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[✓] [Magic Invention] Arcane Focus

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(Art by Zezhou Chen)


The Arcane Focus has been an important tool in the arsenal of a Voidal Mage since the beginning of time. It eases the strain of connecting to the void and allows one to evoke the chaotic elements of the void from a safe distance. Most objects may be imbued to be used as a casting focus.


Arcane Focuses requires a [MA] in Voidal Magic to create. A mage must have access to an Obelisk or Tear in which they imbue the chaotic energy of the void into their desired Arcane Focus. They do not require an ST signature.



Wands - Spells are conjured at the tip of the wand and may be controlled and weaved with a flick of the wrist as opposed to using one's hands. A wand may give the mage a bit of an easier time shaping their art with specific evocations or more precision with transfiguration. When connecting to the void with this focus ethereal runes may shine in the casters aura upon the wand or it may glow in some mannerism in the casters aura. 


Staffs - Usually half the height to the full height of the mage these are one or two handed tools that allow a mage to conjure spells at its point with much more distance from themselves than a wand. Staffs are commonly also used in Voidal Rituals; a standing beacon that assisting mages can focus on during a ritual. When connecting to the void with this focus an ethereal glow in the casters aura will radiate in some form on the  staff.


Books / Grimoires - Filled with many pages, attached to the spine of a fine leather bound cover. A mage can draw magic directly from words within the pages as an aesthetic way of casting. A grimoire can provide a benefit of recalling specific details of a spell the mage knows by thinking of the spell; in turn, the pages will fill with knowledge of the spell. When casters connect to the void with this focus the writing upon the pages will begin to have an ethereal glow manifest in the casters aura.


Trinkets / Baubles - A ring, necklace or brooch can be used as one's Arcane Focus; however, they must be held or worn upon the fingers. Though this type of focus would not protect from elements evoked due to the lack of distance from the caster, it is a more subtle way to use the boons of an Arcane Focus. When casters connect to the void with this focus the item would have an ethereal glow in their aura color.


Gauntlet - A well forged gauntlet can be imbued with the chaotic energies of the void and used as an Arcane Focus. Evocation magic channeled through the focus will wrap around the gauntlet and its user may aesthetically cast with punches in the air. These are protective against one's own harsh evoked elements due to their nature as armor. When the caster connects to the void with this focus they may emote an ethereal glow of their aura one way or another.


Bows - A well made bow can serve as a focus point for creating spells in an aesthetic way similar to drawing and shooting normal arrows. If the mage is far enough into their respective evocation they may produce their projectile bolts in the shape of an arrow with zero change to how the spell works. Connecting to the void with an Arcane Focus Bow creates an ethereal drawstring made out of the casters mana where they may manifest their projectile spell as an arrow.


Swords / Daggers - Swords and Daggers may be used as a focus for casting. While they cannot be used in melee combat while you are creating your spell you may swing the blade to send forth your desired spells once created as an aesthetic way to cast. When connecting to the void the blade may either ethereal runes that glow in the casters aura color or light up in their aura color in some mannerism. 


Musical Instruments - Some might find themselves more at tune to the void while playing music. They may imbue a hand held instrument of sort as an Arcane Focus. With this they may play a tune as their spells conjure up around them in an aesthetic such in the shape of notes or perhaps the spell seemed to dance to the songs tune. When connecting to the void the instrument may have some sort of mannerism of the casters aura glowing, for example: the strings of a lute glowed an ethereal color of the users aura.




Connecting to the void while in physical possession of an Arcane Focus, with the item in hand, allows a Voidal Mage to establish a deeper connection to the void due to the voidal imbued properties of the tool. In turn, Voidal Mages are not as easily disconnected from the void and newer mages will find it a bit easier to focus on their connection.

[Combative] [Passive] Increased Focus

When a mage connects to the void while they have a casting focus in their hands, they will feel their connection moderately eased. The potent voidal energies weaved into the focus in their hand helps draw voidal magic to the material realm and tune out distractions. 




-Masterful Void Mages can hold a more secure link to their source of magic during moments where they might have had trouble keeping focus before, such as the midst of battle or in the middle of a disquieted city. They will sustain their connection through distracting situations like sudden loud noises, though they are still susceptible to disconnecting when extremely startling sounds occur (e.g., The sharp pitch of firecrackers or the ear-splitting blast of cannon going off beside them)


-Voidal Mages find that the range of their spells are doubled while using a Focus. For example if a spell has the range of [3] blocks it is doubled to [6] blocks. This is only the range of the spell not the area of effect for the spell.


-New Voidal Mages still have difficulty maintaining their connection from worldly distractions, however, an Arcane Focus will allow them to find ease at connecting to the void, allowing them to reduce the emotes needed to connect to the void by [1] emote. (Min 1 Emote to Connect)

Red Lines:


-Does not keep mages from being disconnected outright. Roleplaying such is powergaming.


-There is a bit of a size limit. These items should be able to be easily held in one hand with a secure grip i.e no massive two handed blades or tower shields etc. Concerns about the size of the item is up to the discretion of the LT. 


-Arcane Focuses must be held within the hand of a mage or worn upon the hand of a mage during time of casting to get the benefits of this passive ability. They cannot be hidden.


-Requires an item that is named, properly described stating that the item is an arcane focus, and player signed. Without this item in your inventory you cannot roleplay the benefits of a focus. 


-An Arcane Focus will not keep another mage’s elements from harming the one in possession of if. Voidally imbued gauntlets only offer minor protection, as any normal hand gauntlet would.


-The casting aesthetics of  each Arcane Focus does not change the spell being cast in any way and does not provide any benefit to the caster. The caster will only get the benefits outlined in Benefits of an Arcane Focus. 


-Though there is attacking motions for casting, that this 'attack' would not be viable to hurt someone and attack (Such as using gauntlets to punch someone AND cast, or a weapon to slash someone open AND cast,) and cast at the same time, any attempts to do such will cause the spell to fail.




Toxcat - Writer

Vaynth - Editing

Previous Lore: Phil


Change List:

+Focus Benefit changed: Helps tune out distracting sounds & Doubles your spell range.

+Added red line clarifying attacking with a focus + casting is not allowed

+Added a red line clarifying the size of focuses.

+Added that focuses cannot be hidden, thus need to be visible and in ones hand.

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i helped edit like 3 sentences pls gib rep

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This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon. Please note that if this is playable lore, such as a magic or CA, you will need to write a guide for this piece. You will be contacted regarding the guide (or implementation if it isn’t needed) shortly.

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