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[✓] [Legend Lore] Abrath and Aemesh

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This culture ties heavily into the following post





If you wish to discuss involvement in this unfinished project, feel free to message me at Callixtus#6280


While knowledge of the existence of the land of ‘Abrath’ can be assumed by those who wish for originative association, the reality comprised in its events is far from ‘common’ and cannot be expropriated into roleplay. People can look to these lands as Christians to Sodom and Gomorrah; there is an allegory, or biblical fate to be drawn from them that urges men to take heed, but the details as they will be described in the following text remain unknown to most scholars.


Inclusive knowledge on the subject can only be found in roleplay, and any ‘leads’ cannot be adopted without basis.








“... Thou hast abandoned creed for sin, and became thyself accursed;

Covetous upon each lamb, each beast of the field

For flesh thou shalt beg and crave,

As ash eateth away the life from thy beastly soul.”



Abrath is an accursed land, a defiled piece of earth ensconced by heathenry. It construes in foreign scripture the wrath God brings down upon dissidents from faith, and describes in likeness the all-encompassing desert which forbids green from growth, the wrath of heat that represses all life, the carnal beasthood which embodies in the primordial form of mortal-kind, and the presence of negation which rescinds itself and deprives its own environment from propserity. The Abrath was Godless as it was barren, and residence in it bred not only distance from faith, but also the opposite of faith: it was the realm of profanation, and it set the precedent which enjoined upon holy men to either remain wary and stay true to course, or face the very wrath that once beset the ancient land.


Legendry inscribes the part-mythic land of Abrath with great import, for it comprised through both prophetic and existential meaning, and no path to contrition in allegoric text described the reality of Godsent justice against the faithless resign that prevails among men in the same way that the Abrath so viciously manages by its cautionary tale.





“In this war we wage against our own blood, we either rise victors, or watch as the rest of humanity succumbs to the very curse we once subdued.

... Thus do we slave, to liberate mankind from its boundless immaturity.”

- Vicar Godefroy





In times of old, the distant land of Abrath was steeped in great darkness, and the need for the mantle of theism to preside as a staple of concord which binds together earth and heaven was one long abandoned by its people. Farther yet prevailed the pathless crags and great mountains of Aemesh, which forbade passage to foreigners and exiles, and where the earth itself was bled by the depravity accumulating in its ever-growing seas of poison that fed upon the vice of mortals residing above. It was said that sin finds forgiveness in all parts of the world, but not Abrath, and so all the sins absolved by humanity head toward that growing cesspit wherein the malice of the earth converges, and rests in final sepulchre until the time comes for the World to unform and become shrouded by night.


The Long Scourge

Vast storms of blood and miasma threatened to cleanse the land from its ignoble rot, but Man remained heedless, and soon came to reap the seed of his inaction. The inevitable curse was branded into existence by power unknown to mankind, and sacrilege in its vilest form was manifest when hideous beasts set upon the bare earth to defile blood and flesh alike by cover of that moonless night. Soon enough, blood ruled the streets, and all men devolved into beasts whose wretched outsides came to reflect their ways of immorality; their inside. It was not until the land collapsed beneath an onslaught of thorough-cleansing flames that the scourge neared to subside, and beasts regained their bygone humanity, all but withdrawn from the capacity to sin.


The eldest of the foreign surrogate-beasts soon made covenant on earth, founding the first flock and becoming himself the First Vicar. With this long-lasting war and the great bloodbath which followed came an age of prosperity for the Aemesh, whereupon all vice was uprooted, and beasthood became exalted among men as an omen of impending clarity borne by the hand of God to enact his wrath, and restore the souls of men to their virtuous nature by infliction of fear and fire.




"Mankind is built on the contradiction of duality; instinct and wisdom, beasthood and humanity, knowledge and ignorance. By opposing forces are they borne their strength, not unlike an arc in which every stone is imposed on the next. In men whose parts are wholly aligned and in accord, there is madness, and we call them madmen. Mortals walk a narrow path beside walls of contravention, and a man without the presence of negation is deprived, body and soul.”





