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  1. On the 5th of Cesar’s Gift, en el Año de Nuestro Señor, 97 The Succession of House Denodado To her Sovereign and the esteemed peers of the Sovereign State of Hyspia, I write this letter to confirm my own abdication and recognition of @MyrtheMaria Sofia Denodado as the rightful holder of the Vizconde de Banderas and Le Baron de Sevilla. She has proven her right to hold these titles through strength and cunning, and shall bring House Denodado into a new age. Let it be known that before GOD I cede myself from all landed titles, granting my heir, Maria Sofia Denodado, the responsibility of family patriarch. From the publication of this letter, she assumes all rights and privileges allotted to peers of our great Sovereign. As I stand as Gran Chancellor, I look out at my peers within Hyspia, and recognize that I have become a relic. Long past are the times where I was a young lad fighting alongside brothers and sisters against those who wished to conquer all of Almaris. The common man and woman are no longer of my generation, nor are they of Cesar’s. In my eyes, I have stood as patriarch for long enough, and it is time to allow the new generation to lead. I have no doubt in my mind that Maria will bring a greatness to the Denodado name that I could never achieve. Under her guidance, I see the future which I could never give. Signed, HIS EXCELLENCY, Demitrey Denodado, Gran Chancellor de Hyspia, Maestro de la Esquela de Veronica, Oficial de Imigracion.
  2. Demitrey Denodado would smile as he read the missive "Its time to brush up on mae sailing. This time, ae'll niet crash into a bridge!"
  3. On the 14th of Francisco’s Resolve, 92 The Loss of a Mother It has been a year since the passing of Annika Denodado; A beloved mother, viscountess, and friend to all in Hyspia. After a year of mourning, House Denodado shall be hosting a funeral to properly put her to rest, and allow closure for all who knew Annika. Throughout her life, Annika has been a source of compassion to all that knew her. In her early life, she was the woman that gave the Brotherhood of Saint Karl the courage they needed to continue the fight against the mori, even against all odds. She saw the good in all, including those of the horde. She would befriend anyone and everyone that met her, and not a single bad thing could be said about the compassionate Viscountess. In her later years, Annika became known throughout Hyspia as a mother to all, a friend to outsiders, and someone that would help anyone through anything. To her, there was nothing too little that could be done for someone, and she would always go out of her way to make sure that others were having a better time than they were the day before. To her children and grandchildren, she was the kindest person they had ever met, and a role model to strive to become. To her husband, she was an angel that was taken too soon. The Funeral The funeral is to be held in Hyspia, within La Dorada at the Church of Blessed Francisco in four Saints Days time. All who knew Annika are welcome to attend, including those of her maiden family, House Amador. Signed, HIS EXCELLENCY, Demitrey Denodado Visconde de Banderas, Baron de Sevilla, Gran Canciller de Hyspia, Oficial de Imigracion, Captain of the Opal Odyssey
  4. LA ESCUELA DE VERÓNICA Hyspia’s first Schooling System Issued by the Sovereign Crown 5th of Mallin’s Welcome, 170 D.R. Introducción The people of Hyspia, after much consideration, have found it proper to begin the first school system for the young citizens of the area, including the interested surrounding kingdoms. Under the instruction of one, Pedro Fontesar, and the additional guidance of Demitrey Denodado, students will learn about History, Art, Language, Mathematics, and more. La Escuela de Verónica Named after a late member of Hyspia’s royal family, Veronica de Pelear, aunt of the current Soberania Ramona de Pelear, the school will teach a plethora of subjects to its students. It will present various events for the students to participate in, including field-trips, plays, and lectures from guest speakers. Children of all surrounding kingdoms are welcome to come to Hyspia to be taught, although a small amount of the curriculum will center around Hyspian language and culture. The course will be taught in the common tongue, to accommodate all visitors. ( There will be two classes held each Saint’s week, although specific dates are yet to be established.) Closing Thoughts The school’s first official class will begin within 2 Saint’s Days of this missive being posted, held