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  1. "Battle calls to us once more, let the so called 'faithful' come and test their blade.. we will happily send them unto their divine masters." Astark, Barrowlord of the Fog stood ready to receive any who was courageous or bold enough to test their might.
  2. Pray tell, how does Astark, the Barrowlord of the Fog come to perish?
  3. In Various cities and settlements across the land some may catch the glimpse of a robed figure leaving behind Golden Scrolls, pinned to notice boards all over Almaris. Those who sought to track down this elusive figure would quickly find their tracks fade, as if they had disappeared in thin air. The only distinguishing features being that of luminous golden eyes and white hair, a golden mongoose pendant hanging from their neck. For the curious or those who felt drawn to read these mysterious scrolls they would find the below message. "Are thou lost o' reader mine? Does thy soul and spirit waver upon that thin line between the light and dark, hovering at the precipice of damnation and salvation? Are thou in need of guidance? The path to redemption is long o' reader mine, the path of service even longer.. should thy be without purpose then seek out the forgotten Sage, the one who still carries the burden of a duty long maintained and the legacy of those who came before. She can offer guidance in a world consumed by darkness and show you to the light. Although her name has long been silent from our lips, her love and song still flow through us all.. the Caretaker continues to watch over us dear reader and the duty of those who serve her is never done. Let us walk this path together" Beneath the scroll rests a wax seal, the image of a blazing heart flanked by two winged knights.
  4. My mate just started streaming, variety streamer and currently playing Siege with smooth jazz. Come say hi <3


  5. The Barrowlord of the Fog prostrated themselves before the Fifth Synod, this singular act heralding a change long overdue. With resounding thuds echoing about those decrepit halls was Astarks throne brought low to rubble, no longer would they walk as a Tyrant but instead as the Shepard of Shepards they were meant to be.
  6. Deep within the depths of the earth, hidden from the gaze of the sun and the prying eyes of mortals, a presence reforms in the darkness. Banished only temporarily, the Barrowlord Astark claws their way back from the depths of that accursed realm and reforms within that place known only to a few as 'The Trench'. Soon.. the Barrowlord would return, and with a burning wrath they would renew their hunt..
  7. With the death throes of the Barrowlord, the forces of the Light had done one thing.. they had bought themselves time. With the Barrowlords light extinguished from the world for but a short time, the forces of Xion and that of Xan retreated to plot their next moves. Dark days loomed on the horizon, this new Crusade of Light and Dark was sure to be a brutal and bloody affair.
  8. Astark.. that Barrowlord of the Fog did wander the once forsaken and blighted lands. Their radiant form clad in blackened armour now treading upon ground that she had not seen uncorrupted in many ages.. and now with the light of the Sun gracing these lands once more, she was forced to see. A relic of a bygone age of Umbrage trying to find purpose in the light of the Shore all the while the choir of voices continued to rattle her mind with their discordant tones. Slowly, but surely they would lose their grip on their sanity and be reduced to a mindless beast of pain and suffering. But for now, they sat atop one of the mountains and set their gaze upon the land and basked in the dawn of a New Age.
  9. [!] This is a lore-compliant Prophecy, and as such only users with accepted Mysticism, Vivification, Farseer, Naztherak, or Seer applications may bear witness to it. Silver waves lapped onto that distant shore, with the benevolence of the Moon and constellations to guide them. They spoke in a cacophony of bubbling tones amidst the rising foam, the voices coming and going much like the tide itself. “The tide sings its lullaby amidst this midnight sky, the same waves and melody that were shaped by those who had to die. ” The voices sang before cracking into an ear splitting scream as the ocean receded its tides from that once calming shore, leaving the sand barren and dry. Cinders and ashes danced amidst a blazing sky, a symphony of death pouring over the horizon. The dead laid strewn across a hillside, a lone warrior standing at the apex of that spectacle of violence as he heeded his last words: “Woe is this Golden Sky, I take no pleasure within its gaze. The Dark finds itself to deny the radiance that has turned it to a haze.” And so that warrior smiled and took his last breath, disintegrating into the wind along with that mirage of violence into clouds of sand that gathered into what seemed to be a storm of clouded faces. The wind howled as thousands of voices cried out from the many souls trapped amidst that whirling tornado: “Beware the Fog, beware. The light that blinds you casts its glare. The Dark beckons you to the Shore, to deny the invitation shall your death be mourned.” Once the message was conveyed, the tornado would push forth towards that beach and fade amidst the sand. And the ocean would return, singing those hushed lullabies once more amongst those lapping waves. ((Big thanks to Eden for helping me out with this))
  10. There 100% needs to be clarification on why she was banned for 6 months without any proof, this is actually ridiculous. Having been working with Twi for quite some time to bring some significant RP and events to the Server, she has proven to have nothing but the best intentions for dynamic RP and has displayed overall that she is a decent person. I know for a fact there are individuals in the community who have done much worse in terms of harassment that whatever Twi has supposedly done and not received any punishment. I generally remain silent and watch from the sidelines, but i had to speak up on this.
  11. Username: White_Wolf Discord: White_Wolf#6233 Skin Reference: Request 2: Recoloring of a Skin. Already spoke to you about it and will PM you the file. Blue to Radiant Orange. Here is the look i'm coming for:
  12. To post or not to post, that is the question. Hmm..

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