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  1. Honestly if i wanted magical clicks in nothing stops me from going on Wynncraft or Potterworld and do just that, also people like Aeso stictly talked about at some points that a magic plugin wouldnt work, and not code it. so less you got the money fam good luck. Also, With the current push as to where its going with the mission statement, its hard to validate too much of the point. Things are pushing for more RP and narritives. As joking as it is, whilst pvp is straight forward theres about a thousand other servers that caters to that. Pvp has its uses when its convient but the ways overall reading on this with a bad take on a role playing server.
  2. Gimme golemancy or Shamanism (Farseer prob). Say what you want but being able to technically travel through the spirit realms and the afterlife sounds based af.
  3. A Mysterious shaman would hear such news. Now simply enjoying his smokes near his secluded shrine, and only chuckles at the words he hears from a assistant. No doubt, this caused the assistant to be confused, but off the shaman ranted in almost a mused tone as he heard that there were people being sold by dwarves of all people. Before he spoke out. "Had not the Dwed of Urguan berrated the use of slavery and even proved the point by warring the Iron Ugz during the early dwed orc wars of Almaris and even in some cases in Arcas for their Snagas and their auctioning? Whilst who knows if their Grand king approves of this or not. This is some painful Irony that i've heard in years. Has the roles truely begun to switch places?" Seeing that there is no Time, date, or location of said Auction being taken place. The Shaman would simply disgard it as some flaunt attempt against the Vale folk. Or took it as a mysterious hostage situation, Regardless. the shaman went back to his smoke, deciding to add this to his book of plot twists.
  4. As news had reached the Horned shaman, just before his shrine within one of the pillars of Vortice. His smile had well fadded as he dugged through the suger coated words of the messanger... and his amber eyes widen with disbelief. "You....You are Joking, right? Right-" With the simple motion of them shaking his head, tears started to form along the ker's eyes. Death by falling off the palace, He could only hope that Stargush accepts her well for her actions. But that reassurance could not hide grief of a clan member. Or family for that matter. The resounding rumbles of near a entire spire had shook in grief of his now deseased aunt. The shaman, not having lost another family member and friend by their own hand. The shaman took a deep breath, taking his moment to travel in the silence, to the shrine of Kor. Yet after a offering of bone and blood, he only can offer few words in the old tongue. rûm-narbai Qudlia, nur-ob Jusmia. Rak-izg . rûm-û Stargush’Stroh -û gimbzrii (Move safely Qudlia, Clan of Jusmia. My family. Move to Stargush’Stroh to find joy)
  5. Seeing as pk nls was a thing that had been implemented, all it took was one nl to die to realize it was a large mistake (i think it was haelunors but i cant remember) and the entire thing was shut down, but aside from the spouting of "alts and shadow leads" being the most predominantly talked about situation. People also seem to not mention the added stress, with the recent war rules in addition to all this, the idea of having NLs pk or anyone in force again is in bad faith. And trying to put x amount of hours will only make it feel like an unfun job, which would entirely make it go left field from the mission statement. Overall, NLs should not need to pk, it would lead to unneeded ooc targeting, alts, stress and demotivation to enjoy the characters or even the game itself.
  6. If Faith is going to be a mechanic then Every faith outside of canonisms going to get choke slammed by the mentioned faith due to it being the number one faith. Trying to turn faith into "points" and adding it as a physical mechanic resource make it strive away from it being rp at that point. Tl DR, Religion for Rp. We already get wars on faith as is. Though when spirits having their wars tho 😔
  7. 😔 the third option has been expunged. And Crp is fun :)
  8. How well would religion face, outside of canonism, Most other races or their faiths dont usually have too much of an impact. That would also mean nearly every war would more then likely be a holy war cause "Deus vult." moments.
  9. The wilven monks unionized last second. Thats the irp response
  10. Love the lore but I gotta ask Pan, Which one of these is it? This made my brain hurt.
  11. Time animism when? All seriousness its not a bad idea to specify Luara a bit more whilst keeping the time spirit seperate. Makes you think why people just "Suddenly" not know such spirits exist and not question it. So +1 :D
  12. Honestly, I love the new lore behind this, but yea. Now existing Cursed need to get their apps up
  13. One of the best artests ever
  14. This is a shocking lore post, as one who loved lightning Evo... +1 Im not sorry for the joke
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