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  1. doesnt stunning the constructs literally cancel what null arcana does? like whats the point of making a pre-existing potion in lore if you can just use aurum
  2. my point still stands on the mother thing, what should we do if all the mothers die? shelve the magic?
  3. it does say a fresh corpse in current lore, also yes this is required because if all the mothers die then the community will die as there would be no way to revive them. as for witches reviving after someone just died, mothers can hear from an altar when a witch is dead, their spirit speaking out to them.
  4. my only gripe with this is it takes a female corpse still for the revival ritual. maybe make it so you need an extra witch should you not want to murderhobo just to revive a witch?
  5. Tali laid there, his neck bleeding out from his own blade... Azhl anemia creeped up his throat, blood being coughed up all the meanwhile. In his mind, he knew... this was it... this was his end... and so he laid there, dying, wondering what he could have done differently? No one would ever know... and he would soon pass on.
  6. [!] Missives would be seen throughout Aevos, depicting a fallen and burnt down shire [!] (Fallen Shire by u/Poojambasaurus on reddit) "Hear me and hear me well you half-witted half-folk! Your land shall be plagued and burnt to its very foundations! For in Iblees name we fight, and you are weak! And as we all know, the weak are meat and so the strong do eat. Fight back if you like, nothing shall stop us from our goal of utter destruction of the shire! Your humiliation of us has not gone unnoticed, and Dunfarthing shall pay!"
  7. [!] A missive was spread throughout Celia'nor [!] Artist depiction of the feline menace (Fernando Botero, The Cat) [!] Overnight, cat's have flooded Celia'nors palace, taking over at an alarming rate! How they got there is a mystery, but it may be time for some cat herding among the Celia'norians!
  8. Letters were sent across Aevos to various people after a few days of silence from one dark elf... They all read the same... "To all who loved and cared about me, I am sorry... for I am gone... I left orders to deliver these letters should I die, and that must be what happened if these are being sent out... so yes, I am dead. To Siru, I am sorry for not being there... To Favia, I'm sorry for leaving... To Desi, I mean, this was inevitable with how dumb I was... To Orion, I'm sorry for every wrong I did to you... To everyone else, you all meant the world to me... I'm sorry I couldn't stay longer..." To the few who knew, there was only one way he could have died, and that was a shattered phylactery. Maybe one day, there would be a resolution to this...
  9. All I have to say is that I'm not against an amendment, but I feel that no seers were contacted in regards to this amendment. Communication is required when you alter a lore that will affect the community, and I have seen no effort in providing such. My discord is nerdocalypse if you want to talk more about the amendment with me, I promise not to share your discord as I can see you wish for privacy. All I ask is for some communication or input from other seers before this is accepted or denied.
  10. Kei shakes his head with a sigh. "I can't believe I'm saying this but... Lanre's right? Eugh that feels weird..." He said walking off after reading the missive.
  11. An actual draugar reads over the missive a little confused. "I don't remember going to Mondstadt... who is this false draugar?" He said, a new goal now in mind to find this fake draugar.
  12. Kei had another seizure in Lurin, great.
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