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  1. TheWhiteWolf

    The Order Absolute ~ Scryers of the Veil

    MC Name: White_Wolf Discord: TheWhiteWolf#6433 Timezone and Usual Availability: GMT+10 I'm on most days for at least a few hours a day. Name: Tess Valoran Race: Mali'ame Age: 120 Nation of Residence and Willingness to Relocate: No current nation of residence and as such i am willing to relocate. Do you currently know any Magicks?: Electrical Evocation Are you willing to devote yourself to the Tenants of Truth Absolute?: I shall give my life to the Tenants if that is what is required of me. Membership of the Order will require regular participation in the Order’s Activities. Are you willing to devote the required time to the Order?: I fully understand such and would not have applied if i had no intention of devoting my time to the order.
  2. TheWhiteWolf

    The Order Absolute ~ Scryers of the Veil

    Heavy robes, ragged and worn from time in isolation adorn the hooded individual as they make their way through the confined tunnels and carved passages beneath the ground. Their hands, calloused and blistered from their life of service, are laden with thick scrolls and ancient texts. They pass others conversing in a low murmur beneath the dying glow of candles, dressed in a similar manner. Their path brings them to a set of heavy wooden doors, flanked by two men in heavy plate armour. Each carrying a short spear and shield. A brief exchange is had and the individual makes their way inside. The doors open to reveal a large room carved from the stone. A single solitary figure floats a few feet from the ground in a cross legged position. Their features illuminated by the glow of an eldritch green fire before them. The floating figure speaks, their sing song feminine voice filling the chamber and breaking the silence. "You have news for me brother?" The man rests his scrolls and books upon the cold stone floor and bows his head. "Yes Mistress. You asked us to go out and investigate these new arrivals that have arrived upon these shores. Well, I believe I have found a group that will be of help to us and our current.. situation" "You speak of this Order of Mages that call themselves the Scryers of the Veil?" "Indeed, you have already been informed?" "Our little fox has been busy. I want you to task one of our members to infiltrate their ranks and learn more about them. Let's see if we can't persuade them to our cause beforeThe Cultists get to them." The man bows his head and turns to depart, one of their number would be tasked with watching this new group and waiting for the perfect time to act.
  3. TheWhiteWolf

