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Une nouvelle ère de changement

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[!] A New Age of Change [!]



A painting depicting the city upon the arriving of the Sauvageots.


The Second Part to an Overarching Story.

It was the next day since the family had returned home to Aedro. The family was torn by the loss, still mourning for the late prince. Their arrival to the citizens brought worries that they might force all under a new prince once more. Though it was not all bad, as the family did bring the new-found wealth that was discovered in the descendants’ land. After hearing the city streets begin to make a bustling noise, Jean Sauvageot walked out of the old Rosier palace to speak with the citizens, finding out all that had happened since the plague had once forced them out of their land. After speaking to a few of the merchants and townsfolk Jean came to the conclusion that the plague had forced Adren, Matria, and Larne to merge all into Rosenyr. What had once been four principalities all merged together in a single landmass came down to all being confined in one city. The mass population killed by the plague. Jean then began to speak around asking who was leading, how the city managed to stay strong when the others left scared of dying by the plague. Jean had come to the conclusion that the population was now run by the people, a small group of leaders elected by the people formed into a small parliament. Once figuring this out Jean quickly ran back to his family, making sure to tell him all of what he had found letting them know that they were welcomed, but the people were hesitant to have a prince once more. Yet, luckily for Jean, his father was already once elected by the people albeit in a new land. After a few days of parliament meeting, they decided to meet with the family upon signing into law a new constitution one that allowed the people to elect a leader but also left the ruling family power so that they too may help lead the people. The power where the Rosnian Prince was still above all but, the people had a vote and a voice….


To Be Continued…

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