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Curon's Got Talent

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Curon's Got Talent


It has come to the attention of the Cyrillian administration that any festival requires entertainment. The Curonian Freedom Festival is no exception. Thus, we will be hosting the first iteration of Curon’s Got Talent, a talent show open to any and all who would like to demonstrate their unique skills or talents. This may include, singing, playing an instrument, story telling, poetry, or any other physical or mental exercise that you would like to share. The Cyrillian Council of Curon will act as a board of impartial judges at the show. If you would like to partake, please submit your application below. If there is time, we will also allow registration at the Festival itself. The winner of the talent show will be awarded one case of the finest Curonian Cactus Green, a strain known as “Devereux’s Delight,” as well as 500 mina. ((The Talent Show Will begin at 4:30 pm EST))



Will you require any props or instruments. If yes, then what?:

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