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  1. Deep below the earth in the graveyard of a long lost civilisation an ephemeral spirit sat languidly upon a menhirious throne. Wisps of luminescent azure mists slowly curling away from their spectral robes that fluttered gently in an unfelt breeze. Before that unhallowed Barrowlord, a single lone Acolyte rested upon one knee as they delivered the message. "How interesting.." with but the briefest upward flick of their wrist, the letter was cast into the stygian waters below to rest beside the chained dead. "Rouse the Scions and Geists from their slumber, it's time..."
  2. Love to see this, best of luck with getting it accepted mate.
  3. Looking for someone to make a special ghost skin, will pay $15 USD.

    PM me on discord to discuss:


    1. D4NNA


      message me in discord D4NNA#6850


  4. Fall of Stygian Hollow- Art by Gamma_Byte “Lay your eyes upon these fogs of undeath and know despair, Maleficar. I hold dominion over these lands and my servants roam freely under the Black Sun. Look to the skies, not even the light of the Aenguls shines here. Believe me when I say, this is just the beginning.. Soon I shall blanket this realm in darkness that has never before been seen and then I shall bring war to your Gods.” - Words spoken as the hindering of Stygian Hollow took hold. Far below the earth a circle of Occultists and unholy Geists gathered, weaving fell energies into a gleaming Obelisk of ebrietael stone. All around the chamber could be heard the chorus of the damned souls trapped within the confines of that spire, crying out in eternal torment. And as those screams reached their crescendo, those Dark Arts took hold. Unaware of what was transpiring beneath their feet, the citizens of Stygian Hollow indulged in merriment and drink, painfully unaware of the gathering pale fog just beyond their walls. As that sun did set for a final time and as the air grew unnaturally cold, a single banshee-like scream did break the silence of the night time landscape. Rallying to the square of the city did those citizens of Stygian Hollow come, only to bear witness to something horrific. As the pale fog gathered beyond the walls, tendrils of mists would spiral into the air above the city before taking the shape of some gargantuan avian skull with five eyes. The citizens of Stygian Hollow could do naught but watch in terror as this gathering of mists descended upon their peaceful city, bringing with it the baleful chorus of tormented souls. And so the deed had been done, the light of the Aenguls had been banished from these lands and was never to shine upon these holdings of Stygian Hallow again. The Dawn of the Black Sun was here. This was just the beginning, War was coming.
  5. This is great! Excited to see the content that comes form this.
  6. “All our lives we have been blinded to the truth of this world, fed falsehoods by those who would call themselves Deities. We were given life by a Creator who does not care and forsaken by the Aenguls to suffer for all eternity. Believe me child when I say, this is a mercy. Through transcendence you shall have your eyes opened to the truth of this world and those of Stygian Hollow shall be freed next. This is just the beginning." - Words spoken to Abyasa in his final moments. All is quiet in Stygian Hollow as crows gather atop buildings to overlook the sleeping settlement. The pale moon hangs ever present in the sky overhead, casting it’s pallid glow over the landscape and the forms of the various shadowy figures clambering the walls to make their way into the city undetected. “This is the place?” comes the raspy voice of one of the figures before the leader comes to offer their reply. “This is the place. Hang the body and disperse, our work is only just beginning.” the lead figure offered in return. And so those hooded figures did fade into the shadows, going undetected in the night. As the moon falls below the horizon and the sun comes to rise, the first rays of sunlight illuminate the form of a young man hanging from a tree near the town square. His body was covered in deep lacerations and bruises, his eyes missing. A single sign was nailed to the mans chest. “This is what happens to those who follow in the cursed light of the Aenguls. Repent your sins and you shall have your eyes opened to the truth of this world. Sthalme'etyun narn'malifkar” the hands of the body are sewn together, as if in prayer. And so the warning had been left.. These grim tidings were just the beginning, a storm was brewing in Stygian Hollow and people were going missing.
  7. Captain Kai ponders on why a battle was named after him. Most curious.
  8. Excellent video mate! It was great to see familiar names and places once again <3
  9. A reformed pirate, seated as he were upon the port side of Yong Ping's ferry had his disfigured countenance and dark eyes set upon the sight of the open seas before him. Those dark eyes of his were wide with excitement at the prospects and endless possibilities that lay before the newly born nation. "Aye, it be a good time to be alive. I cannae' wait ze' get out ze're. To the Jade State!" That old Captain would raise a wood mug of whiskey high into the air as the sound of firecrackers and laughter filled the bay from behind him.
  10. Chryssa Stormbringers successor would indeed pass that nearby flier, their gaze being drawn toward it by a sudden sensation within their form. "Mmm, most curious.." the figure would allow a smile to tug across their lips before going on their way.
  11. New form submission from Story Team Application Minecraft Name: White_WolfDiscord ID: TheWhiteWolf#6233Timezone: GMT+10What skills can you apply in your role as a Story Team member?: As a member of the military I've developed the ability to work well in stressful situations and maintain a clear head. I'm also able to be adaptable to flexible and evolving situations and can be an excellent communicator between different teams, players or other staff members in general. I've also been delving into creative writing for a few years now and have taken a considerable liking to it, even going so far as to start writing my own book series (which I one day hope to publish if I ever get around to finishing the damn thing). I'm a rather easy going and relaxed individual and tend to get along well with people from all different walks of life. As I've had a tenure on the Event Team before, I know what is expected of me in my capacity as a Story Team Actor and understand the roles and responsibilities I would be taking on. My desire to leave the ST in the past was driven by the fact that I was joining the Military at the time and needed to focus on that. Now that my life is in a stable position and I've returned to LOTC in a more permanent manner, I seek to once more take up the mantle of ST and provide unique and entertaining events for the player base. I learned quite a bit from my previous tenure and using that experience I plan on providing even better quality events than those from the past. How can we as the Story Team contribute toward the server's story?: I feel like those individuals who are drawn towards the Story Team have a desire and a passion for well thought out and crafted stories and the love of seeing others enjoy said stories. Those who have been DM's for DnD will know what I'm talking about, having players traverse this elaborate world you have created and seeing the joy that brings the players is something I hold dear to my heart. Books, Television, DnD, Games all of these are a way for us to escape from reality for a short while and delve into a mythical universe that is not our own, become someone else if even for a moment as you become immersed in the fantasy and cherish the memories you and your friends experience together. As Story Team members we should be the driving factor behind developing this fictional world we find ourselves in and crafting narrative tales that will provide players with excellent character development and memorable experiences they can tell their friends about. We want to provide narrative threads for people from that lowly adventurer and his party all the way up to nation wide threats and intrigue. I believe the ST can do a much better job in providing greater opportunities for the player base to engage in Events and is something I'll be looking at helping to drive if I'm given the opportunity to join the team once more. Link insightful feedback that speaks personally to you.: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/197749-the-post-inferi-feedback-explained/Attach any relevant media or links you want to share. (Portfolio):
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