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  1. [!] This is not public IRP knowledge. [!]
  2. [[OOC]] IGN: TheNerdocalypse [[ OOC]] Discord: Nerdocalypse#3006 Name: Eloryx Where are you from?: Celia'nor
  3. The Formation of The Ikurn’maehr Published: 19th of the Sun’s Smile, 89 Within recent years, the Ikurn’maehr, previously known as the Celia’nor Insitution of Intelligence, has fallen stagnant and it is the will of the crown to have the organization revitalized. Due to such revitalization and common goals shared between the two groups, the Akalin'Sil is reforming into the Ikurn’maehr to better serve the Principality’s interests. The Ikurn’maehr will primarily focus on keeping the citizens of Celia’nor safe. Their goal is to act as the investigators to issues regarding internal and foreign affairs. The Ikurn’maehr ensures the threats against the nation are handled before they are brought to light in the public eye. The responsibilities of the I.M. are as follows; -Holding investigations both domestic and foreign. -Defending the nation from acts of terrorism. -Doing secret intelligence missions for the Crown. -Teaching citizens to defend themselves. How to join: If one wishes to be an agent of the I.M. contact Eloryx, or send a letter to Sunken Vallel 2. It will be a rigorous interview process, not everyone will be fit to join, but those who do will be entrusted with defending the nation to their fullest extent.
  4. The Akalin’Sil have formed! Have you ever wanted to earn money for fighting? Are you a loyal citizen of Celia’nor or wish to be? Well then you’re in luck! The Akalin’Sil is a mercenary company who will primarily focus on the interests of Celia’nor Pay is dependent on each contract and it’s worth Uniforms will be provided A guild hall will be constructed if we gain enough contracts Jobs will primarily be protection, but intimidation is also another form of work available No attacking any Celia’norian citizens or allies Free training lessons for those who join To those who wish to contract us, contact Eloryx
  5. [!] A new note would be pinned on the board. A suspicious individual held me at knife point, watch out for them and arrest them on site if they are seen in Celia'nor. They can be identified by their eyes and the fact they want pie. Signed, Eloryx
  6. TheNerdocalypse


    Eloryx was born in Nor'asath to a dark elf father and mother. He had an older brother named Eloran who died in a house fire when he was young, along with his mother and father. He was put in an orphanage when he was 6, and he was constantly put to work while other kids weren't. He never spoke up and he always did what he was told. He firmly believes that if he can learn magic he can bring his family back. When he was 18 he was kicked out of the orphanage and had nowhere to go. So he joined the nation of Celia'nor to find a place in this world. It has been 4 years and he has made little progress, but hopefully that is all about to change.
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