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  1. - One has to be a mortal, of flesh and blood, with a functional digestive to properly practice this.
  2. I'll say this one more time, just in case people haven't seen it; I will NOT be Grandfathering myself into this magic, and am instead looking for people to take up those slots instead. I am interested in multiple communities getting their hand in this lore, so shoot me a DM at neil#6647 if you, and your community, is interested in this. I already have a person in mind, just waiting for them to respond.
  3. PM me if you're interested in this type of RP!


    Looking for Grandfathers if it gets accepted



  4. Please Read: [World-Lore] Flesh-Scrying For centuries, it has been believed that blood bears the knowledge and memories of a descendant. Practitioners have opted to use their knowledge to delve into information concerning the future or even memories to little success until with the advent of Harupexy, the beginnings of this art have begun to come to fruition, perhaps empowered by their thought. They called themselves Flesh-Scryers, and have dedicated their eyes and arts to the works of the flesh. - This cannot be self-taught, and must be taught by a Flesh-Scryer. To RP this technique is to PG. - This is empowered by ‘Power of Thought’ lore. - One has to be a mortal, of flesh and blood, with a functional digestive to properly practice this. Flesh-Eating By focusing on the task, and their wish of what they’d wish to see, the Flesh-Weaver may consume or devour a fragment of the participant’s flesh to foresee memories that may bear information they seek. The more distinct the flesh, the more vivid and clear the memory can be. A lick of one’s skin may result in the emotions associated with the memory being given to the Flesh-Weaver as if it were a passing glance. In contrast, the primal act of eating their flesh may provide a more concrete – yet perhaps unreliable – view. During the act, the Flesh-Weaver must /roll 20 for the success of the act of consuming the flesh. A roll of 15 or higher will result in a successful vision; they can see vividly what has occurred, as well as the senses associated with it – touch, feel, smell and emotions as well, etc. If the memory has the participant scared, then they’d be able to feel the residual level of fear as well. 14 or lower; they can have a glimpse of what has occurred, though some effects may be altered due to the participant’s emotions. Etc. A memory engraved in fear may subject the Flesh-Weaver to seeing some parts of the memory exaggerated or unreliable due to their emotions scarring them, people may be more akin to silhouettes while the effect of their terror may be larger, more warped as if it were a monster. Outside of the vision, these effects may linger around the Flesh-Weaver, seeing shadows in the corners of their eyes, figures in the dark or even slight changes in the people around them to make them feel more uneasy. 5 or lower; they cannot see what has occurred, only the exaggerated emotions of it. For example, one scarred by fear may give the Flesh-Weaver a long-lasting fear of that level. They will be plagued by the voices of the participant’s memory and will be burdened by the knowledge that they sought to find. - The larger the flesh that is consumed, the better the roll modifier will be for viewing the memory. A lick or a bite may result in a +0 modifier Something akin to a finger will give a +1 modifier A piece of flesh as large as a limb will give a +5 modifier A torso, or something that size will give a +7 modifier A whole body can give a +10 modifier - This cannot be done amidst combat - The faces of the people within the memory are unable to be recognised and they’d appear as blank, faceless people. - Their voices would be exaggerated by the emotions of the memory, etc. If the memory is associated with fear, it’d be shrill, loud and high-pitched. For anger, they’d be more fuming, guttural and deep. - Flesh must be fresh (1 OOC day). - This requires OOC consent to do to an individual. Flesh-Peering To those who wished to peer into the future ahead, they found themselves able to see glimpses of prophecies or knowledge within the entrails or blood of others; all to give themselves safety in knowing what may come ahead. Most of the time, the sights were seen within one’s bubbling or grotesque flesh may be undecipherable or even schizophrenic, though some details may be noticed amidst the ichor. During the act, one must /roll 5 to understand the prophecy or the view of the future: Roll 1: One will be able to peer the vision and all that comes from it. Roll 2: One will be able to hear the vision and all of the noises that come from it. Roll 3: One will be able to feel the emotions associated with the vision, etc. Fear, Courage. Roll 4: One will be able to touch what the vision entails, etc. Should the vision showcase a boggy swamp, they’ll be able to feel their feet trenching upon cold, slippery mud. Roll 5: One will be able to smell the effects of the vision, etc. Decaying bodies, delicious food, the warm air. - One can only garner one associated sense of the vision, and group-RP is encouraged to delve into all aspects. - This cannot be done mid-combat unless all parties agree to it, in which those participating in the ritual will be unable to fight and frothing on the floor. - The body must be fresh (1 OOC day). - It is recommended that the people communicate with the ET on what they wish to see, otherwise as a passive, Prophecies can be viewed with Flesh-Peering. Flesh-Speech Within their own blood, one may harness their reflection to commune and talk with others in a one-sided manner about nearby sources of water or in their eyes themselves. This lasts for only a few moments, around [5] emotes at their maximum. During this time, the Flesh-Weaver is entirely incapacitated as they are unable to do anything other than dedicate themselves to the vision. Their voices will be affected by their emotion, becoming exaggerated in the vision; If they are stricken with fear, their voice would be shrill, loud and high-pitched. For anger, they’d be more fuming, guttural and deep. Sights are also able to be engrained in the vision, though the Flesh-Weaver must be at the area itself, and any people will be omitted in the sight, only showcasing the building or area. - This is a one-sided message that cannot be replied to in any way. Furthermore, this cannot be communicated in #w or #q – or even /w – as the receiver must RP out the vision in #rp in a nearby source of blood or water. - The voice of the Flesh-Weaver is undecipherable, instead of coming off as a distant, echoed haze. - The Flesh Weaver may opt to use any sight they wish, though they must be there. Should they wish to, one could even have their veiled face as a disguise to deliver this message. - Blood must be fresh (30 OOC minutes) to serve as a sufficient place to hold the vision. - This requires OOC consent to do to an individual. Credits:
  5. Amazing writing!

