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A Lordship


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To Dante Lo, @Nathaniel Calding


Your loyalty and relentless hard work for your peoples and your land is truly inspiring. Your patriotism is beautiful to behold, as is your heart. The people of Rozania know you as a Halfling of your word, and these days that is rare. You have defended those unable to do so in battle, asking for nothing in return. Your bravery is remarkable, and none can deny your love of your people. 
For these honors, we bestow upon you the title of Lord. 

Thank you for your services and devotion, Lord Lo. 


Duchess of Rozania


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Dante Lo reads the missive, swelling with pride.

"Does this mean that I get to go to those Orenian balls now? And introduce myself as Lord Dante Lo?"

Dante then spends the next fifteen minutes practicing a posh accent.

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