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  1. I wouldnt mind throwing my own into it, best of luck everyone Image: https://imgur.com/a/yV3TQBI Additional: the horn is larger and curls like a ram's horn
  2. Hmm, It is only simple debates on public opinions, In the end it's always good to hear 2 sides of the same coin at the end of the day.
  3. That is what i ment, yes. Since 1 thing I had noticed is if you cant craft the item in question due to energy before restarts. the item and it's material get destroyed with no means to recover.
  4. This is just a random thread to talk about Why vortex could be inherently good, why people think it's bad and want it removed. or the in between that what is good/bad part of this trial. For me i'm just going to point out 3 good and three bad, feel free what else you lot want. It's mainly peoples opinions on Pros v Cons Why is it good? It allows players to have a smaller add-on to immersion of making items Allows for people to "Rply" use resistances on there armor properly Allows a new form of PVP Why is it Bad? It has quite a long grind, which that time could be used in RP. (In regards to energy and venturing.) If assumed, crafting recipes that require IRP knowledge (Boomsteel, Alchemy, Herbology) are thrown out the window in terms of RP experience. It rather feels unneeded (by heresay about.) and crafting is based around the "Item" then player experience. (So Rp crafters must grind to a point they can safely make the items they desire.) This is s simple debate form and wonder what people think of the trial of Vortex, how it compares to nexus or even how people can improve or call out. Hope you have fun
  5. PrinceJose270

    Vortex Memes

    Actually, better one
  6. PrinceJose270

    Vortex Memes

  7. Oh come on Jorg, You an I both know who were the risk takers in that one. Im just glad it was a nice challange overall.
  8. The age of the mali’ker to Unite is now.
  9. Time to return to the lands of old
  10. I am rather neutral On this. While firearms would be a rather interesting addition to LoTC, If we go with the primitive versions of old muskets and pistols, Being the matchlock and Flintlock. I’d have to say it might bring out some new sides to people. Granted it’s about as useful as a crossbow at the same time, the thought of at least expanding out the techlock even by a bit in terms of weaponry could be rather interesting. Though yes yes the Whole “Guns op get out of here.” comments are going to barge down my door. The thought of at least minor firearms or even gunpowder in fact can also have properties outside of just shooting things. I e possibly explosives for clearing out mines, though granted as that is a double edge sword, Having something a bit new intigraded to the weaponry can give out a different play style.If we go on the magical sense despite some magic are a bit... judgemental in terms of how to get it. It also displays another path for players to partake in inside your standered “Array” of choices many people took. For a negative well, I can also see firearms being heavily abused. And No i’m not talking about the gun trigger happy groups or bandit groups,ect. I’m saying in general. though this will open new techlock opportunities to the lotc community as a whole. It also might be needed to be tested a fair bit in the opens waters of how people could abuse it to, since we all know at least 1 person is going to try and powergame the hell out of a gun. I e the armor piercing of a bullet if it connects or the “Sizzling hot smoke at point blank.” It has it’s benefits and flaws. So I hope to see how well if this does get implemented to the server it would need to be heavily moderated and tested.
  11. 10/10 prank, One of my CT friends almost went balistic with that claim xD I don’t see brass knuckles on that either
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