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  1. Interesting world lore, i say you made a good job!
  2. I can smell it from 3 miles. Plus Ironically enough it doesnt talk about the paladin purging, just shamaic and alchemical. #paladinbias. (<--) Joke. All and all, if you wanna be a Perma-vamp from edgelord vampire the mascarade: bloodline. Just earn/work your way up to Siliti
  3. My own opinion Most of you talk about nerfing it, just buff others. Or re-introduce some more various metals so that way thanhium isnt so hunted down by Node campers :P Almaris is a large place, the fact that there are ''coincidently'' only 1-2 nodes of each time that appears, and fades is wacky. Only reason I say Buff instead of nerfing, is due to the pure fact most metals aside from a handful are just retextured versions of common steel, save for a handful. (lunarite, whilst Lore based, is still just a silver textured steel that dimly glows. IDK about you but whilst its "Exotic" I feel like it should do more than just be essentially a glorified dim torch. Azhl is one of two poisons of lotc that have something dire. (Other being thanhium poisoning.) And I feel its durability makes it worthwhile. But most injuries are either one, optional, or two people meta the new Alabaster cure for it. Boomsteel seems balanced enough, heavy sword that spits fire or makes your own bomb, enough said on that. Thanhium, whilst powerful in many abilities, and plays out in other lores. (I e Golemancy, a bit of Alchemy ect ect.) It's one of the most- if not the most powerful material aside from bluesteel/carbarum (Which are only given out via EVENTS). But Thanhiums one of the few metals that goes more than just "Oh hey its funny haha metal" maybe the rarity can be increased, but if it's going to get nerfed to the ground to the point even aurum might be better, that takes some consideration. You also got to consider there are only a handful of thanhium smiths or forges for that matter. But ey, shiny blue crystals are always going to get themselves camped by groups since people want the frost stuff. The most I can say is increase PC on nodes for that particular metal so it can't just get camped to destruction by 1-3 Groups every month. Thanks for the tedtalk
  4. "Who are these guys again?"Said a confused horned ker as he went back to his casual smithing and purging of evil things.
  5. Whilst i again think it be interesting to repurpose the anvil to a more interesting use. This bit here i wanna go off in terms against the whole "but thanhium" topic, consider that for a golemancer who would say, have no connections aside from their teacher. Would need to gather at minimum 6 crystals. (4 for a forge and 1 1/2 for the anvil itself.) If we consider that thanhium nodes get monopolized, camped and looped sometimes, plus the 10+ staff roll. Means it will take litteral months to not only get the crystals, but to make sure you dont get pugsied by 9 dudes/ the occasional frost witch. And if that wasnt enough if they get destroyed they ya outta luck. In terms on needing to learn thanhium smithing at best i can say about 20, maybe 25 people on lotc would know how to smith thanhium and only say...out of that 4 of them are golemancers. If thanhium was more accessible id say keep it. But with those in play will restrict new golemancers hard, especally if they are new to lotc in general. So to finish this bootlegged ted talk the anvil could be used for if not more unorthodox golems, of not that then instead be used to create sigils/ runes to put on your golem for abilities. Hence how thanhium can still play a key roll lore wise to the dwarfs but isnt nessisary for the main part of golemancy as a whole which is create the stone bois. Feel free to critique since i made this at 3 am
  6. +1 Whilst I agree as well, Though for the idea there should still be use for the golem anvil. Whilst i whole heartingly agree of the spell. Maybe it be used for more Complexed or Magic focused golems. Or Maybe Allow the Anvil to be the means to allow one to craft new Auxillary sigils. Other then those two thoughts, it might be best that instead of the Anvil be thrown away. its an item used for more powerful golem varients/Sigil making. Tl Dr, being a craftingtable for golemancers.
  7. +1 for any smithing lore, 10/10 would want to learn again xD Id say from a crafters point of biew this can bring a lot of interesting things to be made, as well as promote folks to actually go out and hunt things. and not be couped up in walls for 2-5 hours b hoping around the town squares.
  8. Gusiam seemed very confused as to how many people agree to this, that even he was unaware of any such teams forming in the first place.
  9. MC Name: PrinceJose270 Character Name: Gusiam Jusmia The Name of your Brew: Orange Lotus Vodka Punch
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