    1. Jenkins0311


      Well thank you PXY. I appreciate the kind words friend. Hopefully we run into each other sometime in game. If you ever follow along Guile's Journal, he spends a lot of time at the Prismarine Spires in Eastfleet. Not trying to META by any means, but idk if your character reads his letters of writings. If they do, maybe stop by and see me sometime. I try to stay true to his character arch and visit there at least once per MC session.

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  6. skin comms r open (1/4)

  7. DM me either on here, the forum's messaging system, or neil#6647 to get a slot! Opening up Skin Commissions because I'm work, most of the time -- it'll take from 1 day to a week unless there's complications that I will communicate. I can do clothes, armors, automatons, etc. Just can't do dresses because I'm not a woman my work (click below): https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/pxy/ prices: $5 - Head $15(~) - Clothes $20(+) - Armor Minas - If I really need it, or if the reference is pretty cool Queue: 1 - Hexe (2/4) 2 - TheNewDarkElfs (1/2) 3 - N/a 4 - N/a
  8. Where do you find the aesthetics of your writing, and whatnot? -- etc; images, history -- you always seem to have great style when it comes to finding references, images and inspiration for pretty much anything. Personally, Me and Garrett have been fixated over an Mortal Shell asset gallery for a while. Is there anything that currently has your attention, or something that you'd just like to delve into right now? Furthermore, what advice or tips would you give to any prospective writers who seek to improve?
  9. so, ive been going around and experimenting w/ mods to see what could be helpful for you lot. so far, ive found these two bangers -- isometric renders and stendhal isometric renders is a rather light and easy to use mod (literally just two commands) that makes a render of your thing, see below. ive linked the stuff and the commands. not rly the best, trynna figure it out rn https://docs.wispforest.io/isometric-renders/slash_isorender/ some images its unironically really easy to use just a command (type in coords of corners) or a manual area selection with a key etc, /isorender area 3 63 -120 8 66 -123 stendhal is a cute mod for u librarians it can be as easy as make a book, and u can just copy and paste stuff. v cool LINKS: https://modrinth.com/mod/isometric-renders https://modrinth.com/mod/stendhal BOTH REQUIRE FABRIC
  10. Application NAME: Crumena of Kamees GENDER: (Fe)Male Age: 90 REASON: I am very desperate, and in the years, I've realized that only a man can do a woman's job properly.
  11. “Holy shit, Qard. You helped these people out? — why them?” Redmane mused. “I think your standards for company has soured during the years.”
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