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Kingdom of Haense


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11th of Joma and Umund, 339 ES


Issued and Confirmed by His Majesty, King Josef of Hanseti-Ruska







Pursuant to the Edict of Separation, the Crown calls upon the Lords of Haense to reaffirm in writing their fealty to the Dual-Monarchy of Hanseti-Ruska. All signatories:


  • Shall retain all titles held during Haense’s time as a vassal of the Empire, but will lose their nobility status in remaining Imperial territories.
  • Swear undying loyalty to the Crown and King of Haense as vassals of the now Independent Kingdom, as was sworn upon His Majesties coronation.


All titles previously belonging to Haeseni peers who had sworn life-oaths to the Crown of Haense and have not honored them will - effective immediately - be stripped of their titles, which shall be returned to the Crown of Haense.


Krusae Zwy Kongzem!




HIS GRACE, Lord Manfred Karl Barclay, Duke of Reinmar, Count of Kretzen, Baron of Sigradz and Friesing.


HIS GRACE, Lord Matyas Baruch, Duke of Valwyck, Count of Ayr, Baron of Laval, Riveryn, and Voron.


THE MOST HONORABLE, Lord Viktor Kortrevich, Margrave of Korstadt, Baron of Koravia.


THE MOST HONOURABLE, Lord Fiske Vanir, Margrave of Vasiland


THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, Aleksandr var Ruthern, Count of Metterden, Protector of the South, Baron of Rostig, Lord of Ivanhall, Helmholtz.


THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, Lord Hektor Stafyr, Count of Nenzing, Viscount of Grauspin, Baron of Thurant 


HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Lothar Vladislav Alimar, Grand Prince of Muldav, Count of Chatnik


THE HONOURABLE, Ruslan Jan Amador, Baron of Mondstadt.


THE HONOURABLE, Stefan Aleksandr Vyronov, Baron of Astfield.


His Royal Majesty, Josef I, by the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Duke of Carnatia and Vidaus, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Otistadt, Graiswald, Karikhov, Baranya, Kvasz, Kavat, Karovia, Kovachgrad, Torun, Turov, Kaunas, Alban, Reza and Markev, Baron of Rytsburg, Venzia, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera.



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