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  1. RP Name: Anastasia Komnenos MC Name: annie_ann_ Voted: Yes
  2. RP Name: Anastasia Komnenos MC Name: annie_ann_Voted: Yes
  3. Anyone want to party?

  4. Rp name: Anastasia Rhosyln Komnenos mc name: annie_ann_ voted: yes
  5. Josephine Castelo welcomed Ademar as he enters the Seven Skies “My love, how much i have missed you. I am sorry i never got to tell you goodbye. Do tell me of everything i missed” Matilda Renault-Deveruex would be sipping her tea when she received a letter about her cousin. “Ademar, it has been many years. I wish we spent more time together in Curon and you were there for me when our grandfather passed. I will join you here soon” She smiled as she remembered the times they shared together.
  6. Rp name: Anastasia Komnenos mc name: annie_ann_ voted: yes
  7. Rp name: Anastasia Komnenos mc name: annie_ann_ voted: yes
  8. Anastasia would be sitting in her Providence manor with her husband Henrik and her children when a man would bring this letter. Henrik goes to the door and gives the letter to Anastasia. As Anastasia reads this letter a small smile grew on her face. “Henrik, Alexios named to Heir of the house” She wraps her arms around her husband and her kids follow in the gathering. Anastasia goes up to her study and writes back to Alexios, “Grandfather, it has been many years since anyone has heard from you, I hope you are doing well. I couldn’t be more grateful of being named your
  9. ===================================== Philippa Anastasia 1747-1769 ============================================= Philippa is survived by Ostromir and her daughter Lorena Marianne. Her brothers Philip and Octavian Baden and her sister Claire Baden. ============================================= Philippa was raised by her grandmother Anastasia and was close to her twin brother Philip. She spent most of her life in Helena taking care of her grandmother. She then met Ostromir and started a family ============================================= A
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