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A Letter to Dietrich van Jungingen

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A Letter to Dietrich van Jungingen



Dear Mister van Jungingen,


It takes a certain innate talent to produce works like you have done. One that comes across once in a generation, but yet you display it. The way you craft your works is one that we have not seen since Joseph I. It is truly a great talent to possess, and one to cherish and polish always. 


I know not how many works you have created, but I do know that each work builds upon the last. You have worked to fine tune your gift from the beginning, and the fruits of your labor are finally showing. Across the Empire, your works are read. From the walls of Avalain to Barony of Selm your poems reach our ears.


In particular, I am fond of your “Son’s of Horen” piece. Your use of words really bring about a sense of unity, and being in such troubled times as we are, the kinship between men and women is most dire. You did not name it “Son’s of Haense” or “Son’s of Kaedrin” or “Son’s of Curon”, nay, you named it “Son’s of Horen”. I would formally like to invite you to the Novellen Palace to meet and discuss with you about your works of art. I look forward to corresponding with you Mister van Jungingen.


Signed, Jahan Basrid

Governor of the Palace


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