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New Shop In Town!

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Alevaera sighs softly as she finishes setting the last chair in the cozy room, using the back of her hand to wipe away a few beads of sweat forming over her brow. Its taken a lot of time and effort for her to finish this project, but she is extremely pleased with the final product. After a few months, she has put the final touches to her cafe. She has high hopes for the location, that the residents of her chilly city will enjoy a place where they can relax and warm up with a warm beverage and sweets.



Fenn has been growing as a city, both as a people and its increasing size. One of the new additions to Fenn is a peaceful housing district, where new residents can find a place to call home. This housing district is accompanied by a lovely garden, where residents can sit and relax, and enjoy a cool sunny day, or pray to Fenn’s Deity. There is also an additional shopping district within the new city space, where new shops can set up their wares.


Complimenting this peaceful and relaxing air, is a new shop where citizens can purchase teas and sweets. The Puffin Cafe welcomes all who wish to find a quiet place to relax, read a book or simply have a quiet chat with an old friend. The cafe’s has an assortment of different teas, ranging from simple Green Tea, to Coffee and Spiced apple!

(Photos of the Cafe Below)






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Aeluin is first in line for some coco-filled goodies. On Hadolph's tab of course.

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