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A New Priest Emerges


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The Emerald Trials of the Priesthood of Orison are carefully designed to test an acolyte’s strength, knowledge, self-control, leadership, and loyalty. At the end of their trials, the acolyte emerges as a fully fledged Wild Priest, ready to go into the world and spread the wisdom of the Aspects and the teachings of the Wild Faith.


One such acolyte has completed his trials. 


For the Trial of Growth he created and tended to a lush garden on the outskirts of Illivira which expanded throughout his trials, adding more fruit bushes, trees, and even murals to commemorate his growth into a Wild Priest.




This acolyte was already well-versed in herbs and their healing properties, but he diligently attended lessons and successfully showed his overseeing Priestess how to locate, harvest, prepare, and use three different medicinal herbs. To complete his Trial of Healing he healed Aurelion, the Lord Aratir of Amathine, after he was wounded battling a corrupted bear.


The Trial of the Hunt saw this acolyte successfully fell a Sectah Lynx, returning with claw marks to his face. Scars well earned, the symbol of a hard fought hunt.


As well as speaking prayers to the Mother during healing and to the Father before and after a hunt, this acolyte completed his Trial of the Aspects by leaving offerings, consigning vervain flowers to the water and snapdragon flowers to the flames. He successfully intoned prayers to the Aspects.


This acolyte extensively studied the Mani, learning of their domains, personalities, prayers, and associated traits. After much research, he completed his Trial of the Mani by building a mural to Siss’siru in a hidden location, showing his respect and knowledge of the oft-misunderstood Prince of Serpents.




For the Trial of the River, the acolyte waded offshore carrying a heavy rock, walking with it along the ocean floor and back again. This was a feat of physical endurance, holding his breath for just under five minutes.


Finally, the acolyte was given herbs to induce visions and left beneath an acacia tree in the savannah. He travelled back to Illivira on foot, with nothing but his staff and the small number of items he had on him. He hunted and fished for sustenance, giving thanks to the Father, and successfully navigated his way home, thus completing his Trial of Reflection. This showed great mental fortitude and loyalty to his path as an acolyte of the Wild Faith.




Let it be known that the acolyte Sumana is now a fully-fledged Wild Priest, the Priest of Siss’siru. The following are invited to bear witness to his priesthood ceremony, officially marking his graduation from acolyte.


All members of the Priesthood of Orison.

All citizens of the Crown of Amathine.

All citizens of the Sanctum of Illivira.

All citizens of the Principality of Helious.

The people of Nevaehlen.

All wayward Mali’ame who wish to bear witness to a ritual of their culture and faith.


Where: Illivira. Continue west along the Amathine road, through the tunnel beneath the mountain.
Time: Saturday 16 December, 6pm EST.

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