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Ducal Writ of Dissolution, 1734

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Issued and confirmed by His Grace, the Duke of Vintas, 6th of Horen’s Calling, 1734 



Since the day my father Sergius of the House of Merentel was given the Duchy of Vintas by the last Holy Orenian Emperor Alexander II de Joannes, the vintasian citizens have been proudly defending the land and offering their support to the Holy Orenian Empire in several times, such as when the vintasians aided the imperial troops during the war against the Duchy of Lorraine.


It is true that my father did commit many mistakes during his reign as Duke, being the most important one his incident with the Targoth of the Federation of Mokh-Uruk. 


In fact, I hereby denounce the pathetic and cowardly actions committed by my father during his reign, especially his diplomatic incident with the orcs. My father was weak, his constant pacifism and desire for a peaceful world made our Duchy lose the good reputation that it won throughout many years of service and loyalty to the Holy Orenian Empire.

Despite the fact that I don’t have the same opinion as my father had in regard to this matter, we are standing now in the middle of a conflict that our people and I never desired.


We are not pacifists, we are proud vintasians that fight and die on the battlefield if necessary, but my people have already suffered enough. 


That’s why I hereby announce that effective immediately, and after careful deliberation, the Ducal Seat has resolved to adopt the following decision:


The Duchy of Vintas is hereby dissolved. The noble title of Duke of Vintas is hereby given to the Curonian Crown. The vintasian law and all the vintasian noble titles are hereby abolished, except the titles of Count of Alannor and Baron of Hallowfell that shall be held by the House of Merentel within perpetuity. The Grand City of Alannor is hereby renamed to the City of Sabris and given to the Imperial Arch-Chancellor so he and the Lord Protector of the Holy Orenian Empire can hold it and use it as an imperial military base against the orcs.


I adopt this decision as the current and last Duke of Vintas and as the Patriarch of the House of Merentel. Ave Merentel. Ave Orenia.



HIS GRACE, Tobias I of the House of Merentel, Duke of Vintas, Count of Alannor and Baron of Hallowfell


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