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  1. Chryssa Stormbringers successor would indeed pass that nearby flier, their gaze being drawn toward it by a sudden sensation within their form. "Mmm, most curious.." the figure would allow a smile to tug across their lips before going on their way.
  2. A young Occultist's gaze would rest upon the campfire before her, their emotions hidden behind a featureless visor lit dimly by the raging flame. A weary sigh would escape their lips as their thoughts drifted back to the very first encounter they had with the woman who called herself Ezyl. A moment that would would have lead her down the path she now tread. "Oh, Ezyl. You changed my life forever when you offered me a second chance that day. It's a shame our time together was so.. brief." The Veiled Woman would rise from the perch at the campfire, an armoured hand going to retrieve the starst
  3. In that decisive moment the Stranger did proffer a hand unto the Keeper. It was an offer, a promise to uphold that sacred duty with which the Keeper had fought so hard to maintain. As the offer was extended, so did the Keeper accept and thus clasp hands with the Stranger and in doing so seal their fates forevermore. For now they would be bound to each other, one soul intertwined with another in unholy matrimony for the rest of time. As the Stranger fell to their knees they would be left alone in that cavernous space, with but a single hand clutched to their chest. A solemn vow escapi
  4. Name: Valeria Soulheart Race: High Elf Age: 176 Discord#: TheWhiteWolf#6233
  5.  Any Admins/GM’s around that are free? I’ve got an issue with my account that i can’t seem to resolve. Can’t get in game to make a modreq and i’m also not part of the Discord so can’t jump in there either to get help.

    1. VonAulus


      Grool#6871 on discord

    2. Zacho


      Nice to see you around again! Zacho#1000

    3. TheWhiteWolf


      @Zacho Good to see you are still here! It’s good to be back. Also i got the issue resolved, VonAulus helped me out. ?

  6. Streaming that epic BF4 gameplay, feel free to come hang out.


  7. How does one set prefix?

  8. Hey mate, did you get around to reading that PM i sent you last week?

    1. Harrison


      he did but he’s legally obligated to wait 30 days before he can reply

    2. Telanir


      Checked it just now and sent you a reply!

    3. TheWhiteWolf


      Cheers mate, sent you the email as requested.

      Edited by TheWhiteWolf
  9. Is it possible to get my VIP transferred from my old account to my new one? Is that a thing? Considering i don’t use my old acc anymore.

    1. Fireheart


      You need to reach out and contact Telanir privately regarding this. It involves him needing your email and it will result in a irreversible ban on your original account.

  10. Returning player, how do i go about getting another MC account whitelisted? I remember there used to be a different form you had to fill out but i can’t seem to find it. The new application section doesn’t make sense.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheWhiteWolf
    3. Kuila


      https://www.lordofthecraft.net/apply/alt-applications/ In case you weren’t able to find the link!

    4. Parker


      Ug blug friendo, we did that mecha event in devirad.

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