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The Adrian Whale Hunt


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The Adrian Whale Hunt


Artist's interpretation of the whale hunt



 After hearing word from a strange sailor, Erik Euler informed his brother of a large and dangerous whale, in the ocean close by! Eager, the Eulers rallied the Adrians to their camp for an   expedition they'd all remember. 


 Stefan Euler, captaining the crew and steering the Euler's very own ship, a mighty vessel passed down to them by their predecessor, Albrecht. He led them into the open sea, which was   unnervingly calm. The cool breeze blew as the Adrians were joined by Ottomar von Alstreim and a companion of his on their trip. Jan Euler passed around harpoons to all--especially made   by him for this trip. Soon enough, the whale surfaced and sought to destroy the ship!


 At first, all the harpoon throws missed--giving the whale a chance to damage the hull. Quick thinking from Stefan averted the ship completely sinking, though a hole was made. It was Jan   Euler who landed the first hit, and soon everyone else followed, having the whale linked to the ship by almost a dozen ropes! Then, it was time to stab the whale with lances!


 However, the brash lord of the Adrians, Duke Heinrik threw himself at it with his longsword--soon falling into the water and losing his sword. Bravely, Santiago dove in after him, but the whale   pushed the water around it away, sending Santiago away though eventually they both had to be roped back to the ship by the others. The whale, however, had stopped resisting and was   brought back to camp by the brave Adrians!


 A success, all things considered!



 Ave Adria! 


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he name santia go
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Lhoris continues to slumber on hers and Albrechts beloved ship, snoozing peacefully. Unbeknownst to her said vessel was stolen alongside herself by Albrecht’s rowdy descendants. But for now she unleashed a loud snore.

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Albrecht Euler continues to roam the world in his hunt for Ghosts as the missive lands in his hands "Zey got ze ship!" the gigantic man exclaimed, yet no emotion would be seen besides his mouth slightly forming into a smile that still seemed to miss all sort of happines "What is Lhoris up to zese days?"

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