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Returns from Sojourn



After his three year long journey, Amadis Faedi returns to the Kingdom of Elysium in the prime age of 20; just in time for his adopted sister, Delilah's, birthday. Little did Amadis know, with much regret to his decisions, would be be dining with an antitheist. 


It had started with returning home. Amadis could not wait to relax next to the centre fountain of townhall. With arms and legs heavy, he plopped himself down to the stone rims. Before the Mali boy could get any rest, his lovable sister that he had not seen in years greeted him with a tight hug. They were now both grown up and older, something Amadis would never get used to. For the years he had been gone, he had felt that his relationship with Delilah had changed drastically. No longer did he feel the overwhelming sense of brotherhood and strong connections to the girl. Rather, he had felt distant; as if being gone for 3 years was enough to build that wall between them.


Without thought, Amadis had ended up joining his sister and her mentor Elend Odinson to embark on a journey to an unfamiliar manor for dinner. What kind of dinner? Delilah's birthday dinner that he had completely forgotten. Well, there was no blaming the poor boy, he couldn't even remember the host's name. He kept calling her "Mary" the entire evening, and was always corrected once doing so. Continuing, Amadis was at least prepared with gifts from the East. With a bouquet of Peonies for the host who had taken well care of his sister and a necklace for the birthday girl Delilah.


With his presence of an unexpected guest, and full on devotee to the gods of the forest, Amadis certainly felt unwelcomed to the lovely evening spent with the three. The obnoxious crunching Elend did was outrageously hilarious; but of course Amadis had to hold his laughter as Mary held her silverware with the great intent to stab one of them in the neck. In the end, the night ended with the talk of Aenguls and balance, and farewells were certainly made before everyone left to do their own. Once again, Amadis abandons his sister for the great adventures that awaited him far beyond the game of chess.

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