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  1. Kyrene Boutique | Art Commissions Beebie Shop Official Server Link https://discord.gg/9Y2pfwhtgW Beebie Instagram https://www.instagram.com/beebie_shop_official/?hl=en --- Art Commissions are now open in the Kyrene Boutique Server! It includes our server owner Kitomine and Beebie Shop Official; ran by Ros Rae and username-that-exists. This post will advertise Beebie in order to reach out further into different social medias other than our instagram! --- What is Beebie Shop Official? Beebie Shop Official is a shop ran by the siblingship of Ros Rae and their sister "Ute" (username-that-exists). We specialize in character designs, (digital) painted portraits, and stickers! Our price ranges are from $20-40 dollars at best. Depending on complexity, it could reach up to $25-50. Our stickers cost $3 for customs and a +$5 for characters (added to full designs or portraits) What Does This Mean for Kyrene Boutique? We'll be manning with both skin making and art in our boutique! Are we able to RP ask employee players for commissions (whether it be skin or art)? Yes! It is possible for some our our tailors to have a RP session with your characters for skins or art commissions. Just come down to our discord server and ask! --- Kitomine Beebie (Ute) Beebie (Ros Rae) --- So join the server today to buy skins and art comm. today! We will be happy to welcome you with sunflowers and tulips <3 !
  2. Hyphae Phoenix Tail Guild Halls Amadis and Delilah have finished half of the decoration for the Phenix Tail Guild Halls! From Reception room to down below!
  3. Ros Rae

    Hyphae | Home

    Hyphae Home Sweet Home Amadis and Delilah have finished decorating their home, though Amadis in all honesty did most of the work hauling things over to decorate. Here are the final results! (All pictures are of what I built. -Ros Rae)
  4. Hyphae Returns from Sojourn After his three year long journey, Amadis Faedi returns to the Kingdom of Elysium in the prime age of 20; just in time for his adopted sister, Delilah's, birthday. Little did Amadis know, with much regret to his decisions, would be be dining with an antitheist. It had started with returning home. Amadis could not wait to relax next to the centre fountain of townhall. With arms and legs heavy, he plopped himself down to the stone rims. Before the Mali boy could get any rest, his lovable sister that he had not seen in years greeted him with a tight hug. They were now both grown up and older, something Amadis would never get used to. For the years he had been gone, he had felt that his relationship with Delilah had changed drastically. No longer did he feel the overwhelming sense of brotherhood and strong connections to the girl. Rather, he had felt distant; as if being gone for 3 years was enough to build that wall between them. Without thought, Amadis had ended up joining his sister and her mentor Elend Odinson to embark on a journey to an unfamiliar manor for dinner. What kind of dinner? Delilah's birthday dinner that he had completely forgotten. Well, there was no blaming the poor boy, he couldn't even remember the host's name. He kept calling her "Mary" the entire evening, and was always corrected once doing so. Continuing, Amadis was at least prepared with gifts from the East. With a bouquet of Peonies for the host who had taken well care of his sister and a necklace for the birthday girl Delilah. With his presence of an unexpected guest, and full on devotee to the gods of the forest, Amadis certainly felt unwelcomed to the lovely evening spent with the three. The obnoxious crunching Elend did was outrageously hilarious; but of course Amadis had to hold his laughter as Mary held her silverware with the great intent to stab one of them in the neck. In the end, the night ended with the talk of Aenguls and balance, and farewells were certainly made before everyone left to do their own. Once again, Amadis abandons his sister for the great adventures that awaited him far beyond the game of chess.
  5. Dear Delilah Dear Delilah, As I start this letter, I wonder if it would ever reach you. I remember when we first met with your curious and childish nature that had screamed to thyself as innocence; which had intrigued me deeply. You may beg to differ now that you have grown into a fine young girl. I cherished the moments we shared together -- watching beyond the gates of Elysium to making your gown for the Snowball -- and wish that later in the future that we could do more. However, it seems to not be very soon that those new memories would be created. To my beloved sister, I am off on a sojourn to search for something that could possibly help with my internal conflict. It may be days, weeks, or even months before I could come back as the head strong and worrisome older brother you know. And as I write this, I wonder if leaving you would truly be worth the pain and suffering I'll face on this journey. What would I gain as a lone wood elf with no seed, wandering around this earth like a lost lamb without it's herd? In the end, I've chosen the option to run. How our conscious makes us cowardly that thy chases the easy rout against problem. If I could, I would laugh along with you about my stupidity. With this letter, I lend you minas that would help you buy whatever you desire; be it a house will you? I have a feeling that staying all over the place will become a problem. Focus on your studies for now and enjoy your life unlike myself. I might as well make you a new gown while I'm out and about around the world. I bid thy farewell and good prayers. Your Brother, Amadis Faedi
  6. Seems like Amadis has been absent from Delilah's life, I wonder why?


