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Rumblings in the Deep

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Rumblings in the Deep





They emerged from the Deep, and from whence they came they brought decay. Last Light Camp’s fortifications erected upon the beeches of the Korvassa remained obscure at first and hidden from the gaze of the malignant and twisted Damnable Horde.





However, with increased operations in the area and consistent scouting missions, the Inferi finally discovered their quarry. With a loud emergence they came and set fire to the walls, three blazing crucifixes with three mortals hanging from the crosses. One was a silver-haired Sea Elf with teal eyes that could see no longer, another a Farfolk man with foggy, silver eyes forever closed. And the third, a decaying Dark Elf woman adorned in armor with a corroded signet ring. Their wrists nailed messily to the crucifixes, they served as ample warning for the unearthly power that gathered now to smite the brave heroes for their interference in the region.


To assault the Last Light Camp.


To bring them all to their knees and consume them; flesh, blood, and sinew whole.


That is the mission of the Damnable Horde – and the one they professed not long ago, whilst burning Amos the Beggar at the stake.






In their first assault the camp had nearly burned to the ground. What shall come of the second? Many nights would pass in succession, it would appear that the Demon’s pledge to return the following day was hoax. Perhaps that was apart of his plan, to instill needless anxiety in those sitting atop those fortifications? Waiting for a siege that would never come? Only time will tell what comes of Last Light Camp. 


But when it rains, it pours. 



Thank you to all who attended the preliminary event tonight a few hours ago. It was meant to serve as an introduction that will prepare players for tomorrow night’s event at 7:00 EST where the camp will be beset by a wide range of demonic foes. Thank you to @limo_man and @Nectorist
 for their assistance today! And see you all tomorrow.


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