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  1. “She is not my sister”, says Johanna Magdalena of Petra as she approaches her brother-in-side. law's “She has put shame on our family. I'll be by your side all the way.”
  2. Johanna Magdalena of Petra casts a glance in his direction. "You take after your father more than you do your mother. There is no such thing as a relationship between my sister and your mother." She gives Constanz a knowing look before nodding her head. "In the long run, everything will work out for the best."
  3. Opening the letter, the Dowager Princess of Sedan began to read it. Augustina had to reread the passage once she reached the phrase "The attempted regicide of Prince Frederick II of Sedan." After reading the letter, Augustina folded it and put it in her letterbox. "Frederick, I believed you were wise enough to refrain from pressuring the church. Perhaps you are similar to your father after all. Frederick, this will not go well for you. My son, I hope the best for you." The Dowager Princess let out a heavy sigh and poured a glass of wine for herself as she contemplated what would happen next.
  4. Augustina the Dowager Princess of Sedan grabs her popcorn
  5. As she reads the letter, Princess Augustina prays for Princess Amicia. "In my life, you were the only mother figure. You helped me believe in myself when I didn't think I could. Amicia, you will be missed. I appreciate your lessons” The letter is folded, and Augustina places it with the others in her locked box.
  6. THE PALATI MONTEROSA or The Court of Monterosa Reformed in 111 SA FORWARD The Palati Monterosa sits at the very heart of both the Kingdom of Balian and the city of Atrus, acting as the seat of power for the House of Balian and its rulers. It stands alone in its status as a beacon of Humanity and Canonism in the searing hot deserts of Almaris, acting as a hub for politics, diplomacy, and nobility. Originally established under the governorship of Princess Eleanor of Alstion, the court has fallen into a state requiring new stewardship and guidance. This mantle has been passed unto the younger sister of our most glorious King, Princess Augustina Therosia. With this reform, it is the Governor who shall guide us into this new era for the Palati Monterosa. THE GOVERNOR OF PALATI MONTEROSA The Governor(ness) of Palati Monterosa possesses full administrative control over the court and grounds of the royal residence, only overruled by the Royal Consort or the Sovereign themselves. Tasked with ensuring all unoccupied internal council positions are filled and appropriately managed, the Governor should strive for nothing but perfection within the court, making certain that all staff in service practice orderly etiquette and carry out their duties appropriately. The Governor is also tasked with overseeing sessions of the Monarch’s court, addressing petitioners and calling courtiers to order. The Governor should have an extensive knowledge of Balianese culture and courtly affairs, ensuring they set a good example for aspiring courtiers and fledgling nobility. This position can only be appointed by either the Royal Consort and the Sovereign. The present Governor of Palati Monterosa is: Her Royal Highness, Princess Augustina Therosia Novellen @annanicole__ COURT CHAMBERLAIN The Court Chamberlain of Palati Monterosa acts as second to the Governor, assisting them in the day-to-day administration of the royal residence and the palace grounds. However, they’re also specifically tasked with the management of all rooms and keys distributed among members of the royal family and courtiers. In the absence of the Governor, the Chamberlain does also stand in at all court functions and gatherings. The present Court Chamberlain is: Franz Sarkozic, Viscount of Sapron THE LORD CELEBRANT The Lord (or Lady) Celebrant is charged with the creation, coordination, and hosting of events and revelries within the Palati Monterosa. They’re commonly aided in these tasks by the rest of the court, particularly the Governor and Chamberlain. The Lord Celebrant is also granted permission to hire further aid on behalf of the palace to help in the production of balls, feasts, etc. These individuals are known as Court Celebrants. The present Lord/Lady Celebrant is: Nicoletta Varoche THE LESSER COURT OF PALATI MONTEROSA Aside from the council of three that administers the palace, a series of lesser-roles aid in ensuring the court maintains a sense of life and production Though not considered part of the aforementioned council, these chosen few provide integral commodities and support to the Palati Monterosa.. These roles include: The Court Painter: [VACANT] The Court Alchemist: @ed.mundo The Court Mage: [VACANT?] The Court Modiste: [VACANT] The Court Historian: [VACANT] THE ROYAL HOUSEHOLD HRM, the King of Balian, Alexander I @Shmeepicus HRM, the Queen-consort of Balian, Yelena Novellen @bee Their Royal Highness, Prince Hadrian Casimir Novellen of Balian @ErikAzog Their Royal Highness, Prince Alexios Michael Novellen of Balian @peachcool Their Royal Highness, the Princess Royal of Balian, Princess Elena Casimira Novellen of Balian @Madyyy Their Royal Highness, Princess Lydia