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  1. Kina was in the middle of Lurin's square when this prophecy came, he collapsed onto the ground seizing, before getting up and recalling it... "Looks like Aevos will not be safe for long..." He said, leaning on his cane.
  2. A 'ker sat in his house in Celia'lin, smiling. "It's good to be back Raziel, I always did love Celia'nor..."
  3. Kina read the missive, smiling. "As the Herald of the stars I approve this..."
  4. Favorite group to rp with?
  5. No, and my favorite movie(s) is the lord of the rings trilogy. Oh gosh that's a hard one... but for me, my most memorable moment of RP would have to be Karkosa, I personally loved being away from all the concentrated rp and only hopping on once in a while to explore an unknown dimension.
  6. Oh boy where do I begin... one year ago today my application was accepted, now I am apart of several thriving communities on this server and have made many friends. So thats about it, AMA!
  7. Siol would read the missive, sighing. "Her delusions won... she's actually insane..."
  8. Siol would read over the missive and begin writing a letter. “Dear lord Raziel, I would love to be taken under your wing to help me learn more about the arcane arts as well as the history and culture of Celia’nor. If you choose to accept me I can promise my utmost attention and due diligence. Do be aware I already have started to learn some voidal arts, but I would love to learn another, and if possible, I would love to learn translocation. As you know I have read the history of Celia’nor and its leaders, which, while good, is not enough for me. I wish to learn of what it really means to be Celianorian, and how to properly be apart of Celia society. Yours truly, Siol.”
  9. Siol would read the missive, scoffing at it. "What's next? They ban mali'ker as well?" Khel would read the missive, smiling. "Well well well, seems the dragon bit off more than they could chew."
  10. Siol would look at the missive, smiling. "Hopefully this means we will progress to a more inclusive society, one not bound by race, but by equality." He would walk off to plan some parir stuff.
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