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Hogo II of House Bojo

Fmr. Baron of Huvaardia




The radiant sun would rise, marking a new day in the Dwarvish Capital of Kal'Darakaan. Hogo Bojo II would glance up at the clear sky under the sun's rising gaze. “What a nice day this is.” The man would say with a grin as he looked up intently at the view.


Under the sky's beauty, he would briefly reflect on all that he’s been through throughout his lifetime. He started off modestly, being brought up in Karosgrad by his Father, Hogo Bojo I, renowned Chef and jack of many trades. During his childhood, he was taught many valuable skills from his Father and would grow up to be quite ambitious. The world is but a chessboard he would always think to himself, constantly thinking about what moves he could make to give himself the edge.


As the man reached adulthood, he decided to leave behind his life in Haense, in search of adventure and opportunity to move up in this land. He would eventually find himself in the Principality of Sedan in their second Capital of Louisville. There he would meet and befriend their Sovereign Prince, Leopold I. Due to their economical ideas matching up, and the Prince having high hopes for the Bojo, he would be appointed as the Principalities first Royal Treasurer.


With his new position, Hogo II would work hard to ensure the economic prosperity of the Realm. Over time, the Principalities Economy would continue a consistent gradual increase, reaching new heights not reached before. This sense of accomplishment pleased the man greatly and he enjoyed every moment of his job, despite the many challenges that would face him.


The Treasurer would also go on to join the military force of the Principality, the Order of the Holy Goat and work his way up to the rank of Commander over time. Hogo II would lead and fight in many battles for the Principality. One such memory of glory and valor for him was when he led the charge into Rozania through a forgotten entrance during a raid of the Oisin's Rebellion.


Through all his hard work, he would eventually be given the title ‘Baron of Huvaardia’ for his loyalty, valor, and excessive contributions to the Crown. This made Hogo II ecstatic, alone he migrated to the Principality and built up his family and took them from common status to that of nobility.


Although the man was a die hard loyalist to the Sedanian Crown, he also would also secretly spend many days over the course of years in the Lubba keep. Due to his fighting prowess, he would be given the rank of Titan and would partake in many raids with his comrades under the alias ‘Philip Robert III’. He’d also visit the keep from time to time to get away from the stress and pressure of life and reside in his generous chambers in one of the keeps towers.


Despite his previous exceptional contributions to the Crown of Sedan, he would always push himself harder and harder, to contribute more and more. From Treasury work to Military Leadership to assisting in the Law Codexes first Draft, there was much that he accomplished and worked on. Although all of this would take a toll over the many years. Hogo II after many years in service would retire as the Baron of Huvaardia in 1858 and start his retirement, although still serving as Commander from time to time. During his retirement, he would travel the world, visiting a wide variety of places and taking it easy.


It was the 18th of the Grand Harvest, 1862, the man would be enjoying another day of retirement. Today he thought he’d go visit the Urguani Capital and see the sunrise, and that is what he did. However, this trip would be his last. A small chunk of meteor, the size of a pebble would soar down from the sky as he glanced up and admired the view. Upon impact, it would kill him instantly, leaving chunks of flesh in a small crater behind, nothing else.


The man who worked so hard for so long and just wanted to enjoy retirement, he who spilled so much blood over the course of his life to progress his own further. At long last, the man would finally perish. He would get what was coming to him at long last… Eternal Rest.





Baron-Emeritus Hogo Bojo II of Huvaardia

1806   -   1862


Baron of Huvaardia

Commander of the Order of the Holy Goat

Titan of the Silver Lubba Band






The very long and high quality roleplay that ended his life:






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