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The White Stag Tavern

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The White Stag Tavern
10th of Malin’s Welcome, 1751


[!] This notice was placed exclusively on the noticeboards located within the tavern and of course the square of the Silver City. The notice read as follows:


To all the blessed citizens of the Silver State,


               The moment this missive is displayed for public view means that the final reconstruction of the White Stag Tavern is complete. With the aid of the Laurir Goan Aldin, the reconstruction and redesign of the entire tavern have been fulfilled within the year. However, with the newly improved and advanced tavern structure comes with change.
This notice serves as an update for the current Tavern, including the addition of various rules and new services. Please continue reading should you be interested in the new facilities and opportunities the tavern now offers. As this missive is hung up for public view, the White Stag Tavern’s construction will be officially complete.


Official Rules of the Tavern:

I. Unless it is a formal debate between two courteous individuals, arguing and impure bickering is not allowed within the tavern. Slander, profanity, and all will be requested to leave the tavern. If they do not heed warnings and do not leave when asked, the Elsillumiran will be called to handle the situation.

II. The White Stag Tavern is welcoming and tolerant of all individuals of the realm, however, constructs are required to be accompanied by their masters. Constructs are not allowed within the tavern.

II. Before you leave the tavern and have been aided by a staff member, please make sure to tip them for their work. Leaving a tip is a kind way of saying thanks for their time to serve you, so we highly encourage it. Other than that, citizens of the state are allowed free meals whereas visitors must pay the set amount required.


Opportunities and Facilities:

I. The Major opportunity for all aspiring citizens of the Silver State is the open apprenticeship for learning mixology, culinary skills, and the mastery of professional mannerisms + etiquette. Apprentices will work under their assigned mentor for the duration of their studies. Information will be submitted soon in a further notice.

II. Visiting reservations in the new VIP Guest Room. Single room open for all visitors in the Silver State of Haelun’or, for an extended period of time. They will be guaranteed free meals and drink while residing in the room. If they pay for the week, they will be given an exclusive tour and VIP brunch, which needs to be scheduled in advance. [350m per Elven Week][50m per night]

III. Citizens may reserve the tavern for private or public parties, in which the tavern will take offer catering services for all the guests. We will offer proper accommodations for seating and decorations as they see fit, as long as there is proper notice. [Not including the VIP room.]

IV. The new VIP lounge is now available for reservations, for those seeking to have private meetings with a full course meal. Staff will be assigned to your table and will treat you to a divine time as you discuss matters of importance. [100m per person attending]

V. We are now eligible to sell wine bottles from our collection. Please notify any of the Head staff for help with pricing and overseeing the collection. You may ask for other food orders from the tavern as well. The menu is being corrected as this missive is pushed out, please remember to ask for prices.

               Finally, enjoying some relaxing time within the tavern! We will have a wall dedicated to ensuring that visitors are knowledgeable on certain announcements and things they might need for prolonging their stay. We are currently accepting apprenticeships and full-time work within the tavern as well, but please look at the previous announcement for that.


Please visit the White Stag Tavern, and ahernan for reading.

Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya.



Eletaynuel, Goan Aldin
Okarir’tayna, Uppori Visaj

[!] The notice quickly ended with the stamp of the Okarir’tayna.


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“Oh I can hardly wait to visit again!” Olrin spoke upon reading the missive. ”And perhaps a wine bottle collection would be a nice thing to start...” he would add shortly after.

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