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To Lady Clairessa


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17th of Sigismund’s End Year of 1856



To Lady Clairessa of Yong Ping


It is not often I find myself making personal correspondences from my office, especially for matters such as these, however upon reading over the dastardly missive recently put out that slandered your character and self in the public eye, I knew I must write to you, my own daughter partakes in Astercalia as well as my niece and If I were to see them treated as such I would certainly bear much anger towards the writer of that publication and I find now that anger is much the same in regards to any young lady, especially one such as yourself who has been taken in as a sponsor for the season. 


I understand your desire to depart from the Empire you have so recently settled in to call your home and wish to depart from Astercalia, I advise however that you do not. Rarely do we see people such as yourself put upon a brave face and go against the rumor mill that swirls and you have certainly turned heads within this season, even within meetings with His Imperial Majesty and Her Imperial Majesty do I often hear your name spoken. Thus I would invite you to pay me a visit within my office in The Aster Court so we might discuss your plight and properly rectify it. 




His Imperial Excellency, the Archchancellor, Joseph Ledicort d’Azor, Duke of Azor



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It was late in the night and Clairessa reads this over as she watched her little sister sleep peacefully "Guess it's worth a try. I was scared" runs a hand through her hair as she wrote back


"His Imperial Excellency Joseph d'Azor, I appreciate your words, I regret what I said about being a debutante I wish to continue. I was scared and had my life threatened. I be honored to meet you and have a chat. As long as you don't mind my sister coming with me. She is only ten and needs me. I look forward to our meeting" signing her name -Clairessa


She sent it off and then drifted asleep her mind whirling with all the events

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