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  1. Discussion - Gates and Inactivity Hey, so picture this. You're a guy wandering around to RP, you think of going to a settlement/nation and take the route there. Nonetheless, when you eventually head there, the gate.. it's closed. There's no one nearby, and you're unable to go in; you've wasted your time and you have to go find another place to RP. Rinse and repeat. This happens again. Rather the situation, eh? It's lame and it sucks. How do you fix this? Well, I've a few ideas, I just wanted to talk about them and discuss this with the community, try and see what people want, etc. 1 - Make Settlement/Nation gates OPEN, unless they are actively manned by someone. No leaving the gate CLOSED and leaving it like that for a few hours. Obviously the hilarious choice, but it needs to be fleshed out more if it's enforced in LOTC. How would Mods dictate this? How would they regulate it? etc. OR 2 - The removal of citizen doors. If a person wants to come in, they can go in via the gate, leading to guards actually being required to do Gate-Duty (I miss those days from Adria). The most 'harsh' choice, but hey, it's funny and realistic. I doubt massive walls had small doors in real life, nor did they pass out selective keys for every citizen that they knew. Thoughts? What are your ideas and thoughts of these two concepts. Curious!
  2. An Alchemist rests on a chair, setting his crossbow to the side. He awaits the fateful day that DARK Diallo comes..
  3. ((Interact and find the sign to schedule an event with The Bold Blue!)) Rumours of a bold, blue beast prowling the plains echo throughout Almaris. A trail of destruction follows in its steps, and the distant roars herald its existence.. OOC:
  4. u couldve summed this up w/ dont be a npc who waits for rp, emote at some1
  5. Auction closed.. will dm WINNERS
  6. one hour left : )


  7. Final day of the skin auction !

  8. Make sure to check out my Skin Auction : )


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      A bunch

    3. space warlord organ trader

      space warlord organ trader

      no like Steve skins like Minecraft Steve you silly goose 

    4. space warlord organ trader

      space warlord organ trader

      no like Steve skins like Minecraft Steve you silly goose 

  9. Well written ! : )
  10. August 27th - August 30th, 5pm EST - Bids start at $5 USD - The minimum bid raise is $2.50 USD - I can turn it from Steve to Alex, I don't really mind. - Follow the bid format. - I can also do recolours of the skins if needed. - Bidding will end abruptly at August 30th, 5pm EST. Any attempts at last-minute bids that are posted at 5:01 or later will not be counted. Format Skin Name: Skinner's Username/Discord: Bid: 1 - Traveler's Garb https://namemc.com/skin/96b192812649e5d8 2 - Hunter's Apparrel https://namemc.com/skin/c576515cff44d867 (Hat not included.) 3 - House of the Kharajyr Hexah Outfit https://namemc.com/skin/a4516188ecb843b0 4 - Magehunter's Set https://namemc.com/skin/148b0bb04f757ecb 5 - Grievous Knight https://namemc.com/skin/ae5feb4b4ee7396a 6 - Masked Crow https://namemc.com/skin/179d32e8f6c882ac 7 - Kung Fu Farfolk https://namemc.com/skin/023f867e1cbfb61b Added NameMC links to view the skins in more detail. Happy bidding : )
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