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What future?

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What future?


Two paths diverge before us.


Our right hand, our sword hand, to war, for blood, for vengeance. For pride.  Darkness. The blade shall decide our fate. Ancient alliances broken. Unforgiven. And yet even as we hold the knives to each other's throats, without a single blow dealt, we already bleed. Our arms are cut defensively. Just as we peek out from our holes, in frantic hopes of peace, following the last blundersome years of civil war, we once more are spurred to action. This is the path we are on. The dark, and hopeless path. The inevitable cycle. The voiceless pattern. For continuing on this path, we will find our divided and weak, subject to the manipulation of and whims of the godless creatures of Arcas.


Our left hand, useless and clumsy, to wave across the chasm, and extend to brethren. But what future rests there? Armistice? Reunification? Surrender? I see none, with the current administration, and their enemies. The world is changing, and that is nearly inevitably a bloody affair. There is nothing cordial, nothing brotherly about this change, for it is predicated on fear and hatred, lust and ambition. The lines are drawn the stage is set. But it has not been well acted. Perhaps but for a change of cast we were close.


The inevitable.


And yet those students of history like myself know that either left or right shall lead us to the same end. Imperium shall rise, and it shall be mighty again. So those of you who take the path of war, ask yourself what truly you fight for? A change in leadership? A new era?  You will have the decay brought forth by division, and eventually a union built in violence and tyranny. Baptized in blood. Your own blood. And your sons will look upon your memory. And they shall think, “Why did we do this.” But when push comes to shove, and blades come out, it will have been you who educated them, and they will replicate your actions, and so the cycle shall continue. Nothing will change. Nothing ever changes. Nothing except the man in the office. I for one believed in something better. I still do.


H. A. Horatii

Published by the

Horatii Clan

The Eleventh of Grand Harvest, 1741

Edited by KosherZombie

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