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  1. Emeric, usually uncaring for news that did not affect the House Ruthern he so loyally served, wore a faint frown as he set down another notice from the south. Did the Petrans really care so little for their own lords that they would overthrow them in favour of Balianites? Regardless of actions, she was their ruler and not the foreigner, or so he thought, before resuming his inspection of the armoury. Perhaps fealty mattered little on that river.
  2. Emeric, loyal to the House in question, had his attention caught by the words demotion and 'Ruthern' together. After a lengthy amount of time reading his way through the small-text of the missive, and finally turning his amber gaze over the signatures, he frowned and set the paper down. His mood was soured.
  3. Emeric let out a short, sombre breath as he recalled the latest news, and the polearm he had been inspecting came to settle down across his lap. He recalled his first meeting with the Duke and Duchess, and how polite an act he had attempted to put on to ensure his hiring, spindly teenager he was. Desperate, as he was to repay an imagined debt to their household. "Some twenty-five years ago..." He stood, and collected a drink in his old liege's honour, before carrying on his maintenance.
  4. Emeric Radovanic oiled his chain, and prepared his weaponry, for the battle to come. Likely, blood was to come.
  5. Leal soldier of the Ruthern cause, Emeric reclined and let out a curt breath where he stood watching the gates. His thighs chafed, from the frantic gallop from Norland, yet the job was not done yet.
  6. Viktor var Ruthern, but a baby still, slept finally after a good night's crying. He knew not the fates that befell his grandparents, nor had he any way of understanding. Kin he would not recall, and a relationship never to be.
  7. Amber eyes slowly turned over each word of the missive individually, before shutting them, and slumping into his seat. Suddenly, he felt drained. Emeric needed a drink.
  8. Leal guardsman of the Rutherns, Emeric let out a faint breath of relief upon scanning the first few lines of the notice. It was a long time coming. He ought to congratulate the Duke. First, though, the man had to finish his bout of painfully slow reading.
  9. Returned home from a decently tiring journey, a certain Ruthern guardsman took his time reading through the report. Though it was a slow effort with his one hand, Emeric came to the spot where his own name surfaced, and he raised a brow slightly. He did not recall telling anyone about his actions during the battle.
  10. A certain guardsman allowed a very genuine smile upon reading this news, with some effort, from his hospital cot.
  11. With a stern expression, the small notice was pinned up against the wall of his home. The ever-leal guardsman sat down and resumed the oiling and maintenance of his equipment. It went without saying.
  12. One loyal guardsman slowly read through the notice as ably as he could, paying special attention to the names of those taken. No names of those he knew directly or personally in his service, yet that did not bring relief. An awful way to be taken. His brow set in a grimace.
  13. This is all looking mad, man. Keep up the cool work!
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