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Sarkozy Skin Auction

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[!] Fliers would be sent to all major nations and settlements.

“It is yet again, time for our second Sarkozy Clothing Auction. This time, the theme will be a variation of floral and casual wear, as well as a small selection of plate and half-plate. All are welcome, and it will be held in the Orenian Theatre! Below are some examples of what you can expect within your attendance at this event."

Download Free png 15 Rustic flower png for free download on mbtskoudsalg -  DLPNG.com

[!] At the bottom of the flier there would be four sketches of different armors and clothing to see the quality of work that will be presented at the following auction.






TIME : Sunday 1:00PM EST
LOCATION : Oren (Providence) Theatre

If you'd like to host one in your nation with clothing of your guy's style (Elves orcs whatever) hit me up on discord, Qizu#5409

How does this work in roleplay?
We have someone put on the outfit that we are auctioning, and they act as a mannequin upon the stage.  From there, people shout out bids in increments of 10 from out starting base prices. When the bidding stops, whoever bid the highest and the last will win the auction for that skin. When you pay, the skin file will be sent over on discord.


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