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[Bandits] The Buckriders

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The Buckriders | De Bokkenrijders

"Seen in the Light,

but invisible in the Dark."




[ A Buckrider (Dutch; Bokkenrijder) depicted, flying with his goat above the highlands of Almaris ]


According to a tale, told to children; there is a group of men who ride upon goats given by a demon through the nightsky to take them to the Void once they sin, they are known to be the executers of Iblees' judgement on the sinners.


The Buckriders are a gang formed by 'The Black Captain', a person who has gathered men who are mainly apostates or defected citizens from Canonist nations to become loyal to Iblees and execute his missions for the people who do not have a good income. They are believed to be flying on goats as demons through the dark-nights of Almaris and raiding the houses of the rich & spoiled folk, but sometimes, innocent farms would be burnt due to the fact that they would not just want the high-society culture, but ultimately; everyone. They are essentially considered to be sent by Iblees himself to punish the people for their sins; rumor has it, that they were even known for taking sinning children to hell. They are always riding above the sky of the Canonist nations, burning the fields and wrecking shrines dedicated to the Saints of it.


They are people who make use of the fear that the Canonists have for Iblees, as when they sin, they shall meet him. Their rituals are quite secretive; rumor has it that they are sending birds who carry the fingers of multiple people killed by the Buckriders and eventually let them fly into the sky to drop them into a city, this would of course be thought of an act of the Buckriders who were flying in the nightsky. As for the churches, they would send cut-off faces to be dropped upon the roof of the church or monasteries, and sometimes.. small flasks with blood to be scatted in front of it. Letters would also be dropped into cities, which would have drawings or sometimes important messages on them, though, this would of course be quite a puzzle for those who do not know what they mean by their sketchs or secret-messages.


There is not much known about this gang, but they are sent by Iblees, that is certain.


Want to join?


Know that this is a collective and this idea is able to be used by anyone, there is no permanent leader, the title as a leader is rather claimable by sub-groups who adopt the myths aboutt this gang.



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