at the old council house in Hyspia. Maestro Pedro Fontesar will be teaching students a brief lesson on spelling and poetry. Signed, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Ramona de Pelear, Sovereign Princess of Hyspia, Duchess of Pacazu, Baroness of Arenisca and Del’mar, Lady of Ladorada, Lady of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Gran Maestress of El Orden de Francisco, Protector of the Hyspian People, Protector of the Farfolk, Matriarch of House de Pelear HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Dimitri Otto of Korvia, Sovereign Prince-Consort of Hyspia, Duke-Consort of Pacazu, Baron-Consort of Arenisca and Del’mar, Lord of Ladorada, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Gran Maestre of El Orden de Francisco, Protector of the Hyspian People, Protector of the Farfolk HIS EXCELLENCY, Demitrey Denodado Viszconde de Banderas, Baron de Sevilla, Gran Chancellor de Hyspia, Justiciero de Hyspia, Oficial De Imigracion, Captain of the Opal Odyssey MAESTRO, Pedro Fontesar, Maestro De La Equela de Veronica
  5. Demitrey Denodado would sigh as he read the information, before writing down notes "Ae'll get the kid back soon, whether or niet the church will help"
  6. Demitrey Denodado would nod as he read this over, before showing it to those in the Hyspia tavern "Ae was in Lurin shopping when all this happened. Edvard speaks the truth. may GODAN purge the evils that seem to infect Aevos"
  7. [A formal response is pinned at the bottom] To Whom It May Concern The Department of the Justiciero has taken a copy of this missive as evidence in order to decipher what crimes will be brought forth against the Order of Saint Jude and its members, if any are to be discovered. Those involved will be brought in for questioning, at the discretion of the Justiciero. Signed, HIS EXCELLENCY, Demitrey Denodado Viscount of Banderas, Baron of Sevilla, Justiciero de Hyspia, Oficial de Imigracion, Patriarch of House Denodado, Captain of the Opal Odyssey
  8. OOC NAME: Nymstra IRP NAME: Demitrey Denodado DISCORD: Nymstra
  9. THE UNION OF Elaina Von Berkhoven and Josef Karl Denodado Acciones, No Palabras "Though the spring flower withers and the fruit of the tree falls to the ground, my word lasts into the eve of the world, and the fruit of virtue cannot rot" (Virtue 3:2) [!] A painting of Josef Karl Denodado and Elaina Von Berkhoven A History of Companionship The seeds of the bride and groom's relationship started when they were just pen pals, writing letters to each other before the start of the eternal freeze in the kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. As time passed, Josef gained the confidence to brave the harsh chold to visit his childhood friend, Elaina, at her home in the Ducal territory of Reinmar. After years of fantastic friendship, Elaina asked josef for a courtship, having been given the blessing of the then Baron Denodado. The pair courted for 6 years, until while in the tavern of La Dorada, Elaina stood up from her chair after a nice meal and took a knee to propose to Josef and proclaim her eternal love. Though taken aback in surprise and tears of joy falling from his cheeks, Josef answered joyously with an excited "Yes!" During and after the attack on La Dorada by an unknown force of the undead, Lord Josef stayed by his love's side through it all. He cared for her with everything he had when Elaina Von Berkhoven had lost her forearm from the attack. Nothing has stopped this pairs love in any capacity, despite everything that has happened to the duo since they first met. Event Itinerary The Wedding and Reception The awaited wedding will then take place within the Church of Blessed Francisco, joining the two in matrimony. Upon the end, a reception will be held within the Tavern. Wedding of Elaina von Berkhoven and Josef Karl Denodado We of the Vicomital House of Denodado and the Common House of Berkhoven wish to invite those in attendance to the merriment of matrimony between Miss Elaina von Berkhoven and Lord Josef Karl Denodado after seven blessed years of courting! DATE 17th of Horens Calling, 84 Formal Invitations are Sent to: His Highness, Cesar II, of Hyspia and his Viceroyal Pedigree His Highness, Alexander II, of Hanseti-Ruska and his Royal Pedigree Her Majesty, Lenora Jusmia, of Vortice and her Royal Pedigree His Princely Grace, Alfred Barclay, Duke of Reinmar and his Noble Pedigree The Most Honourable, Ser Sterling Whitewood, Marquis of Lotusgrad and his Noble Pedigree The Honourable, Walter Weiss, Viscount of Novkursain and his Noble Pedigree Her