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  1. As the shaman gazed about his shrine, the moment he too notice of the apparent grudge, the look of the face of this horned one was quite puzzled. Akin to such his amber eyes squint at the paper with the most confusion. "Wait...wait a damn minute."He said, once he was left to his own devices."So, you are tellin me. Someone burnt yer clan hall and the only difinitive proof ye got, after admittin that the assailent is unknown. Assume it is krug or its people because someone put a bit of blah on the walls? Not to point out the mammoth in the room ere, but anyone can do that and then blame krug fer it. Whats it called again?" The being said as it was on the tip of his tongue, before snapping his fingers in realization."Ah yes, isnt it somethin like framing a group? I know the orcs have a history as old with the dwarves, but with recent times i doubt anyone of them would lack enough braincells to deliberately point themselves out. Most places dont and the only times they do is some third parteh. This seems to be the Grand king, whilst I wish him a golden age, seem to took some bait. Ah well, Grudges are grudges but I dont think exstermination is the right way to go at it, makes ye look like tha bad guys."The Shaman then went back to making some of that good green, after placing the missive in his pocket. "If the place was important to cause some weird exstermination, why wasnt it treated with golems and the best weaponry....this is all too odd and too vague to be worth a grudge of this level."
  2. From the jungle forest, A horned shaman gazed to the parchment of paper given from one of the gobbos he knew within the Iron'Ugz, though as he gazed. A plume of smoke exited his mouth, the cigar well emitting the light green mist."Whilst I do say i did see this coming, the rex is simply dying as is already." As the Shaman spoke, another plume of the smoke lingered from his lips as he spoke to himself."I question why to his end he choosed to assist bandits, but at the end of the day. One must hope the reputation of krug be restored at some point..."As he said this, he went back to enjoying his smoke as he watched his fortunes play out.
  3. Gave up on the first sentence, Sorry but that formatting is a pain. So, idk. Lotc has its ups and down. more fantasy needed tho.
  4. Gusiam would gaze from upon his swampy jungle tree, alone as he gazed to the starry night. His mind remenisent of Cloudbreaker flying just above the lands he loomed over. though with that he chuckled as word comes of Hunting or Swaying this large bounty of a creature. But the horned shaman seemed to ponder the options, if he were to chance encounter such creature."Hrm...shall Votar be victorious for hunting a tribute considered legends. Or shall the decendency of Almaris take pitty on Jezdurka's creations.....This cloudbreaker is different from the ones that are servents to the Dragon Lord that burnt the elves of Elveness...more...wild... No matter, This will be an interesting time, for life or death of this dragon will no doubt shake the lands for better or worse."The Ker then gazed to his pen and paper, contomplating on who to call, for his hunt or means to cease a dragons questionable actions... only time shall temm.
  5. Time to Heist with the non-existant lockpicks. :P r
  6. +1, it seems well written, plus can be the start to get lutamancy back into the magic zone then just being a feat.
  7. You were one of the best tech folk I know Aiden, From what rps we had I wish those who cause you to leave have at least some audacity to think of what they just did. A line that is never ment to cross in the first place. I hope your skills are better used for something greater in the end, and hope one day see such shine. But It was a honour knowing you lad, especally when this server is slowly devolving into more unchained toxicity.
  8. Already signed up. Best lad over here and an upstanding lad. I wish luck to those he pick!
  9. Whilst a 4k by 4k might be a bit small, granted how many communities there are, maybe a 7k by 7k might be better? the size of the map is less the issue and more for the fact most of the land, be it tiles or places themselves are Jagged and unusable half the time due to layout. For cloud temple. A interesting idea could be that. Like its name. I think there is enough lore to put it on some floating Island. acessed by soulstones (could also make it why they exist aggain)
  10. Name: Gusiam Jusmia Allegiance: Vortice Race: Dark Elf Competition chosen: Both Minecraft Username: PrinceJose270
  11. Cooking and brewing plugins when
  12. To be fair, true all things considered. When you look between then and now.
  13. Gusiam blinks as he looked at the document. Simply off shore for hunting large fishes. Though if anything it still layed some confusion. "So, Dah Orcs have azdrazi. So...Why attack tha one place that doesn' even harbor them in the east?" That confusion remained for the rest of his fishing trip
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