siege weapons are fired in waves/volleys on a turn basis.
    • Siege Leaders will /roll once for every available equipment, the overseeing GM will simulate the damage on the necessary areas once all rolls are recorded.
  • All equipment must be manned by sufficient personnel in order to fire.
  • Prior to firing a siege weapon, the operators must perform the necessary role play to prepare and fire the weapon.



Siege Weapon Information


Weapon: Trebuchet

Weapon Cost: 2000

Ammo Cost: 100

Ammunition: Trebuchet Ammo

Function: Will destroy all structures which is done through a plugin that is tied to the treb on signs.


Weapon: Siege Tower

Weapon Cost: 3000

Ammo Cost: N/A

Ammunition: N/A

Function: Allows players to climb over enemy defenses via a moving tower. This tower moves at a rate of five blocks every two minutes when attackers of 10+ or more are standing by.


Weapon: Battering Ram

Weapon Cost: 1000

Ammo Cost: N/A

Ammunition: N/A

Function: Allows players to destroy any kind of gate via a battering ram. The battering ram must have six players to operate and will work after those six players stand in place for two minutes in time total.



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Prices and siege weapons altered due to plugin changes and the original documentation being lost.

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