Ladyship, Laurissa, Lady-Magister of the District of the Sorcerous Path and her Noble Pedigree The Honourable, Demitrey Denodado, Viscount of Banderas and his Noble Pedigree Her Ladyship, Eir Maor, Baroness of Montenno and her Noble Pedigree His Lordship, Ser Laurens Henri Halcourt d'Artois, Baron of Campagnon and his Noble Pedigree Mister Wilhelm Von Berkhoven and his Familia Landsers Von Reinmar and their Familia The Citizenry of Hyspia The Citizenry of Hanseti-Ruska Personal Invitations are Sent to: Ser Fredrich Ludovar and his Familia Mister Alexander Llopis and his Familia Mister Jose Fuentes and his Familia Mister Pym Volkov and his Familia Miss Nemea Ke Kai'len and her Familia Mister Cassian De Silva Reyes and his Familia Signed, Josef Karl Denodado Elaina Von Berkhoven Demitrey Denodado, Viscount of Banderas, Baron of Sevilla, Justiciero of Hyspia, Oficial de Imigracion, captain of the Obsidian Pearl.
  10. Username: Nymstra RP Name: Demitrey Denodado Character Age: 58
  11. The Novikovs have resided in the Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska and the United Kingdoms of Aaun for generations. Once mere servants of the royal families, our family has grown to become more than just peasantry. We have become a name that was once spoken quite often among many circles. After moving to Hyspia, the majority of those who held the name Novikov have taken on the name Denodado, a name given to us by His Majesty, Cesar the Second of Hyspia. There are still those who hold the name Novikov, and use it proudly. To my cousin, Michal; It is unbecoming of me to continue to claim to be both the patriarch of the Denodado's and of the Novikovs. I have left the lands of Haense and Aaun, and you remain. Because of this, I hereby relinquish the title of Patriarch of House Novikov to Michal Novikov, for he has more than earned the right to hold this title. I look forward to seeing our ancestral name grow, and become well known once again. Signed, Baron of Sevilla, Justiciero of Hyspia, Oficial De Imigracion Captain of the Obsidian Pearl
  12. Ryba, It has been 10 years since you left your children in my care, with no regard for their safety, or their lives. 10 years since you shouted at me for how you hated our family, and how you were forced to live the life you chose for yourself. 10 years since I went to the courts of Aaun and gained guardianship of the children you had abandoned. 10 years since you threatened my life for attempting to form a healthy familial relationship with your new wife. 10 years since you ran away with said wife to a small village. 10 years since you abandoned your post in the Marian Retinue. 10 years since you ran away from your responsibilities, your family, and those you hold dear with no explanation. I was holding out hope that you would return. I wanted to tell you that your son, Aleksandr, is now married and has four beautiful children, the oldest of which is now 6. I wanted to share with you my son's engagement. I wanted to share with you my daughter's countless victories in battle, I wanted to share a cup of tea with you, and tell you how much you have missed since you had left. But you never wrote, nor ever showed your face in Haense or Hyspia. It is for these reasons that you, Ryba, are hereby disowned from our House. Ryba, your name from this point forth, should you ever go by a name that is not your wife's, shall be Ryba the Black. Signed, Baron of Sevilla, Justiciero of Hyspia, Oficial De Imigracion, Captain of the Obsidian Pearl
  13. Department of the Justiciero The Judicial Department of the Viceroyalty of Hypsia Issued by the Office of the Justiciero 15th of Maria’s Peace, 82 N.R. El Departmento De Justicia [!] A prosecutor would be in the middle of stating his case against the defendant, while a scribe writes down what he says Structure Justiciero Current Justiciero: Demitrey Denodado @Nymstra The Justiciero is the head of El Departamento De Justicia in Hyspia. They are in charge of organizing and running trials within the lands of Hyspia, along with delegating tasks to their Prosecutors and Investigators. He or She is also in charge of charging citizens with crimes, or allowing citizens to charge others with crimes when deemed necessary. When a person is charged with a crime in the lands of Hyspia, a document is created and passed on to the Prosecutors and Investigators. The Justiciero assigns a Prosecutor and an Investigator to work the case. The case file originally starts with a rough outline of what both parties must complete before the court hearing. Prosecuters Current Prosecutors: Rheya @scoobi