    Event Team November Update

    I'll try provide more events for this timezone more often.
  4. TheWhiteWolf

    [Denied] Jallentime's Magic Team App

    Woah what's this, +1 from me
  5. TheWhiteWolf

    [Denied] ThatWeirdGirl's ET Actor App

    Provides great RP, would be a benefit to the team.
  6. TheWhiteWolf

    [Accepted] [Pending][ACTOR] White_Wolf

    Current Username: White_Wolf Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): TheWhiteWolf#6233 Timezone(s) you mainly play: GMT+10 (Australia) What group/nation do you consider to be your main?: Ascended/Sutica/Smaller groups Have you held a staff position before?: Event Team Do you currently hold a staff position?: No Do you plan on applying for other staff positions?: No Have you ever been banned before?: No If so, how long ago and what reason?: N/A What style of events do you feel you enjoy creating? (Low Fantasy, High Fantasy, Quests, Dungeons, etc.): Dungeons/Quests/High Fantasy/Dark Fantasy List three factors you feel play a part in a quality event and expand upon them.: Communication: Communication is one of the three main factors that can lead to a successful (or unsuccessful) event. For example, if i am running an event and i enlist the help of another Actor it would be wise to communicate properly to the other Actor what your exact intentions for the Event are and what their role is. Failure to do so can lead to confusing storytelling and incorrect actions during an event. It's also wise to communicate with the players and answer any of their questions and clarify your actions if needed, lest the Event devolve into an OOC argument. Planning: It's always wise to have an Event Line planned out before you go and carry it out. The reason this is important is so that you have a document you can always refer to quickly in case you forget a key bit of information regarding the Event and it also provides a semblance of structure to the Event, making it not seem like its all over the place. Another key factor of this is in case you need to bring another Actor in to help you with the Event. They can simply look at the planning you have done prior and quickly come to terms with what their role is and how they can better assist you. Player Actions: Player Actions having an actual tangible impact on your event is important. There is nothing more frustrating for a player than making it seem as if none of their actions will have any real affect on the course and outcome of an Event/Event Line. It's important to make sure that you provide some leeway in your Events that take into account some of the actions players might take and have that reflect in your Events. Which member(s) of the team would you attempt to emulate and why? SquirtGun, why? Her ability to run large scale events for Sutica, referring to the Draoi Event Line, is something i plan on replicating the future. I was only on the Event Team for less than a month and was in the process of preparing to run my first (albeit small) Event Line. If am afforded the opportunity to rejoin the team i plan on working on my ability to provide larger scale event lines for the player base and trying to ascertain that level of quality SquirtGun has in her events. Provide three event scenarios, in total, of the style(s) you listed above: The Tomb of Xarvath: Eternal Vigil: The Voidal Dreamer: Why do you wish to become an ET Actor Member?: As a creative writer and DnD GM, i am quite fond of bringing my ideas and stories to life for others to experience. There is nothing i enjoy more than watching how a group of people set out to try and solve a challenge i have set before them or simply go about enjoying an experience i have provided for them. I greatly enjoyed my time, despite how short it was, on the Event Team prior to the purge and am looking forward to joining the team once again with the new direction that has been set out before us. What strengths would you bring to the team?: I pride myself on being able to understand a conflict from both sides of the argument and finding a solution to most problems. I feel as if this would be a valuable asset to the team, alongside my ability to be able to lend my creativity and writing experience to the team. What are your weaknesses?: I'll be the first to admit that sometimes i can let players off a little too easy in events and just give them the win too easily. In my opinion, a curb stomp of whatever event you have given the players isn't as fun as one where the constant tension of failure is always present and the group has to work through a challenge in order to overcome it instead of just outright bulldozing their way through it. I plan on improving on this in the future and finding the right balance in order to provide fun and engaging events for the player base. This in my opinion won't take long to remedy, i chalk it up to my lack of experience on the event team and the boundaries of what i am able to do. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future?: I can dedicate most of my free time and see myself on the server for many months to come.
  7. MC Name: White_Wolf Character's Name: Valeria Soulheart Character's Age: 77 Character's Race: Mali'aherhal What magic(s) will you be learning?: Ascended Ruin Teacher's MC Name: CordialOblivian Teacher's RP Name: Dwalin Irongut Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Of course Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Of course Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  8. Minecraft Name: White_Wolf Discord: TheWhiteWolf#6233 Time-zone: GMT+10 Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions? Please mention if you are intending on applying for GM as an ET: I have not held any prior positions on the Staff, nor do i plan on applying for anything other than Event Team. Where do you grab inspiration from?: I draw inspiration from all aspects of life. My main inspirations however are drawn from listening varying forms of music and perusing artwork. What are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any?: Valeria Soulheart is currently my only character and i’m not willing to sacrifice her at the moment, that may change in the future. What race, or group, do your events best cater to?: Ascended, Humans, Elves. Though i plan on doing events just on the sides of roads as well and attracting whoever stumbles upon them. What do you believe are the key factors for a successful event?: Clear and concise emotes and storytelling on the part of the Event Actor along with good organisation. This prevents any OOC Drama that would disrupt an event. What strengths would you bring to the team?: I consider myself quite creative and quite easy to get along with. I’m a rather chill person and am capable of being a voice of reason in times of conflict. I feel like these traits would be of use to the Event Team. Why do you want to be part of the team?: As a creative writer i thoroughly enjoy bringing ideas and stories to life for people to experience and enjoy. In the first four maps of the server, i constantly went out of my way to create one off characters to create interesting interactions and small events for people and overall they seemed to have enjoyed most of them. Over my years on the server i’ve had countless people ask me and tell me to join the Event Team and I've never really considered it. But recently after reading about some Events on the server, i’ve had a rekindled interest in wanting to be a part of the Event Team and as such i have decided to apply after all these years and create fun and interesting events for people to experience and enjoy. Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize: Event I: Eternal Vigil (<5 ) Event II: The Wandering Bard (<8) Event III: Godly Ale (<5) How long do you plan to be able to work on the team?: As long as i am on the server. So for the foreseeable future. Tell me a joke: What do you call a Bee with a low buzz? ….. A MumbleBee
  9. Dammit, did anyone pick up a ton of stuff at the Human rp hub? I just died there and when i got back my stuff was gone. Msg White_Wolf in game please.

