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  1. How do you reconcile that the Anti-Christ and Basilisk are almost upon us?
  2. so who wants to make an empire of all the new random realms with me?

  3. ((I am going to clarify that this post/letter is only visible to those in the court leadership of the Viceroyal of Hyspia, until it is shared by that upper leadership.)) Also edited post to reflect this.
  4. A letter had been sent to the court Viceroyalty of Hyspia in Haense, bearing no significant markings. It is likely one of their leadership would receive it and be amongst the first to open it. When opened one would be greeted with a foul odor, alongside the following bloodstained note: "We have taken Francisco Javier from your home. He was defeated in an attempt to undo the blizzards which so rightfully batter at your horrid city. With every day that passes, the wretched man shall know pain and torture. I tell you thus: Francisco is alive. There remains yet a chance for him to return to your pathetic city (mostly) unharmed. If and only if our demands are met in their entirety: A direct descent of your Francisco shall deliver four hundred mina to the frozen ruins of Ailmere. They shall do this alone. For every moment that you hesitate, you risk only further harm to your Emeritus and forefather. Tick.. tock.." Further investigation into the envelop would reveal three severed fingers that had been delicately tucked into it. The fingers did indeed belong to the Hyspian, Francisco Javier. OOC: Please note this letter has been sent specifically to the court of Hyspia, and is NOT a public missive. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. A clueless woman eyed the missives, and other gossip that had been spread over the letter. After skimming through some, she would wave a hand to dismiss the thought of them. “.. silly humans..”
  6. “.. I left my sword down there. Can you go fetch it?” A woman clad in green quietly commented as she gazed upon the wreckage of the city. She soon came to look to the large automaton, awaiting a response.
  7. Finally, our savior has returned. REJOICE!

  8. you don’t understand the gospel of the milkman.
  9. The sister lifted her gaze from the scrolls to meet his with a sigh. She then shook her head as well in some look of worry. “I will take as much care as I can, to be not associated at all with them. I do hope they can be brought to justice..” The woman had trailed off as she looked back down and returned to her studies.
  10. As someone involved in research, I will say the intent behind this is good. The way you ask a question and the context around how you do so can have a massive influence on the results. Repeating a question or poll like some of these are however just is indeed pointless unfortunately and doesn't serve much of a purpose beyond screaming into the void. However, the first two may provide very telling results.
  11. That night had been dark and cold. It did not grant the warmth desired and sought for. Nor did it grant the kindness that had been expected to be received. A woman was left with frustration and filled with regret. Both of these conflicted inside of her mind, soured with disappointment of those fated events. Something had been broken and lost in those moments... What was it?
  12. ferrymod cabal is back at it again with changing pvp rules
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