N/A Prosecutors are tasked with writing the formal argument as to why the person charged with a crime is guilty of this crime. Their job is to convince the Viceroy, through the court hearing, that the defendant is guilty, by using the evidence given to them by the Investigator. A prosecutor will fill out their argument into their case file before the court hearing, so that it may be provided to the Viceroy. A Prosecutor is not allowed to take mina from anyone affiliated with the defendant. A prosecutor is not allowed to break the Law in order to prove to the Viceroy that the defendant is guilty Investigators Current Investigators: N/A N/A Investigators are tasked with investigating a crime that has happened in the nation of Hyspia. This can be caused by being instructed by the Viceroy, Justiciero, or a Citizen that a crime has occurred. The investigator will look into the incident and provide their findings to the Justiciero. If a crime has indeed occurred and the Justiciero pushes forward with a formal court case, the Investigator will provide all of the evidence that they have collected into the case file provided by the Justiciero. An investigator is allowed to question individuals about an incident as they see fit. An investigator is not allowed to break the Law in order to gain evidence. EN EL NOMBRE DE DIOS, HIS HIGHNESS, Cesar II de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia, Duke of Pacazu, Baron of Arenisca and Del’mar, Lord of Ladorada, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Gran Maestre of El Orden de Francisco, Protector of the Hyspian People, Protector of the Farfolk, Patriarch of House de Pelear HIS VICEROYAL EXCELLENCY, Sergio Harold Othaman, Gran Canciller de Hyspia, Lord Minister of His Highness’ Government HIS EXCELLENCY, Demitrey Denodado, Justiciero de Hyspia, Baron of Sevilla, Oficial de Imigracion
  14. =============================================================================== =============================================================================== Your name has been one that has become well renowned as of late, as the cogs of war slowly creep towards your hold. There are many that reside within your lands that I would consider acquaintances; some of them I would even consider friends. These friends speak highly of you, saying you are a Lady that is worth the praise. And so, I write this missive to you. From one Baron to another, from one side to another, I request that you see reason and lay down your blades. There is no need for those who have not taken part in all that has caused this war, to suffer the consequences. You and those who reside under you, I believe, are innocent people. It is not too late to lower your blades, and to seek council with the Covenant. Blackwater Keep has fallen, flattened by the Covenant's army, and your keep is in the crosshairs of siege weaponry. Innocent blood need not be shed. If you refuse, which is understandable, I would still be willing to assist you in evacuating civilians, and those who choose not to fight. Just because we reside on opposite sides of this war, does not mean that either one of us should be heartless to the other. Baron of Sevilla, Justicer De Hyspia, Office De Imigracion
  15. As Demitrey Denodado walked through the holes in Blackwater Keeps walls, flashbacks of battles past began to cross his vision. As he looked to the gate, he saw the gate to Amaethea’s keep, and a large Mori borrowing its way through the tight corridor with men ready to fight it with spears and polehammers. More rubble would fall from the ruined wall, which would catch his attention. When Demitrey looked to the wall, though, he saw the ruined walls of Savoy, where Brothers of Brev martyred themselves for the survival of others. He stumbled back down the steps of the courtyard, away from the sounds of cracking lightning from the magic the Brothers of Brev used in Savoy. When he turned to face the stairs, however, he saw the gardens of Karosgrad, which he was walking into. Before him would be the sight of the Grand Ballista, crushed by the dead Giant Centipede that he and Skaul @JesterMilk had skewered, while fire erupted all around him. The man stood still in horror as visions of the past continued to play across his eyes, until a gentle hand patted his shoulder. He jumped and turned around, only to see his daughter Maria @Myrthe standing there, and from her, the flashbacks that had surrounded him faded away. “Ah, Hija..! Y’am so happy to see vy. Vy did great today.. Are vy ready to head home?”
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