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Staff Wide Reforms

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Hello everyone,


We do not yet have anything to show yet, therefore this announcement is brief and somewhat uninteresting. You will notice significant change in the dynamics and structure of my staff this year. My administration is executing a somewhat ambitious plan that may take several months to accomplish. Ultimately, at the very bottom of this is a desire to better serve your needs and the needs of this unique experience.


Please bear with us while we go through an awkward period of transition. We may appear a bit clumsy and uncoordinated at first but I promise that there are solid odds that we will see improvement.  I believe we are in a good position to combat stagnancy and bureaucracy, and to bring our server back to the roots in the ways that matter.


I will have an update for you once we are nearly done with the changes. And, initially, I refused to write this post as I believe we’ve done enough yapping over doing—and 2019 is a good time to make a practical difference. But, you do deserve some warning before the transitions are in full effect.



I can briefly address some concerns,

Q: Why are you bringing back Global Moderators?
A: In short, we are not. The longer explanation is more nuanced. We recognize the problems that befell the previous GM team and the overwhelming power-creep associated with it. Included in our upcoming plans are not simple merges of people and permissions. We are redistributing responsibilities between our teams on a full-scale. A total re-write of our staff with our core values in mind. The Moderation team may inherit some tasks of the previous team, but it is not a simple mashup of the FM & GM teams.


Q: Are all FM’s and GM’s being grandfathered into the Mod team?
A: No. I require my team to vet every member individually. Additionally, we consider the comments and suggestions of our staff and community for the selections and may make adjustments as necessary.

Q: What happens once they are offered a position?
A: They enter a period of mandatory training. We want to train our Mods on the game server, the forums, and our Discord. Of course, this will require some time.


Q: What’s next?
A: Like I say, Mod team is only a narrow slice of the big picture. Next we roll out the rest of our plan and prepare further communication on the matter. Stay involved, stay passionate, and get ready for updates!


Thank you for your patience and understanding,



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