Antheia Novellen of Baliann @MunaZaldrizoti Their Royal Highness, Costantia Irene Novellen @PrettyCuteAnna Their Royal Highness, the Viscountess-consort of Salia, Princess Augustina Therosia Novellen @annanicole__ Their Royal Highness, the Archduke of the Petra, Prince Constantine Antonius Novellen @Eddywilson2 Their Royal Highness, Princess Persephone Maxima Novellen @SapphirePool ETIQUETTE Decorum is of utmost necessity as with traditional etiquette. Varying statuses accompany the need for formalities that must be followed thoroughly. Those of a lower status must adhere to the correct address of their superior, never wavering from such. Presenting oneself in an orderly manner expresses the ability to adhere to regulations of etiquette and attire. Proper titles are therefore needed when addressing those of noble descent, or recognizing those of common descent. It is not proper to turn one’s back upon the Royal Household, or those of higher peerage rankings. To lay dormant upon a seat as the King or Queen enters the room is a breach of etiquette. MODISTE The southern heat is widely apparent in the lands of Balian, due to such, attire is adjusted as needed. As basics, breathable fabric is used in layers, woven affluently to status. It is common to wear a shawl that covers the majority of a person’s stature, as it provides warmth during the chilled nights and flow during the day. Nobility will commonly adorn fabrics of prominently rich colours with jewels of gold hung against their robes. It is easy to distinguish a commoner from a noble, due to their jewels and fabric. Nobles will adorn more intricate fabrics in fanfare to show their status. The further details one’s attire embellishes, signals their wealth. Commoners often don garbs of simplicity as it is less of a hassle during their work of trades. Basic colours of brown and grey are predominantly spread throughout the common class. No jewels or wealth is tied to their robes but if able, some decorations are hung from fabrics. The Qalasheen ‘Kiffiyeh’ may be sported, providing relief from the sun. [For inquiries regarding vacant positions, attend the Palati Monterosa within the city of Atrus! (annanicole#0978) or send me a bird in game! (annie_ann)] New Palace Discord will be out soon! HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Augustina Therosia “The Snapdragon Princess” of Balian, Dowager-Princess of Sedan, Viscountess-consort of Salia and Governess of the Palati Monterosa
  7. THE SNAPDRAGON BALL OF 39 B.A. Her Royal Highness, Princess Augustina Therosia has seen it fitting to host another Snapdragon Ball. This time the occasion shall take place in her and her family's new Estate in the Balianian countryside. The Snapdragon Estate is only a few dozen metres south-east of the city of Atrus, it boasts some magnificent foliage, allowing the Balianite family some refuge from the sun. The quaint vineyard out front is responsible for the creation of the new signature “Snapdragon Red” which will be offered throughout the entire duration of the Ball. INVITATIONS ARE EXTENDED TO ALL OF THE HUMAN REALM SIGNED, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Princess Augustina Therosia “The Snapdragon Princess” of Balian, Viscountess of Salia and Governess of the Palatio Monterosa THE MOST HONOURABLE, Franz Arthur Sarkozic The Viscount of Sapron and Event Committee Chief of the Palatio Monterosa
  8. The Princess Dowager of Sedan nodded. "I shouldn't have questioned my son at all. In contrast to his father, he is a true ruler.
  9. Three hungry lions are sauntering about the Lush Forests in search of food when they stumble upon an old oil lamp. Since they have never seen one before and are naturally curious, they start to sniff around it. As they do this, one of their tails brushes across the lamp, making the "Poof!" sound. A genie appears in front of them out of nowhere. The genie of the lamp tells the lions, "I'm the genie of the lamp, and I'll grant you three wishes." I only have one wish for each and every one of you.” Because he is so hungry, the first lion doesn't have to think too hard. “I'd like a big, juicy piece of meat, please”, he says. Poof! Suddenly, the biggest, juiciest piece of meat is on the ground in front of him. Since the second lion is now the center of attention and is so voracious, he decides he wants even more. “I'd enjoy a meat shower”, he says. Poof! Suddenly, large, mouthwatering chunks of meat begin to fall from the sky. Because he doesn't want to surpass his friends, the third lion gives it some serious thought for a short while. He says, "I got it. I desire a meatier shower!” Get it..?
  10. MC Name: annie_ann Discord: annanicole#0978 Image: Description of Image: Young king john and his daughter Dimensions: 2x2
  11. MC Name: annie_ann Discord: annanicole#0978 Image: Description of Image: King John and Princess Augustina of Balian Dimensions: 2x2
  12. Augustina Therosia, the Dowager Princess of Sedan, shakes her head at the paper. "Has it really been that long? Hopefully my son will be better than his father", she said, dropping the paper in the letterbox before heading over to see her children.
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