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  1. Aizumi held the missive in her hands, and her brow furrowed as she read over it. She would soon come to nod her head, the Elf’s next course of action was planned.. Yagi_Kamisama#5226
  2. Yagi_Kamisama

    The Hunt

    An Oyashiman hummed to herself as the read over the words, her expression thoughtful. She was left with many questions, though she wrote onto the sides of one of the parchments: “.. Who wrote this, and where can I find you?”
  3. Aizumi had taken a copy of an advertisement of this, and showed it to Gamagoro. She scratched her head, and commented quietly. “.. sounds like Hou-zi trick. What do you think?” @PXY
  4. [Ambiance] The moon was shining over Minitz, held high in the sky as the half crescent shape lazily made its way through the heavens. Little collections of clouds allowed for what made to be an exceptionally beautiful night. It’s waning light pierced these, and bore brightly upon the otherwise bleak darkness brought from the absence of day. The gleam of this light caught in the black irises of the light caught the visage of one Oyashiman woman, who sat within a quiet field nearby to the city. A thin blanket had been laid, upon which she rested. A thoughtful expression had been fixated upon her, and a soft sigh would be released from her. For the first time in her many years of life, she had begun to find a place where she belonged. The puzzle pieces of her life were something she could never seem to fit together. A divine purpose once thought to permeate all of creation, had created these various puzzle pieces, she thought to herself. These pieces of her life had been scattered, and torn apart with the destruction of her once so dearly held home. The stars that she had once navigated by had been dimmed, and tossed aside with the losses of home and family. So much sorrow was wrought in these times, and was still felt today. Worse than the devastation of her home, was the loss of her clan and family. This is what caused her to lose her bearings entirely, leading to many nights and days spent so aimlessly. However, her guiding stars slowly had begun to gleam once more and to show her the way, and for this she was thankful. It has been only within her fellow Oyashiman that she had found guidance. A way seen only through faint patches of light, and faint clues as to what way was correct. And so it was that she had to choose- The Elf hummed quietly in thought to herself as she had meditated upon it. One set of choices could lead her down a path away from Kamisama. A path set into veils of secrecy, furthering goals that were far beyond her mortal comprehension. Whispers and the forked tongues of snakes tempted her towards this path. The temptations of these whispers had brought her into the power she held at this very moment, though the ulterior motives she truly was unaware of. Another set of choices could lead instead towards Kamisama, one of sanity and of family. This had only been revealed to her within the last year; It caused her to question the current trajectory of her choices. Aizumi had been shown and given the care of her fellow Oyashiman. The Lectors and disciples of Owyn were kind-hearted, and had illuminated this path for her. The moon soon came to be clear of the cloud cover, and once again illuminated her face. The Elf gave a soft sigh, as these thoughts wracked her brain. And then within a few instances, a future was seen. One where she was surrounded again by family, and loved ones. A family of her own making, and then all became clear to her. Her clan must be reborn, recreated from the ashes that fertilized the soil of this current moment with potential. A smile soon came to grow across her face, now that it all was so transparent. A future of rebirth was upon her, and her loved ones. However, roots must be planted upon these ashes in trust and strength that had yet to be gained. Her next actions were known to her, and thus lowered herself from a seated position into one of a kneeling bow. A soft prayer was muttered in gratitude to Kamisama and the night sky, before she would pick up the blanket and her belongings. A conversation of great importance to her future- Not only of hers but of her clan’s would come. The Elf had words to exchange with the one she held most dearly in her heart, and a sense of ambition filled her soul. The woman then came to set back for the city, much was to be done… _________________________________ OOC: I wanted to try my hand at writing short stories once again and I think this turned out well enough to share. Please excuse the shit formatting, I am posting this on mobile!
  5. Rp Name: Miyazaki Aizumi Age: 20 Role Interested In: Student Classes Interested in(For Students): Defense against the Dark Arts/General Studies. Reason for wanting to join the Academy?: ”To whom it may concern: My name is Miyazaki Aizumi. I am but a young soul to this world, nearing my twenty first winter. I am writing to you for a multitude of reasons, thus writ: 1. I am seeking the ability to not only defend myself, but to defend others. I wish to be able to not be powerless against those who wield corruption and evil. 2. I understand the sanctity of knowledge, and the importance of it. I wish to honor this, and to play my part by studying diligently. A student is not born without a teacher, nor is a teacher without a student. 3. I yearn for my place in this world. I wish to commit myself fully to this study, and to engage fully with what might be passed to me. It is for these reasons, I request that I may be instructed in the arcane. Do please write back, I am sure the reply will make it to myself. Signed, Miyazaki Aizumi 宮崎愛純 OOC MC Name: Yagi_Kamisama Discord: Lily_#5226 Time Zone: EST thank you!
  6. Yagi_Kamisama


    You’ve just arrived in a swampy, dim town. As you look around, your gaze is met with shacks and cabins. It smells of rotted wood and wet moss. You duck and step into a tattered tent, illuminated by a series of candles suspended in the air. At the back of the tent, an old hag raises her head, “What brings you to this dingy town? she begins, then pauses to study your face—”Ah, it’s you. I’ve been expecting you. Sit,” she gestures at a cushion, “Tell me your story.” The small woman slowly brought herself to a cross legged seat upon the ground of the damp tent. The damp cloak that had provided her with respite from the conditions of the dank swamp. She soon brought down the hood of it from her face, and cleared her throat. Her eyes showed a moment of thoughtfulness before she spoke, pushing through a heavy accent. "My story... hmn. What a strange question. My story has much to be written, though I'll recant you with my life so far.. I am the daughter of a nobleman. I am the heir to my clan, Miyasaki. We are a.. smaller clan from the land of Haense.. A.. village that is not worth name nor mention, just like this one. My father grows feeble and old with age.. and my mother passed away a number of years ago. I am the eldest of my siblings.. I've come here to this town in order to seek out the world. I wish for education and wisdom.. I know much yet know so little of Almaris beyond it's name and rumors that do not serve me." Aizumi took a moment to breathe, allowing more words to formulate in her head before she continued speaking. "I come seeking experience and a purpose here. I am but the sails upon a ship, waiting for the winds of this land to take me where they might.. Do tell me, wise-woman. What has you expecting me?" (Please let me know if anything further is needed!)
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