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Across The Sea

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They had been sailing for a week now, the winds having favored their journey as they made their way across the open sea. Francesca had spent most of that time in her cabin, reading the few books she had brought with her or practicing her writing in private. When she could no longer stand the stale bread and beef stew that had made up most of her meals, the youth would opt to sit upon the deck as her father’s crewman milled about. She would watch the sailors tie down ropes, inspect the sails, and aid their captain in maintaining their expected course. The idea of a nautical life intrigued her, as most things did regardless, though she knew she would never be able to aspire to such a profession herself.


Today, the sun was slightly hidden behind the wispy clouds of the morning, a reflection of her mood as the coast of Arcas came into view. She had left her mother in Khalestine, though the circumstances had been unnerving to her and caused her much grief during her travels. The wife of Joseph Marna had bid her daughter farewell as a slow and heavy rain fell around them, telling her daughter that her father had need of one of his children, to be by his side during his foreign conflict. The young Francesca never questioned her mother, doing as she was told more often than naught, but she had wondered afterward why her mother still refused to join her lord father herself.


A cascading range of cliffs shielded their arrival, the ship docking upon the shore with the aid of awaiting soldiers. The girl awaited the cue of the captain himself before disembarking, the solemn faces of the men awaiting them being enough to inform her on the circumstances she would face after reuniting with her father. Her grey visage lifted to the cliffs above, the air smelling of sea spray and salt. A grouping of horses was brought around sometime later, carts laid heavy with crates and trunks that would be carried to Reza. The young lady would be assisted as she mounted a grey palfrey, the steed slowly treading behind a small retinue of guards who had been sent to escort her own person, along with their cargo.


Whatever the reason was for her arrival in this strange land, Francesca felt as if she would not be returning to her childhood home anytime soon.



Despite circumstances, I am still inspired to play this character and spend some time with friends. Just wanted to write an introduction to her arrival on Arcas, something I can come back to and read in the future.


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