  10. TheWhiteWolf

    [Homunculi][CA] Ashley Soulheart

    Edited to reflect specific Variant character is changing into to
  11. MC Name: White_Wolf Character's Name: Ashley Soulheart Character's Age: 85 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable):Human/Ascended Transformed form: Homunculi/Doppelgänger Creator's MC Name: Skylez1 Creator's RP Name: Kaevryn Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Creatures that mimic life in an imperfect manner, products of Alchemical creation. They are made from the body of a recently deceased descendant and through the use of Alchemy are ‘reborn’ in a sense. There are four different types of Homunculi, these being the Fiend, Aberrant, Deviant and finally the Doppelganger. Homunculi usually derive a great number of their traits from the symbol they are created from, those being of Water, Fire, Earth and Air. Each ‘Element’ gives the Homunculi a set of weaknesses and Strengths. They are as follows.: A Homunculi born from the symbol of Fire experiences greater strength and would find they don’t burn that easily. Their weaknesses include a natural fear for the water and cold and find themselves easily able to drown. A Homunculi born from the symbol of Water experiences the ability to breath underwater and hold their breath for a longer period of time, their movements also becoming more natural. Their weaknesses include a greater susceptibility to damage from hits upon their form and feel extremely trapped in confined spaces. A Homunculi born from the symbol of Earth experiences tougher skin, their form becoming much heavier and as a result they are harder to displace. Their weakness include a great fear of heights and their movements would be very slow. A Homunculi born from the symbol of Air experiences the ability to be able to fall greater distances and have increased speed with their movements. Their weaknesses include a natural fear for fire and heat and granted that they experience enough exposure to heat and fire, they can combust. It should be noted that considering these creatures are beings without souls they also have a greater susceptibility to Holy Magic and to a lesser extent Aurum weapons. Variations: Fiend: Fiends are accidents most of the time, their form usually the result of a novice alchemist dabbling in their art or are created through the use of poor quality ingredients or ingredients used incorrectly. Usually quite small in stature, these creatures most of the time take on the appearance of an Imp like abomination, their skin a sickly colour with multiple skin deformities and malformations . Their thoughts becoming animalistic, never truly achieving a greater degree of sentience like their Abberant and Doppleganger kin. They are very short lived creatures. Deviant: Deviants are a step up in terms of sentience to their Fiendish Kin. Their skin colour still unnatural to that of a normal descendant. The skin colour of a Deviant is mainly determined by the primary symbol used in it’s creation. For example, a Deviant created with the use of a Fire symbol would result in the creature having a red appearance to their skin. Deviants are quite single minded in their approach to obtaining their goals, their sentience only a step up from the animalistic nature of Fiends. Deviants usually have a lifespan of about 3-6 months, very rarely living for a limited time afterwards. Aberrant: Creatures on the verge of perfection. Aberrants are hard to distinguish from other descendants unlike their Fiendish and Deviant kin. Their sentience is much higher than their Fiendish and Deviant Kin as well, not reaching that of the level of a Doppelganger but still quite advanced. They are created through the use of a living descendant and as a result the amount of deformities and malformations are almost none. Their skin colour, while being very close to that of their descendant counterpart, still has a small change of tone. Like the Deviant, Aberrants still bear the same resistance and weaknesses to the elements but unlike the Deviant their appearance is rarely affected by the primary element used in their creation. Doppelganger: Perfection. That is all that can be said about a Doppelganger, they are the perfect recreation of life. They are created with the rarest and purest of Alchemical ingredients and as a result appear identical to whatever race they were originally created from. Unlike their Fiendish, Deviant and Aberrant counterparts, the Doppelganger has the highest sentience of all the variants, rivalling that of a descendant. Like the other variants of Homunculi, the Doppelganger is a chaotic creation and is only concerned with leading a life only caring about itself, and without any morals. The body of a Doppelganger is different to that of the lesser variants. Whereas the lesser variants usually have blood and tissue like normal living creatures, a Doppelganger derives their form from the primary element used in their creation. For example, a Doppelganger created with the primary symbol of fire, when cut would release ash and smoke, instead of blood. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/159093-ascended-ma-ashley-soulheart/ Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Of course Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  12. TheWhiteWolf

    [Ascended] [MA] Ashley Soulheart

    MC Name: White_Wolf Character's Name: Ashley Soulheart Character's Age: 42 Character's Race: Human What magic(s) will you be learning?: Blue Sect Ascended Teacher's MC Name: JCQuiinn Teacher's RP Name: Selina Demones Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Absolutely Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  13. TheWhiteWolf

    [✗] A Dingo Ate My Land-Charter.

    Talia Quen signs the charter.
  14. TheWhiteWolf

    [Ascended][TA] Selina Demones

    I support this, +1
  15. Merry Christmas everyone!