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A Dream of Dragons, Part One

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A Dream of Dragons, Part One


Event Time: This Thursday at 5PM EST/ 9PM GMT

Location: The Citadel of Aegrothond

Type: PvE and Puzzle-Based Dungeon 






Svendel and Saran made their way through the crypts of Aegrothond, carrying a day’s worth of food and water between the two, as well as a cart of construction supplies for stonework. There had been some concern over the stability of some of the wards within the crypts, and the two were sent out to mend and patch any structural damage.


“Do you think we’ll earn any favor with the Sea Prince for this?” Svendel asked, tilting his head to the side as they pushed down the stairwell. 


The other Elf scoffed, shaking his head, “Not for something like this.”


Svendel frowned as they turned a corner, carefully shaking away cobwebs that grazes against his fine hair, “This is an atrocious job; these crypts should be cleaned thoroughly.”


Saran sighed as they stopped, nearing the end of the corridor, and the basement of the crypts, “It’s a place for the dead. Not much here except for people to reflect on their loved ones. Besides, it would take too long.”



The pair began to unload their supplies, carefully placing them beside a nearby wall as Saran made way to inspect the walls for any damage. Long, crooked cracks darted the stonework, and he began to apply a mortar to the damage. As he did so, Svendel continued down the crypt to inspect a particular light he saw. He squinted, peering into the darkness.


“Saran, is there anything behind any of these walls? Like more crypts.” He peeked through a whole, unable to see. 


The other Elf waved him off, “No, this is it.”


“There’s something behind here,” He muttered as the other Elf continued his work. He began to peel away the layers of rocks, carefully setting the bricks down so as not to damage the structure.



After a moment, a deafening echo filled the crypt, and Saran darted up. He peered down the crypt where his companion should have been, seeing a large hole in the wall and a depth of darkness, and his companion no where to be seen. He dropped his equipment immediately, darting up the stairwell and back to the overlord to inform the Guard.  




OOC Information:


This event will take place sometime after the event is leaked in roleplay and the locals decide on an appropriate action. Roleplay-wise, any Guard in Aegrothond will know the above details and can inform people as they choose. This is a dungeon, and the first part of it is visible through the crypts at this moment. 

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