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  1. Gusiam takes a solid long look at the "terms" and with sigh spoke."Ah yes, another plot of land that they themselves never kept, left abandoned and untouched of what was ment to protect us, when there had been not a single legionary dwarf that came to the aid when ferrymen or rustlers were at our doors despite sending letters down the years to come. Throughout Athri's Reign not once had a dwarven soldier dare to even glance at us less the word of tiny golden coins sooth their greed."The ker then took a hit from his cigar, his tail flicked at the term ''treason''"They themselves could not handle what they themselves claimed to provied, yet we still have to pay them? I have yet to see or hear any dwed couriers come for their payments. Yet put up a bold face to wait for the next king. I respect the Grand king..former? Dont know if they got a new king yet?" The horned ker then sent out a letter to Levian'Tol @Willstertheking2 Do Not meta this letter "Dear Levian'Tol. Grand King or Former King Of Urguan. Our dissolvement is not without reasons, not without knowing well risks. If you or these next Canidates of Kings wish to speak. I shall await you at your earliest convince today. Threats on paper are only that, on paper. I am more the ker to talk face to face, You and friends of Urguan know that. So I invite you, and the next potental kings to come. And I will personally give you our reasonings. As some speculate this because ''We want to'' when sides were not upheld. I do hope to hear from you, or the representatives. Hope the wine was a treat as well. If not well, I'll have a much more potent brand." -Gusiam Jusmia
  2. Do Not Meta This Letter From deep within the jungles a letter is sent, "To the Honorable Cyrus of Stygian Hallows. One cannot simply go about, grabbing every single missive to only rewrite and send them again, impossible for even the best nations writers. Whilst I do respect you coming to or should I say, sending me a letter. Consider it is also your councilmen as well as some reports of visitation by friends that led to believe the residency in your lands. For that I do apologies, however one ker cannot even with magic take all the missives scattered around almaris just to change them. You are free to decline Vulmir as residency Publicly , but just this same day this was sent, one of your own had told he resides in or around your homelands. Consider the confusion of misinformation." "May the Spirits Guide You Cyrus, feel free to seek me out to handle the matter professionally." With best of luck and faith, Gusiam Jusmia ((OOC note: Cant find a Logical way to IRPly gather every missive just because it's been a few Hours. Whilst it is tech not a rule, it makes no sense in the grand scheme. Feel free to DM me about the issue. Have fun Roleplaying!))
  3. Gusiam's Response To the Mad-ker Vulmir Those who know me, from my brothers of the Krug-hai, The Rangers of Elysium, The dwarven companions of the Almarian mountains in the east, and the fellow Attunlanders of Haense. Those know me as one of the well-earned smiths in their respective viewpoints A smith who makes weapons and know-how I fight. Tell me, dear friends, why would I enter a fake house to pull a random sword from a statue in favor of my flaming blades I have to restrict used. Brothers of krugmar, The shamans that walk the same path in light of the spirits well know that I bare no Red Mist in my walks to Kor, Instead, myself is Silver in nature, so already there is one of the two major flaws of Vulmir's assailant. We are craftsmen and honor-bound warriors, not assassins who cower in the shadows in the dead of night. Amongst the other flaw, I am one of the Few is known to bear a single horn and tail and reptilian eyes, little to no methods can ever copy to such a degree and doubles as a means of why such "Assassins" clothing shall not work to my fit. The battle-brothers and sisters of Attunland of Hanse, and the respected brothers of the Doomforge and Goldhands of Urguan had seen me fight, I am not one to Never Flee a fight.. not from a mage, Not from another warrior wishing to let blades speak for themselves, not even the Swamp Demons, Inferi, and any and all forms of vile creatures that threaten the balance of our natural world. In truth, I am insulted that some random mad ker had decided upon themselves to try and frame me to interrupt my quiet life. To this I shall Summarize the flaws henceforth: The Assailant and co cannot be any of my clan members or myself. As we Have our own methods of fighting and our own weapons of choice. Numerous accounts of this man saying he rules this land, yet is just an average man that lives in the Stygian Hallows, not within our lands of vortice. Daring to insult the spirits with this knockoff and claim I am a part of a cult when numerous individuals saw me slay cultists. Not once under the Jusmias name would fall to such low tactics of assassins, We ourselves are honored craftsmen who tend to ourselves. The one named Vulmir is well known across the land for their chaotic mischief and can be on for one of their ramblings. They do not say even the mages name, the vagueness and the fact this was supposed to be an "Unknown location" finds it quite a self-loop I shall claim that Vulmir himself choose to hire cultists to frame such atrocities under my name, an act well placed and played with a lack of evidence to speak of. To This Vulmir, I am disappointed you try to sully not only my name but the name of my clan and muttered the spirits work as dark magic, to this I say shame upon you Vulmir. The Mad-ker Vulmir, this shall be my ONLY warning to you. You yourself have eight moon hours (8 IRL hours) To make a formal apology about your failed attempt to frame me to such tactics that only assassins, undead, and bandits dare to play with. I have had enough of your blatant lies and slanders against the Domain of Vortice, which I shall not stand any longer by one who acts worst than a toddler without any forms of evidence or acts of common sense. Whilst I do wish to figure out who has been attacking In my name, know this blind man. If you wish to frame your enemy and collude with worshipers of demons. At least learn your enemy. I shall await such apology, and if none was given well. A mad man’s bark is all they can do. You will be known as just simple madman who spits lies with a bronze-tongued attempt to make it true. I know not what provoked you, but this is a nest you cannot provoke freely. -signed ((OOC: Next time you use fake screens im coming for those kneecaps. Jk, but in all seriousness dont use fake screens Man aint cool for ANY of us.))
  4. May he rest in peace, Memories never forgotten here.
  5. "Well, seems like i'll need to snuff out a rebellion."The mystious ker said, his gaze now out of his window
  6. Within the Jungles of Krug, the horned shaman rests upon the familiar branch, his eyes to his well showing shrine. Though the reptilian eyes stared off to the shrine of Krug, feeling such tensions of not only it, but of other spirits, some support, some decline and many are neutral. But after taking a hit from his cigar, the silver aura begun to dance about him, least when he spoke. "Needless bloodshed is only a fuel to aid much more darker powers." The shaman said, though as he read more. His gaze seemed that of disappointment. "The cycles yet continue but even then, Mercenaries are mercenaries, however if this is true that the dwarves are working with undead. I can only foresee a war for that reason alone. I have seen how both Orcs and dwarves are honorable in their own rights, if this missive is true that they slain innocents. I dare to question how honorable the dwarven brothers are when working with undead openly like this."The shaman shook his head, only to remove himself from the branch to tend to his shrines.
  7. I can already imagine someone beaming an alchemist fire at a connected mage so it's "unstable" so it can turn into a granade. Quoting from the 50/50 chance of fizzling out or boom.
  8. "Ah yes, another fight that will probably require the crutch of a ferrymen, I swear these "Demands" are getting old. What's this, the third time? The amusement gets old when your second demand was something as stupid that not one nation could pay, and here they are. trying to redeem themselves. Honestly, such a pity." The Anonymous one states as he simply burned the missive. Seeing this as the second idiotic mistake the Rustlers have done.
  9. "Shesh, you know the rustlers are ah focken joke when they think someone is worth all those demands, mina yes. But what they ask is ah quivalent to two landsworth of shite. dis is the funniest thing i've heard since their failed attempts to even fend themselves without tha ferrymen needin ta wipe their asses."A Anonymous one said, though the individual dismissed the missive, knowing full well the rustlers had no power to make such demands even if they had a monarch.
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