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[Event Announcement/Invitation] Paper Pit Brawl

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Event Notice

Paper Pit Brawl

The event board of Haelun’or proudly presents the first ever Paper Pit Brawl.



What is a Paper Pit Fight?


Paper animation is a scarcely known voidal art. It can be used to send letters, play games, or minor party tricks. In this event, the attendees will be separated into teams. One connected person on each, they will compete to fold the greatest paper animal, creature, or any fantastical or whimsical paper construction. There is a time limit for all of the teams for how long they can come up with a concept, and get their hands folding! These paper constructions are put in a pit to fight to the death! They will fight in a tournament placement system, the construct who comes out as the strongest wins for its team! Feel free to get creative.


Who is invited?



High elves and ‘thill are encouraged to attend, outsiders and foreigners are also invited,

however, as always- you are required to observe and follow the laws of the Silver State.


Rules and Restrictions:


  1. Paper constructions must be at most 3 feet high and 3 feet wide. Failing to do so will force you to remake your construction.

  2. Interference with the connected individual on each team during the brawl will result in your team being disqualified

  3. Outside interference while the paper constructed creatures are fighting is strictly prohibited, you and your team will be disqualified

  4. Paper constructions must be made with parchment or paper, no adhesives of any kind will be allowed. 

  5. If paper constructions interfere with participants outside of the pit, your construction will be out for an entire round. 

  6. Constructs may come apart, yet when beginning the fight it must remain in one piece 

    • There may not be an attachment to the construct that makes it taller or wider than the size boundaries.

 Let the Best Team Win!
Festivities will be 

Wednesday, May 12, 6 PM EST

In the Tavern in Haelun’or

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very cool!

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