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Looking for 4 or 3 family members.


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I am currently looking for 4 people to join my family. I will need, 4 siblings. I will gain a wife later on. I need this family in order to slowly rise in notoriety and become a vassal, and more. You should consider joining because I am active daily, I will play my part to the best of my ability as I would expect of you, I will treat you with respect, and I will do all that I can as if you were my real family.  Please know that the only reason I want a family is not to gain some sort of power, it so I can experience things with people that I can relate to something with.

If interested, message me on Discord at "busa1583"

Thank you.


Edit: When I said the only reason was to not gain some sort of power, it said It WAS to just gain some sort of power. Typo mb.

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