Transitory Period

The long night of surrogate-beasthood that pervaded the city induced great fear in the hearts of the people, where fear gave rise to conscience, and conscience expedited the cities into an era of Godliness and moral contrition, all driven by the so-called force of providence which sought to correct faithless mortals from their old ways. Though this night spared few from the dogged grips of frenzy and madness, it guided those whom defied death against the paths of divinity and sainthood. It championed the fear of Man against himself in the solemn duty to incite his blood-induced descent to knowledge, and thereby Truth.

To the Aemesh, something Godly resided in blood.


It was their witness of divine truth alone that finally invigorated this prospect, feeding as though fuel into strength and euphoric feeling alike. Once the urge was manifest, the assimilation of knowledge and desire finalized the transition - or metamorphosis - from Man, to something perhaps even greater.

It demaned only that the flesh was willing.



The Abrathians are considered foreign visitors to the land - unlike the Aemesh, who claim historic ancestry over it - but remain the only people accredited as rightful heritors to its ensacred name by virtue of their esoteric descent alone, which some believed was an act of God. To this day, they are known to followers of the Vicarage as righteous shepherds unto men, bestowed by providence the burden to ensure consistency across the faith of Mankind, and guard the first scriptures from interpretive opposition in an age where one could not trust even gospel to tell apart truth from falsehood. To this end, the Abrathians are nigh-exalted as elevated mortals that rank below prophets, but above ministers, and by analogy are akin to the Pontificate of the Mother Church (both clergies operate on diverse - but similar - capacity, under different leadership, and are alike in most principle canonist belief).


The Abrathians are ruled responsible for the nightmare that once ailed the city in enactment of divine mandate, and their descent on earth by surrogacy signified the beginning of the cruel baptism by bloodletting which stapled the land’s return from its Godless path. They are responsible in equal measure for the onset of that quaint madness, by which Aemeshites are well too known for.





Bullet Point Rundown



To reiterate, none of this is common knowedge

- The Aemesh lived on an island, secluded in the midst of mountains by an unknown hand so as not to spread their moral corruption to the rest of mankind.
- In the beginning, they turned from God and coveted worldly pleasures.
- The lands endured a drastic turn of events when young maidens gave sudden birth to abominations and stillborns who gorged on flesh, to the point that in their greatest cities there lurked more inbred beasts than men.
- In these nights, the hideous moon was overcast by clouds, which later plays into the cultural belief regarding it (in that the absence of the moon entails looming damnation).
- When none else availed them of the scourge, they turned in despair to God, and vowed never again to act by sin. 
- The underlying culture of the local populace revolves on these events, and was finalized by the ‘Living Martyr’, the eldest and once-greatest of the extrinsic beasts who in unison with his foreign brethren founded the Vicarage and became the First Vicar.
- That clerics so devout were once beasts guided by God against the sinful hordes brought disparity among the scholars, for some concluded by controversial theory that men in the fell of beasts are mediators, or emissaries sent by God to preach faith through the infliction of fear and death, as that is thought to be the most practical approach for the administration of guidance (as proven by the efficacy of the nightmare). This was given farther credence when the Abrathian offcomers, beasts turned into men, made covenant on earth, proved themselves virtuous in nature and became the First Vicars to preside over the land. These notions are known and debated only among the highest-ranking members of the clergy, as dubious truth can often be disconcerting for the lesser rabble.
- The moon became exalted among men once the scourge came to an end, where its absence is now seen as an ill-omen reminiscent of that tragic night.

A Belief on the Origin of Man (and Beasthood)

Primitive Humans (in accordance with their theology)

Bastardized Humans (who embraced morality, deep thought and innovation so dearly that they forgot their intrinsic roots, and abandoned the beasthood by which they were first made men)





The occultry / unexplained events described hereabove can largely be ascribed to the following lore, into which hearsay and fiction occasionally bleed to form what is scarce known as the legend of Abrath



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This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon. Please note that if this is playable lore, such as a magic or CA, you will need to write a guide for this piece. You will be contacted regarding the guide (or implementation if it isn’t needed) shortly.

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