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[✗] [World Lore] - The Midnight Strait

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Name and Location

The Midnight strait is a body of water that flows between the Settlement 'Freeport" and the soon to be area "The Dark harbor"



The layout is pretty much the stretch of water that cuts through the two places mentioned before. The area begins right when Freeport's Area ends and ends right at the edge of The Dark Harbor.


Civilization (Optional)

The Midnight Strait is invested with dangerous sea-life, sunken ships, and pirates that roam the waves in search of vessels to plunder. The culture of piracy varies from ship to ship. Pray that you are lucky to not run into or catch the attention of some ruthless, cutthroat, or unmerciful pirates. This is not a starting area it is just a location/area inside the world of Almaris. Unless you are adequately equipped to ferry those waters you are advised to either travel by land to the other side or take the long way around The Dark Harbor. Certain demise awaits unexperienced sailors that cross into the Midnight Strait.


History (Optional)

Not much is known why the Midnight Strait it has become so dangerous to cross. Some say The Dark Harbor leaks into the strait and the waters have turned evil. Others say that deep below there is a crack that leads to hell and demon spawn have been flowing out of that crack ever since the beginning of Almaris. But ever since The Free State of Sutica was founded pirates have been taking advantage of the merchants vessels that frequently travel to and froe from Sutica.


Purpose (OOC)

There is really no lore that is based in the oceans/water yet so I thought I would give it a shot. I also have a plan in the works where there might be a huge pirate ship that sits in the middle of the strait wreaking havoc to merchant ships and vessels that pass by. Also it would help set the mood and bring attention to The Dark Harbor that is coming in the future. It will also give some RP with ships having to plan around it or to go through it and may even lead to some RP events.


Citation Spoiler



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This lore has been denied. 

Hey there,

you don't need lore to call a specific area "specific area" - it can simply be called that. Given that this isn't quite adding to worldlore other than naming something, its to be denied.

Have fun with your rp, and feel free to call any area whatever you think it should be called - it's a goal of the ST to keep areas in player hands, and while sometimes offering example, its mainly going to be player-made, the names for places and things.


Have a good night, contact me if you have any questions.

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