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Rejoice! Make merry till every last drop is spent!

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A Darrowmere record, shelved within the town archives on the 5th of The Deep Cold, 1774


Gregarious individuals flock like birds of the same feather. An occasion was marked within the warm burrows of Darrowmere as citizens and visitors from afar came together in a night filled with revelry and stupor. Honoured guests graced the event, such as the newly coronated Norland King along with the Sea Prince of Elvenesse. There were displays of insurmountable strength through the presence of Chryssa Stormbringer, who squashed the intricacies of the Belmont drama with a monstrous will. Unforgettable it remains, of Elisabeth and Edward’s dedication towards maintaining a facade of order, and the former rose to the task of handling the healing of an injured guard by the name of Vincent Ofroi. A genteel Philomena tended to a young lad of Astrea who had too much to drink to his own home, a kindly gesture of benevolence for everyone to see. All of this happened under the watchful, brittle cold gaze of the Rabbit of Darrowmere, Dame Athri Onfroi who ensured the beer flowed seamlessly and order precariously maintained throughout the evening. 


A gist of the spontaneous situation which arose from capable tavernkeeping, the old heartlander traditions persist evermore within the hearth of Darrowmere as it spurs to march onwards with further festivities to spur activity daily in the budding, young town. There was a cruel, or perhaps humorous element of the festivities that shall be willfully purged into history, may it never cross the minds of the citizenry of Darrowmere ever again. Soon, more events of this ilk will arrive, and as the date of Darrowmere’s grand opening comes close, one can only hope for more heartlanders and other descendants amongst the realm to attend. 






I made a mistake of not taking screenshots to reference from, and I’m really keen on involving the character names and actions of more players on the next record. Will be a WIP project on making better records as things go along with this settlement. 

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