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The Song of Steelheart


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Ve Soeng i Staalcehz




A Haeseni ballad composed in the honour of the late Ser Ailred var Ruthern

Lord Marshal, Knight of the Table, Mentor, Father, and Friend

Rest in Peace







From the slopes of Vidaus a chill wind blew

West it wound, 'cross frozen ground

And over Haense it blew


The wind told tales of a shark on the hill

A knight and lord, who wed the sword

And whose talent was to kill


The wind cheered for his great wars

Of silver slain and dragons' bane

Of triumphs on foreign shores


But so too did the wind regale

Of true love lost, of heart turned frost

And yet marched on to prevail


The wind spoke of those he raised

Sharkborn kin and royals of sin

By whom his name was praised


And so too did the wind sing of those he led

His fabled Brotherhood, beside whom no other stood

Who mourned with the wind of the dead


For the wind had known and sang from the start

Of the courage, the tragedy, and honour

Of Ser Ailred Steelheart


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