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  1. "Well now, guess it goes to show how low the imperial Humanity slowly falls, enlisting sadists to try to promote their beliefs."The mysterious ker noted as he was on his favorite jungle tree, smoking the thunderkrug with amusement. though pointed out some things."When threatened and spotted they flee, and wait to pick off a single person to torture. I can safely say Anyone who reads this that is orenian might consider these just LIes. But whats lies when there is no response. MRA seems to fall to a new low..." Even to that, he drew out a blade, looming with it's clear glassy hue a moment. befo
  2. Along the swamplands of the west, the horned ker had looked onto the missive, his mouth having a thunderkrug cigar and sat high along the trees draped in thick vines. But as he let out a sigh, the plume of while smoke just dissipating a foot from his mouth as he thought."It seems that I was right, history bound to repeat itself as of hundreds of years. From our ancestors to the next generation is another cycle in a cog of the bigger picture."As the ker's tail slowed it's swaying tail, he looked forth the direction of Oren."Peter, Friend and former general, I hope your afterlife was well worth
  3. called it, but im glad to see where this shall lead up too, my only question is what will happen to the Elixers, will they just become null?
  4. Gusiam as he saw the missive, tail drooping as he was a witness to this challange. "And Here I thought some of the lighter skinned Elves had a clear mind...tsk. Daring to try to fight the Krughai without the thoughts of the backlash. and In my visions, win or lose...it is all one sided." Once he finished reading..He got his blades ready to battle..
  5. Nick as all my respects, as he is one of the best coders Lord of the craft has ever have. However from the ads to rules themselves. Most pvp encounters are an optional alternative method. Surge i can say is quite unique, but at the end of the day and people can agree or not. Lord of the craft is a RP server and not an MMORPG game. Besides, when it comes to PVP, a lot of factors play in aside from little stats to boost someone over the edge. I e these special arrows. or jousting with pikes. At the end of the day it doesnt mean much if you have say, a low-grade PC or not that skilled in P
  6. I agree, It's cool and all, but it's making LOTC feel a bit more... PVP focus, rather then Roleplay focus. I wont say it's bad at all, but I feel like in my own opinion this is slowly drawing away from RP a little bit, duel wielding someone can do IRP as effectively as in Vortex. It's still a neat development never the less. Bet. and i might add just because why not :P Weapon Cap A player at max can carry: 1 Carbarum Item 2 Shields 3 Weapons 5 Pieces of Armor I doubt people will be running about with
  7. Within the Ancient jungles of krug the ker rested his staff along his shrine of Kor. a soft bow following after he heard news of the rex's fall. though tears apparent, he had a glass of a very strong alcohol. and poured it onto the fire just bellow of the shrine in offering the flames roaring to life with such the strength of the drink. "Zhot, you yourself have turned the path to both Krugmar and it's allies from a ruinous path, My only regret is that I could not have a grand spar with you, to not be able to offer you the chance of a spirit walk to the land you now roam. But I am glad to help
  8. And so the hunts for rocks and flowers begin
  9. Gusiam paused the moment as he had ready the missive, Hand delivered of course by a friend. A amber gaze read each word of the restructuring, Though as well as the Remembrance of Alimar of the Clan of Clan Velulaei’onn. This 'kers tail moved rhythmically almost. He did have fond memories, Though wondered if this New one shall either Befall the cycle of reaccurance, or shall finally reunite the ker, Under his Blue cloak, teamed and lined well in athins, a Amber flower sewn perfectly at it's back. The Jusmia, The blood son of Dachia. Set's himself off in a curious search, the winds behind him hu
  10. Standing in front of a large tree in the middle of the jungle, a cloaked Ker had sat along one of many sturdy branches. One hand to the paper he had gotten from a fox, the other what looked to be a flask and a large one at that. His horned-poked Hood covering most of his head, but his tail has been dragging at least along the dirt prior. Though after the slow read, maybe even a re-read again as if to think it was only a joke. The Amber eyes of the Ker had closed a moment to uncork the flask, to raise it high."Bolon, A friend one moment, and a brother till the end. I shall never forget our ven
  11. I wouldnt mind throwing my own into it, best of luck everyone Image: https://imgur.com/a/yV3TQBI Additional: the horn is larger and curls like a ram's horn
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