  7. Guess whose going to play a child! This is Hiendria Vanari, the adopted daughter of the Vanari family!

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      Children are a joy to play

  8. Hyphae You find a journal locked by a green ribbon. It's edges are worn, yet it is still firmly kept together. A crow and a rose are engraved onto its dark leathery face. Entry I My dear mother. Once a respected druid, now a sickly woman on her death bed. All because I ignored the underlying stress she bared. It had all started when I ventured off into the woods again like any normal day. I had failed once again to heed the worry of my mother, who had now fallen ill to an incurable disease. Not even all the doctors of our Seed - nor herself - could cure the wretched fevers, coughs, ill pale skin, or freckling chills that felt like needles to the back that she felt every time she woke up. How could I, her only son, be so ignorant. Now she lies there every day, as if waiting for her last breath. Now my graceful father works harder until he could work no longer. Now I sit here writing, as if writing my woes could ever cure my mother. That is until I prayed to the gods. Cerridwen and Cennunos, Mother and Father of the nature that is gifted to us. Even after every moon and sun did I wait and prayed for an answer. Patience grows thin, and and so did my inpatient mind thinned until it could no more. I have packed my bags up for a journey far away, into the deeper areas of Almaris. There, I can find some sort of cure, or at least hope to help my family. Entry II In my extensive knowledge I have gain from travelling around Almaris, I would have not known I would gain a sister, or well adopt one. As I was looking for some sort of person with a medical background, I had met the young prodigy Delilah coincidentally along the way to Vortice. She had kindly greeted me and swooned me over with her childish nature. How dearly I love her. As we grew closer the following month together, she was immediately under my wing. Through her, I had learned more about the people in the East, and even settled down at Elysium to understand the herbs around there. From Bat's bulb to Jailer's Moss, I studied hard to get to her level. I wished for my parents to meet her. They always ways wanted a daughter. Entry III The peaceful life of Elysium had taken a turn for the worse. Krugmar, the warring nation up the road from Elysium. War has stepped into our lives as they threaten us with raids and kidnapping our people. Delilah resides in Fenn for her studies; where it is safer. On the other hand, I have decided to stand my ground and stay at Elysium, in hopes that our kingdom is strong enough to keep the Orcs at bay. I watch over the walls, always anticipating death at our gates. Entry IV Uruks. Crude in nature and powerful in battle. They had somehow gotten into Elysium while I was away gathering more herbs. They side with Krugmar. What crazy racists they show to be. I used the citizen tunnels to quietly get in, spying on them as they lurk the streets of our home. Seven in total I have seen. How could a handful of them get in when we had guards on every post? I have heard their prideful yells of how we are cowards, how the guards ran away, and how they would not let anyone in; mostly because they did not have the key. They vilely spill alcohol down their throats, celebrating their success. I hope this ungodly hour ends before Delilah returns home. (Entries will be added continuously in the later future)
  9. The Kyrene Boutique LOTC Skinner Shop OUR DISCORD An excellent choice, the Kyrene Boutique. With a name that derives from the meaning of "lords," our products are sure to be fitted as if for royalty itself! We strive to give Lord of the Craft refined and detailed skins that are perfect for roleplay! From a wide range of designs created by our current main 4 skinners, we take requests for people in need of new drabs and wear. So, come in and we welcome you to join us to try our wares and wonders! Skinner Applications Do you want to be an employee in Kyrene Boutique? Come and join our community of skinners by signing up! Show us what your capable of and your profile could be added to our folders for people to see! We're hoping to advertise small skinners like ourselves to earn in-game (and also out-game) money! Fill out this application and become one of our tailors today! Employee Profiles Here are our employees' profiles for customers to get a sense of what our products look like and what we are best at doing! "Hello there! My name is Kito and this is my Profile." ~-~-~- <3 What I do: 1. Dresses 2. Formal Attire 3. Casual Attire 4. Bases What I do not do: 1. Armor 3. Gore ~-~-~- <3 ~~~~~ --- "Greetings! My name is Ros (known as the character Amadis in LOTC) and this is my profile!" What I do: 1. Dresses 2. Formal Attire 3. Casual Attire 4. Bases 5. Amor --- ~~~~ YUNA "Hey there, the name's Yuna, and I'm a Free commissioner. If you have an idea for a skin, and you're conveniently too lazy to make it yourself, then gimme the details! But before I do, here's the criteria that I'm used to." What I normally do 1: Regular outfits 2: Formal attire (dresses, suits etc.) 3: Bases 4: Armor (depends) 5: Minor/small details What I normally don't do 1: Gore 2: NSFW (wait, why would you wa-) ~~~~ NEIL What I do: 1. Armor 2. Clothing What I do not do: 1. Dresses Examples of Work: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/thelostschizo/ ~~~~ What are you waiting for? Join the community!
  10. Colored version of Amadis Faedi upon the Cloud Temple tree. 
    "If people just looked up, the would see me."


  11. The Faedi Siblings!




    (And a sneak peak of what may happen in the future...)

  12. Image
    Really do like drawing some nice roleplay scenes. (Vaelyan Snow Ball)

    Edited by Ros Rae
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      Pretty drawing!

  13. Amadis happily sews and prepares for Delilah's -- his dear sister -- ball gown for Vaelyan's Snow Ball
  14. An old concept doodle I had with Amadis' sister -- Delilah -- with him :)


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