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  1. Oh come on Jorg, You an I both know who were the risk takers in that one. Im just glad it was a nice challange overall.
  2. The age of the mali’ker to Unite is now.
  3. Gusiam Jusmia “The hunt is on, though not for the need of coin, but for the justice of those whom dare wrong the spirits. May whoever did such best go to surrender themselves, Before they cross there paths with me.”Gusiam said, already set to hunt those who dared to defile a shrine.
  4. Time to return to the lands of old
  5. I am rather neutral On this. While firearms would be a rather interesting addition to LoTC, If we go with the primitive versions of old muskets and pistols, Being the matchlock and Flintlock. I’d have to say it might bring out some new sides to people. Granted it’s about as useful as a crossbow at the same time, the thought of at least expanding out the techlock even by a bit in terms of weaponry could be rather interesting. Though yes yes the Whole “Guns op get out of here.” comments are going to barge down my door. The thought of at least minor firearms or even gunpowder in fact can also have properties outside of just shooting things. I e possibly explosives for clearing out mines, though granted as that is a double edge sword, Having something a bit new intigraded to the weaponry can give out a different play style.If we go on the magical sense despite some magic are a bit... judgemental in terms of how to get it. It also displays another path for players to partake in inside your standered “Array” of choices many people took. For a negative well, I can also see firearms being heavily abused. And No i’m not talking about the gun trigger happy groups or bandit groups,ect. I’m saying in general. though this will open new techlock opportunities to the lotc community as a whole. It also might be needed to be tested a fair bit in the opens waters of how people could abuse it to, since we all know at least 1 person is going to try and powergame the hell out of a gun. I e the armor piercing of a bullet if it connects or the “Sizzling hot smoke at point blank.” It has it’s benefits and flaws. So I hope to see how well if this does get implemented to the server it would need to be heavily moderated and tested.
  6. 10/10 prank, One of my CT friends almost went balistic with that claim xD I don’t see brass knuckles on that either
  7. Along the forest’s of there old camp. Gusiam had sat along one of his many shrines dedicated to luara. Though in that forest had echoed tears of sorrow as a lost to his father. “I swear father, I shall keep your promises true and your expectations first. I can only hope you watch over me in the lands of Stargush’Struh...”
  8. Rip the gunsmith’s dream
  9. I feel like things are about to turn from Lord of the craft to War(hammer)craft. if they impliment guns, interesting
  10. RP Name: Kagura Delimoni MC Username: PrinceJose270 Discord: Iros#2743 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Irrinor Why Do You Wish To Come?: To learn about the lands of the past. Discover what was in the world before my own time, As a adventurer and hunter this is also an opportunity to explore and document new and old discoveries. From flora to animals. I tend to not seek no fortune, but an opportunity to experience what was considered losted. What Skills Can You Bring?: Hunting, Medicine. Foraging, Combat as well as perception.
  11. Seems like a fun batch of cultural creatures to encounter
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